VLOGMAS 2018: grocery shop w/ me + healthy food haul

I was literally just running around my apartment looking for my camera I was like oh my god where is it where is it and it literally was on my tripod cuz I'm about to film sit down haul video so I put on some makeup for you guys it's like I'm like singing but I needed to do this in front of the camera also starting off today's vlog what's up welcome back to my channel it's Maggie if you're new make sure you're subscribed and yeah so I'm basically just gonna be putting on my morphe continuous setting this because I wanted to do it again cuz it feels so good on my face but I want to do it on camera so guys look it so amazing I'm a pest you guys need this I'll have a link down below um anyway I'm gonna start filming a trial haul which I'll have a link down below for you umm if you haven't seen it already cuz I'm gonna film that today probably it'll be up before today's video because I want it to go up today because I'm excited for all the pieces and also I hate waiting a little while to like put up hauls because then the stuff goes out of stock and then you guys can't get it and I hate that not good so I'm gonna try to get this haul up as soon as I can um but yeah welcome today's video I hope you enjoy it we just got done filming I did two videos I think I did two videos yeah to sit down one of them's a haul you guys will see it another one is like a look for last video which I'm super excited about so I don't know which one's gonna be going up first but yeah anyway my face feels absolutely disgusting right now because I have so much makeup on I just have like foundation concealer blush bronzer and mascara and it feels so gross and it's so cold outside it's like 28 degrees and I don't think I can go outside wearing makeup on just because I hate the feeling of like the cold against my skin but I don't know I mean whatever you know what I'm gonna suck it up we're gonna go to the grocery store and I'm gonna just wear the makeup and get it over with because it doesn't matter it's not that deep um yeah if you're like I put it on so might as well not just take it off right away and waste it you know we're gonna have out and go to Whole Foods and start getting some groceries which is not good because right now I have literally nothing in my cabinets I'll actually show you guys so didn't witness this right here this is what I have I just have some protein some oatmeal some cacao powder in some more oatmeal I literally don't have anything and then in my fridge same deal all I have are these waters coconut water on the milk and that was literally yet oh and I have like some extra that's like carrots and stuff from last week which I don't know if those are so good they probably are but anyway like have nothing huh but I just restocked all of my coffee I went to Mary Lou's and I got some hazelnut and I also got some toasted almond and they were having a deal they had like two one-pound bags for $14 and then I also just got my favorite Christmas blend coffee from Starbucks which was $14 so are like $14.99 so all this together was around like 30 bucks and I think that's such a good deal because I used to buy coffee every single day from Mary Lou's and it was $3 every day so I could technically only get 10 coffees for the price of all this coffee right here which is gonna last me like months and another thing is I've been loving the Keurig and I've been seeing your comments don't worry I have my videos being like Maggie cure eggs are like so bad for the environment like the K Cups him whatever trust me like I saw your comments and I just wanted to clear things up and let you know that the reason why I was using the K Cups was because I had them left over so I kinda just wanted to like use them so they didn't like go bad but I do have like one of the reusable ones just up somewhere in my cabinet but I like fill it with this and then just make coffee that way so I do have one that's like reusable they know those other ones like aren't good and stuff but yeah anyway I just got this too I wanted to show you guys it's super cute and I got it from merry news it's just a little ornament with a coffee cup and I thought that it was cute so I got it so yeah that's my life in my story let's go to Whole Foods before we go I got this in the mail – it's really cool it's just a mascara from Marc Jacobs so has my name engraved in it so that's amazing Thank You Marc Jacobs that was really sweet I can't wait to try that out but anyway it's really bad that I'm gonna be going to the grocery store right now because I'm hungry and they always say not to go grocery shopping in the empty stomach so I need to kind of just like fight through it and buy groceries and then like come home and make it lunch with it and now that I have nothing in my fridge I feel like I know what I need because I literally need everything so this'll be interesting so I'm gonna be buying for the week and then over the weekend yeah usually I like run out of my food by like Friday anyway so I'm just gonna buy some stuff for the week and then come home I'll to a big