Vitor Belfort Physical Training with Pedro Diaz


  1. Muito bom lutador

  2. He is so little without TRT

  3. TRT!

  4. i know how its done..Conte is a slimeball that should of had a hit out for that piece of shit…he might have a slight boost but he is older anyway,its not like younger Vitor who would attack like a madman..if you are good unlike Luke Rockhold who sucks then you can beat him..Dan Henderson vs Vitor is a dream matchup.

  5. I suggest you watch Rogan's interview with Conte from Balco. Basically almost all top athletes juice between competitions and taper before competitions. People like Vitor over-juiced without breaks for too long and their testosterone doesnt' bounce back naturally very fast. The TRT allows them to be on the high end of normal during testing. The rest of the competitors have to compete with lower than normal test because they too have been cycling and tapering. He is getting a huge advantage

  6. it has to be in the legal limit, he doesnt get to use a 20:1 ratio..if he did he would be alot more muscular and wouldnt of been droped by a front kick from Anderson..the exemption lets you use it up to the prior testing the day before the fight where it has to be in the legal limit.

  7. I bet if Luke Rockhold was on TRT too, he would have whooped that old man's ass though. That's the point, of course they are all amazing fighters, but the TRT gives them a significant edge with all other things being equal.

  8. Actually, Michael, thats what the exemption does exactly: It allows you to use testosterone during the fight.

  9. i dont think he gets to use it during the fight, they test the day before to make sure levels are in range.. so testosterone levels would not be at that peak level like 3 weeks prior.

  10. I bet if most of you took TRT and trained as hard he did, he would still whoop your ass. Point is anything that can boost you physically is what it is, but skill and ability is still needed to perform.

  11. TRT makes everyone perform much better than their natural ability. All the fighters do steroids, however normally they have to go off cycle to be clean for the fight. With the TRT card he gets to do it during the fight, which is a huge advantage. Don't get it twisted tho, they all cheat as much as they can without getting busted.

  12. love vitor, been a fan of his since i was 15 watching him in pride when he was 19, and I'll still be a fan of his till the day he retires.

  13. Got it 😀 Its Al-B Production (the site you mentioned), song: BEAT 0002

  14. Music? :))) Listening to this 3rd time in a row .. 😀

  15. When you see before and after pictures of Vitor, he definitely looks different.

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  17. Vitor the trt belfort

  18. Because his past steroid use made his levels drop due to atrophy, he did that to himself, he should not be allowed to take TRT

  19. :DD

  20. What about now? haha

  21. Por que son unos pendejos…No saven de hacer ejercisios fuertes…

  22. The problem isn't the TRT, the problem is that he got caught with steroids in the past and he wrecked himself and now has to use TRT to maintain normal Testosterone levels..

  23. viToR belforT

  24. All of you who hate on trt users especially Vitor can hate all you want… trt doesn't magically give you great skills… it just makes you feel younger… my point is a fighter can take peds all he wants and still lose to a mediocre fighter that doesn't take peds due to the lack o skills…

  25. Yeah i knew it, you're just a fucking troll, i don't know why you hate Vitor, maybe you could be a Michael Bisping fan and you're just bitching cuz Vitor kicked his ass, maybe, but i think you should stop commenting in every Vitor's videos, it's lame and nobody cares what you have to say buddy, you can say everything you want, but Vitor still will be a legend of the sport and a respected fighter by everyone, so please shhhhh

  26. your all really supid

  27. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk LOLOLOLOL your kidding right?

  28. guerreiro,

  29. Porque esses americanos ficam falando em esteroides????
    Os maiores casos de esteroides no esporte foram da parte deles…Façam-me o favor!

  30. OPa

  31. not a clean athlete

  32. hypocrite and stop using steroids

  33. stop using trt

  34. vitor belfort is a steroid freak

  35. vitor belfort living legend

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