VLOG #81 – 21 Day Challenge (workout + diet)


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  2. All I was looking for a shirtless clip…duh!!!

  3. Don’t shave your beard I repeat don’t shave ur beard.. u look like a BAWSE with tht beard of yours🙃

  4. Also let us know about your next drama project more interested in that

  5. Have water whenever you feel hungry. ..and cucumber

  6. Looove the beard+mustache!!

  7. Beard suits u Bilal 😍❤️

  8. You forgot to mention 'paid content' in your description, but then again pakistan always lags behind on the ethics department :/

  9. 21 days to create a habit is an urban myth. It's not true. Let's say you want to build a habit of drinking water after waking up and quit smoking. There is a huge difference between these two habits. One is lot easier and one is lot harder. So, how can they take the same amount to do? There is research that proves that different habits take different times and it also depends on the person. Eating healthy and working out are very hard habits to create. You should extend your 21 days challenge to at least half a year. And there are some great books on the subject. My favorite is Atomic Habits by James Clear. Read at least the first three or four chapter. It has some great ideas.

  10. You should have been on keto diet, one of the best diet to lose weight.

  11. hatss off bilal khan bht mushkil hai control krna especially khane k mamle me bilkul b control nhi hota mjhse to……………………but i m inspired r IN SHAA ALLAH me b strt krngi q k its a good habit r hme achi adatein apnani chie

  12. Nice promotion of biscuits

  13. Is ice cream your weakness?

  14. Is there any sadness in your life? Or being a singer you want to show some devdas reflection on your face to sing with intensity?

  15. I always joined your live session on insta. But you never replied to my comments so i unfollowed you. Will you reply here? Why so heavy beard bilal? What happen?

  16. Too much beard. Are you a devdas now ?

  17. Uff bht mushkil huti hai mera bhi 1 week hugaya exerscise uper sy ramzan may tou diet kaha huti hai uff jo jo workout ap ny ki wo may bhi kerti hu ….best of luck😁

  18. U looking so mature

  19. looks like a sponsored video

  20. So fit chocolate brother 👍

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