grocery haul show you guys what I got and also kind of like go through the grocery store and like show you what I do because I actually have like a way that I grocery shopping you guys are gonna be like surprising like what the heck this is so weird but yeah I'm gonna share it with you guys I'm really excited so I'm gonna get ready now because I'm just literally ring joggers in a tank top and it's cold though so I can wear this outside so I'm gonna change we're gonna go to Whole Foods and get some food and yeah I love getting apples and not gonna lie I like green better than red this green kind of make my throat a little bit itchy I think I might be a little allergic to them but I still like them anyway so I'm gonna get a few of these and when I grocery shop I like to shop the outside like the perimeter of the store just because like everything is the most fresh as you guys could see like you have veg wasn't stopped back there and the fruit and then this is just like the market area with all of like the meats and cheeses and like just everything was a a lot like rush when you do it this way and my mom taught me the head so about so we're gonna do right now we're literally just gonna walk around the outside of holy so I'm home now and it is time for a grocery haul so this is literally just everything that I usually get today was like bigger than normal um I don't normally get this much stuff why go something but I truly have nothing left like usually some stuff will last me for two weeks and then like I won't have to keep repurchasing things but like I literally don't have any of my French at what I mean you'll see what I mean like little snacks and stuff usually will last me longer because like I don't snack every single day and like I just got a lot of things that like are gonna last me longer but like obviously my fresh produce and stuff like that I replace every single week um the first thing I got I just got some sushi for lunch just because like I'm really lazy right now they want to prepare anything so I just got a spicy salmon avocado roll and then I also got just some spring rolls so that is super healthy from Whole Foods that I got then I got some organic mini pretzels these are unsalted I just like these as a snack whether it's like but top mr. peanut butter or something I like to have little snacks and those are definitely one of my favorites and then next I just got some baby spinach I love to make salads with these or even have like eggs and spinach what I don't hard boil my eggs which usually I do and I'm gonna hard boil these ones but so I usually just take my spinach and like make a salad with it or even put it inside a wrap with like some Turkey and spicy mustard and other veggies cut up like Humber and like peppers and stuff and then I got some Ezekiel bread just as cinnamon or you can raisin one love that in the morning with two hard-boiled eggs like they keep me fault time it has a lot of protein in it so it's a complete protein bread so it's really good for you and then you just got some oven roasted turkey breast for my wraps and then some cracked black pepper turkey breast just the like everyday value 365 organic Whole Foods bread one not too like particular and then I got some frozen organic rice cauliflower I like to get some of my like that cheating stuff frozen I got some frozen broccoli too just because I can steam it and it doesn't go bad so that's one thing that I love doing then I also just got some low-fat cottage cheese because I like to eat cottage cheese on top of a mush muffin so about that and then I also got two chicken breast cutlets just in a little packaging right there another one of my favorite snacks bluetick pop the must I love having that and then I got my whole wheat English muffins I love these I just like putting obviously some cottage cheese on them they're super yummy and then this is more of like my fresh produce and stuff in this bag right here actually I can like move you guys and I'm gonna put it on the counter right here this is my coffee so let's push that back and I'll start showing you guys some of the fresh stuff so it's all in this bag right here and the first thing I just got a big giant cucumber yeah and then I wanted to try out this vital proteins collagen peptides it's unflavored one so I might put that in a smoothie see how I like it so I got that to try and then also I got an avocado actually thinking about to Ilocano yeah you did get two avocados one of them will be ready tomorrow one of them won't be ready until like Thursday so yeah then I got a tomato green apple green pepper a few lemons and also some bananas because I like to eat them before SoulCycle that give me energy and then the rest of them that I don't eat and time I just freeze and use them for smoothies so some bananas and then I got some little grape tomatoes for salads and stuff like that and then also we have another green apple down here and then another lemon so that's what I got and then down here you just have some plain Chobani Greek yogurts and I just like to add like cinnamon and honey to them if I want like