Vitamin C | Benefits, Dosage, Supplements and Foods | Hindi


  1. khali pet khasakte sirbefore meal ya after meal kab lenahai

  2. Can I use vitamin c pills

  3. Please stop the music .u r not singing .u want to tell something. Then y u put music.

  4. vitamin c 10mg ka MATLAB Kya mg ka

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  6. How is test vitamin c

  7. Mera lavda choos lo bhaut sara vitamin C hai

  8. नमस्ते सर सर जी में विटामिन सी रोज लेता हूं रोज लेने से कोई साइड इफेक्ट तो नहीं है ना सर सर प्लीज मेरे कमेंट का रिप्लाई देना🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 मैं एक टेबलेट सुबह और एक टेबलेट शाम को लेता हूं

  9. Viamin C epi 1000mg tablets ek roj lene se problm ho skti h kya koi

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  11. Recent researches (by Dr Linus Pauling and Dr Rath) show that mega doses of Vitamin c can have phenomenal positive effects on cardiovascular health and also cancer. Mega dosing of Vitamin C is impossible without supplements.

  12. Can I take fish oil 1200mg with vitamin c 500mg together


  14. You overcomplicate things 🙄

  15. Mota honeki tablet ko name bataiye

  16. I taking vitamin c1000 daily

  17. Sir please Celine vitamin c ka link De dijiy please

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    And good explain.

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  22. Thank you sir… This video is usefull for my examination 😊😊

  23. Wait loss k liye sktye hai kya

  24. mai vitamin c tablets 500 mg khata hu but isko kab khaye jo jyda laabhdayak hoga khane ke sahi time table kya honi chaiye rply plzz

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  32. is it safe for kids

  33. Sir acne problem khatam ho jayenga

  34. I drink lemon with warm water…nd also take vitC it fine…….i workout btw..plz reply bhai

  35. I've been in nutrition for 20 years I can assure you take as much vitamins C would like to start slow and build up called ascorbic acid goes in the body and it comes out the body very quickly you want to reverse illness you take a lot it's been well proven Reginald poling was in it 100 years and he said the common cold you needed 10,000 mg a day Best regards

  36. Its really useful video sir

  37. What about celin 500mg and its dosage..i go to gym..plz mention the dosage in cmnt

  38. Ye lene se mere waight zana nehi hogi na??

  39. lemon me ??

  40. Sir my skin dark colour .tab limcee one daily one month intake cheyyamo plese sir replay

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  42. Very useful knowledge ..thanku..nice explation

  43. Well explained bud. Only a few are able to describe in lay mans language

  44. Kya hum vitamin c capsule kha sakte hai skin whitening k liye

  45. Vitamin c fat loss krta h kya reply kro

  46. Bhai ek video vitamin e pe bhi

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  49. Amla juice se bhi vitm.c le sakte hai rply plz

  50. Aaj ki date main koi fayda nhi fruits khanne ka because woh fruits pe chemical lagga hota hai better yeh hai ki supplement he le

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