VLOG // How I Write My Workouts INTENSE 1hr Full Body Workout + Healthy, Easy Paleo Muffin Recipe

feel like I can't talk today I actually look dead I kind of am dead so I haven't really been sleeping very well because hashtag noob on life fox has been a little bit fussy for the past three nights so yesterday I had a rest day so that was fine I kind of just like blogged around the house and did emails and stuff like that yesterday I had all day to recover and project come back is going great in terms of my fitness and my training I'm loving it I'm really diversifying my workouts of some days I'm doing Pilates other days I'm doing yoga circuits I need Thai kickboxing 2 p.m. at 3 p.m. we have a gym session in the city I know I'm stepping out of my bubble if you guys don't know I live in Cronulla which is like this beachy suburb it's like where the families live and you just like surf get coffee chill I'm that kind of gal and I never really been sure out of Cronulla but today is a special day and I'm gonna go to this city we are training with our friend Daniel we're gonna go to a gym called 98 Riley Street is it Street noneya trolling maniac running it Riley no no Riley and it's a very well-known gym around here in Sydney so we're gonna go and train there so it's gonna be curt myself Tanika and our friend Dan we're running away and yes foxes coming as well hold that thought I'm gonna use my face to pick a BCAAs I've been using these and pretty much all of my workout I drink them during my workouts to be honest the most important thing for me is I am really bad at drinking water during my workouts so because they taste really obvious the raspberry flavor it just encourages me to stay hydrated during my workout I don't really know what to expect for today's workout but I thought it'd be fun if I've loved it but I'm kind of like all over so like my hammies a sore back like he saw from doing cooldowns so I'm just saying that now so I have an excuse to be bad in the workout why does he know okay well good lighting do you know an Instagram every time I go to the gym we tagged him so I go to the gym Kurt watches Fox and then we swap but because we're both training and my mom's busy my mum will normally watch Fox he's gonna come we love you to get me wrong he's not uh he's not a burden but in this situation he kinda is so I did pump a little bit of milk so that I'll give this team because he drinks this a bit quicker than drinking from my boob so if he like cries during the session I'll give him this milk and then top him up with my actual boob because that's not enough trying to be organized seriously look how tired I look just keeping it real guys you're gonna wake him up yes being a mum in general you really have to be organized and I used to think I was an organized person but like I just there's nothing that will prepare you for like breastfeeding and getting milk ready and I'm sure even if you don't breastfeed like formula-feeding I'm sure you have to prepare stuff as well like sterilizing bottles and getting your boobs drained because there's nothing worse than training with full milky titties because honestly like your milk spurts out like saturates my crop top chested in the back with him yeah might be best box we're backseat best friends backseat bandits together how life has changed what used to be a copy holder is now breast milk holder Oh so I assume today's like full body I have no idea I hope it is folks is staring at himself in the mirror on the way back hi who is that who is that in that mirror thank you that Fox ocean heat gorgeous what is that face what is that baby he's doing that doughnut mouth face see you you having a dream let's yep that's it he might he might like you might enjoy doing that you know IRA can we go straight in through this door here oh this is like way bigger than I was expecting it's big yeah I'm feeling this this is like it a decent-size bad time [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] – would you like a truss top I just do the bar how many reps can you do at the bar oh yeah fifteen fifteen breath what do you wanna bet heavy then let's go let's forget it yeah wait wait so when you pull it back thanks to you have you have new fresh kicks crushing it that confident no real question porn you should know these that I know that they're very loud I don't know about nerdy but such loud shoes you really need to perform you allow me to reintroduce myself they call me J'onzz ears oh no three under $50 beneath the speech designer Eric ribbon designs are overhead better check the end the credit card tower this is our winning heater air America that is per second done then I just feel wrong kidding I'm dying no becky butanna a doll got anthems and bamboo pastures getting a bracelet by neighbors Miranda I'm bigger than alive making sure that you know why because this is forever and there will be no surrender forever it's you know this right here for man legacy I am the one at the pay this one got something to say me say you know I've been waiting for basic my legacy got over limited weights basically I have they're gonna think you can just go on it take it to you so we've been working out for 30 minutes and that's why I love circuit training so much because such a short amount of time and we are all dying wedding so much see if you're short on time I highly recommend riding at your workout doing a circuit by the timing yourself or doing around it's a good way to get a heart rate up get your muscles burning enemy top laner we still win of anybody who this is the brand-new this is the brand-new WK do nothing you can do in the rain okay yoga take you've got me better to keep they made it something name is buzzing coffee by Gosling hey kono there taking a lovely bow and I'm gonna retired to talk the kind of things that I'm gonna be feeling like a god because this is forever and there will be no sir I'm done okay it's a few days later and I'm still looking fantastic I haven't washed my hair in like two weeks are you gonna do some talking for everybody happy 12 weeks Bugsy boy so old yeah this is his favorite chair in the house like we have this baby swing and I set it up next to my desk so we can be together and he's just not that into it but he loves the breastfeeding chair like the hanging chair he'll just sit in this by himself play with his little book you alone are like your mom you just want to play by yourself oh my goodness you soup I'm literally bouncing this on one of the cushions on the lounge quick little update that was such a crazy session I think it was roughly like an hour and 10 minutes I just love working out with a group of people I used to hate training with people I was like a solo trainer but now I find that training with other people really motivates me someone like Tanika snake it and I really balance each other out because on days that I'm not feeling it she pushes me and vice-versa and it was just like a full body conditioning and strength session so as you guys saw at the start of that workout I ended up writing it out I did three circuits with like a fat-burning superset at the end and we also do the ads at the end which I didn't get to film but yeah project comeback in terms of my fitness is going so well I'm loving training and doing something different every single day and I'm gym hopping as well which is helping me so I'm just like doing random classes doing my own thing going on walks during the ladies doing the stretches it's just my food right now like breastfeeding Wow like I know I need to eat a lot to keep my milk supply but I am just constantly hungry and because I'm constantly hungry I'm craving sugary foods and fatty foods but everything I eat is healthy don't get me wrong but oh my gosh I need to show you this thing that I made BRB you stay there okay you just chill there we'll be back you guys okay as you may know I've been working on a cooking project for the past like a hundred years of my life no but seriously for the past like 12 months that's what I've been really focusing my time on and I just made the most delicious protein granola yes I said that protein granola this is literally the third batch that I've made in like three days because we are just downing it like crazy I'm at a crossroads it's like Project comeback is going so well but I feel like my body isn't technically changing because I'm just having to eat so much to breast feed and keep on going because we are just not sleeping guy it's like I'm exhausted and just being completely real and honest right now I'm so tired and I'm finding it really hard to balance everything and just feel so curse right now it's like 6:00 p.m. I woke up at 5:00 a.m. yeah didn't even wash my face when entrained at 7:00 a.m. haven't showered I know it's really gross are you judging me but I have milk all over this jumper I'm just not peaking right now but this is a vlog this is what they are they're real they're raw you don't judge me I feel like I can just be my grub self in front of you so to finish this vlog off I don't have the protein granola recipe to share with you however I do have a paleo spiced apple muffin recipes honestly you have to try it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog you have to try that recipe it's super yummy I will talk to you guys in my next episode let me know what kind of things you guys want to see whether it's vlogs recipes workouts whatever and I will give you guys a body update for project comeback in the next episode say goodbye you wait you won't talk now that means bye bye


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    P.S I make videos too!

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