Vitamin E: magical supplement for many health conditions

vitamin-e you know it's a magical supplement for many health conditions hi I'm dr. James Meschino now vitamin E supplementation has been popular for a very long time and rightly so because it does so many things to help support human health let me just touch base with you on some of the supplementation studies that we have that shows its clinical applications with respect to heart disease or cardiovascular disease there's evidence that vitamin E decreases the damage to cholesterol in the blood stream making it less likely to stick to the walls of the artery it also inhibits excesses with clotting of platelets so you don't form abnormal clots which can be the final plug that actually leads to a hard to try a heart attack or an ischemic stroke and it has other effects we think on reducing the likelihood of heart disease getting started antioxidant effects and and others vitamin E has also been shown to slow down the progression of Alzheimer's disease when it's used at the right dose even in conjunction with Alzheimer's drugs for people that have already had cancer and certain types of vitamin E like vitamin E succinate seem to play a really important role it's part of the adjunct of nutritional management of cancer and there's some studies like the epic study that show if you take certain antioxidants like vitamin E a high signal doses it may help to reduce your risk of cancer by up to 48 percent and then we've seen it be very effective in women that have fibrocystic breast disease we've seen that it can slow down the progression of cataracts and macular degeneration two very common eye diseases may be help to prevent those things you know in one stand in terms of male fertility in one study where he had males who were sort of diagnosed with who were infertile if you will they couldn't impregnate their spouses they've gone through testing of the 52 subjects who were given vitamin E supplementation at a specific dose 11 of them were able to impregnate their their spouse you know within a one year period so vitamin E seems to have an effect on sperm quality sperm production sperm motility for couples who are trying to you get pregnant it's also been shown to help people have immune compromised states where they have sort of immune damaged diseases helps us support a mewn system function it's been useful in patients with hepatitis C improving liver function it helps in people that have with who have asthma it's useful for people that have rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis decreasing the inflammatory response it's been shown to be important for diabetics to improve glucose sensitivity people who exercise regularly it decreases the amount of oxidative free radical damage to their tissues all of these things have been shown in clinical studies it helps women that have premenstrual syndrome individuals with Parkinson's disease helping to slow down the progression of the disease even some cases of restless leg syndrome so vitamin E plays an important role in the prevention and management of many health conditions so what I'd like you to do is click on the link where you can read my review article on vitamin E and you'll see all the scientific references there but it'll help you understand which dosages make sense for you based on your state of health or if you have any health conditions you know what dosage fight of vitamin D to use you'll also see the drug nutrient interactions that are important for vitamin E so that you don't do something that might be inappropriate or dangerous for yourself now remember that at Moschino health calm you'll see all of my other research review papers you'll see footage from my live professional seminars you'll see other downloads and videos and resources i've created they're all there to help you lead a long healthy functional life my research review papers and teaching materials are complete with all the scientific references so you'll see you're getting only evidence-based information from me on any health topic that you're looking for so you should make an ongoing reliable resource of health and wellness information for both you and your family thanks so much for watching


  1. Ecstasy is the true vitamin e

  2. I take a mixed tocopherols vitamin E. I was off of it for a few months and could tell the difference. I went back on the E and felt better: better skin, better erections, better ejaculation, just overall better and younger. I am 56.

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  4. Vitamin E boosts coq10 and makes it work better!!!!! Vitamin E reduce inflammation!!!! Cures lupus!!!

  5. Is it good to take vit. E with hypertension??

  6. I'm not sure about vitamin E now after my doctor told my dad that it's not good for the heart since he has heart disease and high blood pressure. I really don't know now. 🙁 Is it worth the risk? Why would his doctor say that to him?

  7. Not taking dose only outside of apply it's gud r not

  8. How many ui should i take?
    Im 23 years old. I notice to my self that i can easliy get bone pain and i had heart condition which is i cant breath normaly sometimes.

  9. Pomegranate seeds have 300mg of vitamin e per 100g wow. The seeds are also called arils.

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  14. Does petroleum jelly mixed with vitamin e oil cause you to go darker?

  15. Well very few cell real whole food vit E supplements. Anything else will mess you up. Its a complex like C, which consist 8 parts and selenium in the middle.

  16. Thank you so much… I will take my vitamin e everyday

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  18. What supplements do you recommend for basically healthy people to help keep them healthy..

  19. I get DVT and I'm Factor V. Should I be concerned about taking Vit E?

  20. I hear vitamin E high dose can cause cancer. Can u plz tell me how mu h high dose means?

  21. I can use vitamin e in stretch marks.

  22. Is the evion400 is for hair or any side effects will come huh??

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  24. Hi doctor I am from India
    I have premature white hairs so I am taking vitamin e 400mg capsule daily…is that is fine to use it

  25. Vitamin E is awesome for the penis too… it improves skin texture, hygiene and function. It is in a penis health creme called Man1 Man Oil.. use it once a day and your overall sexual health will definitely get a booth. Good stuff.

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  28. How much 100% Pure Vitamin-E 75,000-IU oil should be safely added to 32 ounces of lotion [if a person was to mix 16 ounces of shea butter with 16 ounces of coconut oil with the vitamin E]? A tablespoon, two tablespoons? Maybe 75,000 IU is too high?

  29. Vitamin E is one of the fat-soluble Vitamins (others being A, D, K). It means that it is possible for the body to store these vitamins inside adipose cells (fat cells) for future use. For a healthy adult, the recommended daily dose of Vitamin E is 15 mg. It can be sourced from many vegetable oils, nut oils, meat, poultry and fortified cereals. So if you are consuming any of these regularly in your diet, it will suffice your daily needs.

    Ingesting supplements (along with dietary intake) of Vitamin E in the form of tablets can cause Hypervitaminosis or vitamin toxicity. Since Vitamin E can act as an anticoagulant, it can cause excess bleeding. Other symptoms include increased triglyceride levels, decreased activity of thyroid hormones and Vitamin K.

    Any fat soluble Vitamin wont require supplements since they are being stored by the body naturally.

  30. Hi sir. My skin is oily. Can I use tht e capsule on my face or nt reply me Sr?

  31. Can i use vitamin e capsul for hair growth

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