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hey guys welcome back to my channel I am super excited for today's video because it has been a highly requested one from so many of you I'm going to be sharing with you guys all the vitamins and supplements that I take whether it's just for overall health maintenance stuff that helps my depression and anxiety and my chronic pain and also a few things that I have picked up recently to bump up with fitness game and help me along with that as well you guys have probably seen from my channel in the past four or five months I've gotten pretty serious about that so I'm excited to share all of that with you if you want to see it then obviously just keep watching and if you like these kinds of fitness and food and nutrition themed videos and just give this a thumbs up and as always feel free to leave your requests down below and if you are new to my channel welcome I'm so happy you found me I hope you did that subscribe button and without further ado Olympian dollars nutritional goodness so obviously the first thing I'm going to talk to you guys about is a vitamin I think that everybody should be taking a multivitamin every single day because no matter how perfect we're going to try to be with meeting our nutritional needs with food which is obviously the best and preferred way for our bodies it's just not going to happen so I have a lot of peace of mind knowing that I'm giving my body what it needs and this is the centrum women's formula it has extra calcium and iron and magnesium which is something I can really benefit from as an aging woman but you know just do a little shopping around because I find that a lot of the times we can get fools and pay a couple more bucks for something that really isn't a formula that's that special so you don't necessarily need a women's or men's formula it just really depends on your age and your health needs and stuff so just do your homework look at the different packaging and the information is stuff in the amounts that are in the vitamin and then just try to suit the one that needs your meet your needs best but like I said if you get anything from this video at all if you're not taking a vitamin start taking one because you will notice such a difference in your overall health and your body functioning your immune system your sleep and your energy it just makes such a difference because a lot of the times we just really aren't meeting our nutritional needs and we can be deficient and not even realize it so a vitamin up people vitamin up another one I take is the natural factors vitamin b3 this is the 1000 IU this is really dependent on weather for the most part because I live in the pnw and I'm actually on the outskirts of like the downtown base area on top of a mountain there's a lot of mountain weather which is like gloomy and rainy and dark and a lot of the times even in the summer it can right here for like a week or two or even three with like maybe one day of sunshine sometimes none so I learned that taking vitamin D has really helped me I just feel overall healthier helps my it's kind of like my little weather happiness pill and also I do have chronic pain issues I have a lot of bone problems so the extra vitamin D is the better because this is really great for teeth and bones and your immune system and all that good stuff so I usually take this I'd say about two or three times a week and if I'm in like rainy awful gloomy weather then I would probably take it about five times a week I have called this my happy pill as well this is CP 100 complex from Weber Naturals I was thinking of 50 now I'm taking the 100 this is time release though so it just releases throughout the day and I really really love taking the 100 I also was originally taking a b12 pill but then I switch to a B complex and I noticed massive benefits so much with my depression and anxiety I cannot even explain to you guys so I really honestly call this like my holistic antidepressant pill because that's exactly how it feels to me I think it's often because we tend to be so efficient in our B vitamins because we're not really getting all the whole foods that we require or we think we are but the way that they're being processed or given to us might be you know making us miss out on a lot of nutrition that we think is in our food so taking this has just and it's so important for me also just on a fitness journey level the vitamins help convert our food into fuel and into an energy source for our bodies which obviously is super important just for the quality of our lives and the level of vitality we feel and just for being able to have that energy to give it a roll and kick butt in the gym so I would suggest this to anyone who is on a fitness journey I would suggest this to anyone who has mental health issues and I would also suggest this to basically anyone who isn't getting all of their perfect Whole Foods every single day because this will really cover all of your bases and you will feel awesome I also take a couple of these a week these are the iron smart a vegetarian capsules from Lorna vanderhaeghe don't get too caught up on any of the brands I pretty much choose things like formulation in price because everything is basically the same but I can get an even extremely quickly I've always had a problem of producing hemoglobin so I always take a couple iron pills a week that's pretty much been the chest of my life since I was a child it's just a given because the second that I get sufficient and it's the thing I get deficient the quickest on in the fastest I can feel it because I get super super tired if you find that your energy is really low you may be needing some iron especially if you are a woman if you don't need to take it regularly you should at least take it during that time of the month because let's face it our energy levels can get down this is also really great if you are on a fitness journey because it is helpful for metabolizing protein which is obviously super important for our bodies and a lot of the times we can be missing out on the iron that we need there are a lot of plant-based sources of iron as well it doesn't just come from like a big old steak so definitely if you are anemic or if you are struggling with getting enough iron try to have like a huge kale and spinach smoothie in the day or something like that there's a lot of different options out there but I do take these a few times a week I'd say probably three or four maybe sometimes five and then during that time of the month I take one every single day another one I take every single day is a fish oil till this is B Jamison Omega complete extra strength super krill of 500 milligrams I really like this because it is super easy absorption and there's no fishy taste later on during the day if you know what I mean but these are almost done and I've been doing a ton of research on plant-based omega-3 sources and I think I'm just going to skip this from now on and after this is empty I'm going to be buying something that probably has like algae on all these weird plants thingies in them that are going to be really