Vitamin Supplements Contain Gluten

hi dr. Osborne here with gluten-free society and today I want to talk a little bit about a recent research study that was published that identified that approximately 24% supplement products randomly pulled off the shelves were contaminated with gluten or actually contained gluten and this is quite alarming because many patients with gluten sensitivity are going to use supplements in order to help improve their health after years of gluten induced damage to their gut and now absorption and mal digestion problems and so the use of supplementation is oftentimes recommended as a tool to improve iron deficiency calcium deficiency vitamin D deficiency and other nutritional deficiencies of a commonly present again after years of gluten induced damage so what I'd like you to do is click the link below this video because I want you to go to gluten-free society's page and read more about hidden terms for gluten that you're going to find on a number of different supplement products and on another note I want you to be aware that many supplement products contain forms of corn gluten there have also been shown to be detrimental to those with gluten sensitivity and you can learn more about that again if you click the link below hope this is helpful for you have you


  1. Maltodextrin is EXTREMELY common in UK vitamin supplements – its a proper pain in the stomache, rash up good for nothing stitch up!

  2. Heya, The best success that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (just google it) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.

  3. The study on Gluten in Dietary supplements was done in Romania and unless you can read Romanian you won't know what the real results were.  What kind of doctor gives advice from a headline written in a language they don't understand? Romanian archives of microbiology and immunology has a ResearchGate Current impact factor: of 0.00.

  4. I've heard that even vitamin companies have been adding gluten to their products. Luckily others have gone out of their way to not add gluten to their vitamins advertise them as such.

  5. What's just as important is the public's ignorance concerning the use of synthetic vitamins (harmful in the long run) and the fact that many vitamins are derived from GMO sources.

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