Vitamin and Supplement Pills: Miracle or Myth? – BBC


  1. Please add subtitles to your videos

  2. The title is terrible…

  3. I don't take any medicines, let alone supplements, health is an investment, eat nutritious food, destress and harness positivity in your life.

  4. Drinking organic natural green tea is good not the man made artifical supplement pills.What happened to eating healthy? Now these days everybody is hooked on pills.

  5. There is an age old saying in the world's oldest language – Tamil "alavuku minjinal amirthamum nanju". It means "if you don't limit your intake, even nectar can be poisonous".

  6. A piece of advice never abuses your supplements.

  7. Green Tea is not a vitamin, the title of this video is wrong.

  8. I love green tea in the afternoon and with biscuit. Some people need to chill and enjoy a cup instead of taking supplements

  9. Alcohol detox yes

  10. Expensive piss basically

  11. I’ll stick to Tetley tea.

  12. Good to know!👍

  13. Drink plenty of water

  14. No, they don't. Vitamins and supplements don't work.

  15. Laboratory products(especially foods) will never be the same as natural products. So think twice before you choose the right products for you.

  16. He's actually right in a sense about green tea melting fat. It's alkaline nature does have a detergent effect that helps dissolve the fat into a water soluble form that is actually disgestible.

  17. The question is, how often does the man take the tea supplements? How many? Does he take other medications other than this? Etc. So many questions and answers that you need to let us know first before we can judge all these supplements and not just based on this one vid.

  18. I take the green tea pill every other day. Scary!!

  19. Take that supplement company down.

  20. Miracles… do not exist. So your question is flawed.

  21. 4:38 sorry, but it looks like he is falling asleep.

  22. What about pharmaton or supradyn?

  23. t

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