great sources and better absorbed in my body than the animal version because really the fish is just the middleman the reason why fish are full of all of these great fatty acids is because they're eating all of those plants so if we just eat those plants sources then we're skipping the middleman it's easy as easily or easily absorbed okay we'll go with that it's easily absorbed and there's more of it usually so yeah perfect perfect so the next thing I'm going to talk about is something that I take for my chronic pain and inflammation and joint pain and bones and all that funny stuff this is the osteo joint ease for chronic pain within flam is that's a patent-pending formulation that they created but it's all natural stuff and this has another Sandhya's right you guys MSM i can say that glucosamine and shan-dro is tin but i can't say that but that is basically a it's the sodium from bovine cartilage and also shrimp and crab exoskeleton so this is definitely not a vegan formulation this is something that really really helps with my inflammation and the pain that I felt I have also found that since I started taking this regularly I have been able to work out regularly without so much recovery time needed without feeling so sore and stiff the next day it's just been so helpful here on a fitness journey you might even benefit from something like this if you're doing a lot of heavy lifting or if you find that you have a lot of pain or joint pain this is definitely going to help you as well it's really great with keeping all of your muscles and your joints more lubricated and I got this one because I saw it at Costco and I was just interested in their little formulation which just has a bunch of great things that are awesome for inflammation like it's got tumeric and hyaluronic acid and boron and all these things that I know are very beneficial to the body so I wanted to give it a go and I figured why not it's just a bonus but as for like just fitness you can strictly just go to somewhere like a fitness store or just a pharmacy and you can get an MSM joint formula and it doesn't have the funky formulation it is just straight up the MSM and then those two other things I can't say with Costa mean and this is the sulfate alright and last but not least just a couple Fitness things for you guys because like I said I am in the beginning of taking my journey really seriously and the one thing I wanted to avoid was going into some sort of fitness place and being too like I need a fat-burning pill and a pre-workout drink and a jeering drink and a pole recovery drink and all this kind of stuff and just before I knew it I'd be invested hundreds and hundreds of dollars into this without even really understanding like what my commitments and intentions were and also what I really really need so if I was going to give anyone a piece of advice whether you are in a fitness training recommitting to a journey or starting out or just wanting to be more healthy just start with a protein powder it is really one of the most important things that I think at at the end of the day if you are on a budget or you don't want to shell out a bunch of money to be healthy protein powder is definitely the way to go especially one that has extra grains in it so I would opt for something plant-based my personal favorites are Vega protein powder you can get these plus greens and then also you can get the complete green from lean fit I love their vanilla it's like my favorite for protein pancakes and these are really great because they also have amino acids in it so if you're going to be taking them before or after a workout it's going to have muscle recovery stuff to help you build lean muscle in there you're not going to be so stiff and sore it's also going to have so much dense nutrition for your body as well so you're really going to find a difference in your overall energy and recovery levels and I think it's just a really really great thing for someone to add to their routine your nutrition routine your diet your lifestyle whatever you want to call it because if we are trying to be healthy one of the worst things that we can do to ourselves is just trying to take out everything that we enjoy and try to find new things to fill in those places you know one of the biggest things that changed my life was just starting out with outing this movie like just saying okay I'll just start having smoothies every day I'm still going to eat the way I want I'm still going to eat what I want but I was slowly and surely making less and less room for all of those other things and also over time I really started to appreciate how I felt and I didn't want to lose the value of starting my day out in such a healthy way so it really started to just slowly change my habits over time and I really do owe it to just having a smoothie so if I could say invest in anything when it comes to fitness stuff to make your journey a little bit better or up your game or whatever protein powders are definitely the way to go last but not least and my favorite guy this is my revolution nutrition pure BCAA so this is an amino acid complex I really really love this this has positively affected my fitness journey and how I feel so much because it helps promote lean muscle growth but it also helps with muscle recovery so I found that I am not nearly as sore and in pain and it used to be after my workouts when I take this I usually drink half of it about twenty in a minute twenty to thirty minutes before I workout and then I'll have the rest of it during my workout I'll just take this until it's done and another thing I love about this brand in particular because I've tried a few now is that it's less frothy and less sugary tasting and less kind of syrupy in texture a lot of the other ones I was having were making me feel kind of dehydrated like I was drinking a really weird sugary drink during my workout and I just didn't feel good but this one the peach mango one so good really clear and just kind of like flavored water so I don't know I'm a little bit picky about it what can I say there's a little bit of a pricey investment I can't remember exactly how much this was I'll link it down below for you guys but if you think that it's something that's worthwhile something you benefit from I feel like it is definitely worth every single penny for me because I've really felt and noticed a difference you might be able to even go to like some nutrition or vitamin house and see if you can even get a sample of something to see how it makes you feel and how it helps you out but this is definitely something along with a protein powder that I feel like a lot of people can benefit from on their fitness journey again so that wraps it up for this video I hope that you guys enjoyed again if you did give it a thumbs up and hopefully you guys learned a thing or two or it inspired you to see what you might be able to benefit from to get your health or your fitness journey or just overall life of feeling a plus I hope you guys are all doing wonderful and I will see you in my next one food fight


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