more flavor and then I'll put like some fruits and stuff Oh which I throw I usually get like raspberries or something to put my yogurt but I forgot that today so shoot and then down here just have a few more things so this is just some mild salsa and I'm gonna make for dinner like a little stir fry with the chicken that I got some pepper the rice cauliflower maybe a little bit of rice mixed in with just like some veggies like obviously pepper broccoli things like that and put some salsa on it to make more of like a stir fry so that's why I got that and then I got another little snack right here and these are kind of similar to like cheez-its and have been obsessed with cheez-its recently so these are just like some almond flour cheddar crackers so yeah I thought those and then down here at the bottom I just thought my favorite bars these are my favorite to bring to school I love them as a snack they're just the kind if it'll ever focus the dark chocolate nuts in sea salt those ones don't have a lot of sugar in them which I like a lot of the other kind bars have like over 10 grams of sugar and those ones have like 5 or 6 and the dark chocolate and I love dark chocolate with sea salt and then the last two things on the bottom I just got a sweet potato random sweet potato maybe that I'm gonna have like for dinner with a piece of chicken and some broccoli maybe some rice I really don't know yet and then also I just got this little body lotion so I'm going to use because my hands are super dry like when I go to school but this is a little overview of everything I got I got a lot of veggies and yogurts and like bananas and stuff and then on this side I kind of have more of like my snacks and eggs red cottage cheese more veggies some more snacks and chicken my lunch and turkey and then my little English muffin so this is basically like what I usually have on hand just for reference I hope that this helped you guys it's kind of hard right now to shop for groceries because I'm so used to shopping at the local market in Bridgewater where I used to live like in my town that I go to school in so I used to go to rode for others I knew exactly what I got every single week and it was really helpful for me but now that I live in Boston I have like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's and it's kind of harder to like get back onto like a routine of what I get coz I don't really know like what works for me right now and what my body likes at the moment so I thought I'm just getting like random things and seeing how it's working out so basically this is just like what I usually get at the grocery store I hope that helps you guys I tend to get a lot of like fresh fruits and veggies and then proteins um some snacks because honestly like you need to have snacks you know like if you don't have a snack what do you eat like when you're hungry you don't want to like make a meal and then I feel like when I don't eat little snacks it just makes me like eat more and more and more of like unnecessary things that I don't actually want you know what I mean so yeah but anyway I'm gonna put away all my girl she's now take off this makeup cuz it's grossing me out and I will talk to you guys later so I just go back in the gym I'm sorry I'm like watching the two videos on my TV but it's my right now like her old videos on loop but yeah I just got back from the gym I did a really good leg workout and then after I just had my little protein smoothie which is I'll show you guys right here I just make a little smoothie in my Vitamix with this fit with cambree chocalate protein powder and it's a vegan one which is really nice and then I just put half of a banana out a little bit of almond milk blend it all up in my blender and I had that after I worked out just because I like to have like a lean protein after and I'm like not really that hungry and I truly was like looking forward to that because it kind of tastes like a dessert I wasn't in the mood for like a big meal so now I'm just making a little dinner because I know I need like some nutrients in my body and I'm just having a little salad with I'm some spinach carrots peppers I'm cutting up some cucumber I'm having this little flow water it's just like a cucumber infused water I'm also gonna put a few pieces of turkey breast like on the side just to add a little bit more protein and then I'm gonna cut up actually I forgot I bought these I'm gonna wash a few of these little tomatoes and cut them up and put this on top my salad as well so here we have it my dinner and then also I have my breakfast cooking for tomorrow morning I'm just making hard-boiled eggs since I went grocery shopping obviously so I'm just doing this I have them and this big pot with some pink Himalayan salt in there just because it helps it like helps make them easier to crack but I can't tell with my new stove it's like an electric stove so it's like hard to tell when they're boiling I like don't know when to cover it but whatever not cover this and leave it for 12 minutes and put it on a simmer


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