Vital Reds Review – Gundry MD Polyphenols Supplements & Lectins Research

welcome back y'all I'm doing this video today because I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong and I'm also not afraid to look at all the evidence that being said I've gotten into it recently with some of the commenters on the videos I've published related to dr. Stephen Gundry and one of the assertions I've made is that dr. Gundry does not have any published research related to the topic of nutrition I didn't actually say that neither of the videos but I did say it in the comments and I came to this conclusion by typing his name into the author field on PubMed and looking at the results of the ten studies that dr. Gundry is the author of none of them are related to nutrition and they're all related to cardiac surgery or pediatric surgery one commenter then linked to this study and pointed this out to me this is doctor Gunn Drew's research on the topic of nutrition an at-risk population with endothelial dysfunction was made to eat a diet that excludes beans legumes grains nightshades and fruits the diet they ate focused on leafy green vegetables olive oil grass-fed protein and shellfish in addition they were given supplements containing fish oil and polyphenols now I can already hear the peanut gallery complain you're not enough of an authority to speak on dr. Gondry's prestigious research so I asked a few people in the plant-based community who are more qualified than myself for their opinion it's important to realize these are not official policy statements from these people on dr. Gondry's research rather just me asking them to read the study and give me their opinion when they got a chance so that's what it is first up dr. pam popper all right let's have a look at Pam's comments on the study this is a short-term study in which numerous supplements were taken in addition to eating copious amounts of animal foods and shellfish at the end of six months there was a slight improvement which was reversed after one of the supplements was discontinued all right I'm going to pause reading her comment for a moment and show you what she's talking about in dr. Gundry study ten of the patients stopped taking one of the supplements after they improved their artery function the supplement was a polyphenol supplement and after they stopped taking it all ten of them developed endothelial dysfunction continuing to eat the same diet I assume all right back to Pam's comment many things are not so good here short term follow-up six months most likely the supplement caused the short term effect but who knows since the study was not well designed study design not good findings questionable I think I'll stick with dr. esselstyn's 31 years of follow-up demonstrating his diet prevents events and deaths in almost 100% of his patients thanks for the insight spam I'll put a link in the description for her channel next up is Yvonne blasquez aka the shredded scholar this gentleman continues to impress me not only with his capacity for fitness knowledge but his enthusiasm for the science behind plant-based nutrition Yvonne's opinion on Gundry study reads as follows this is a typical which came first the chicken or the egg problem the benefits of the high vegetable intake potentially negated or mitigated the animal product consumption also we have the caloric restrictive nature / benefit of cutting out fruit grains and legumes by cutting out these foods they probably inherently created caloric restriction which may have potentially confounded the study results thirdly we have the fact that this is a high-risk population which automatically influences the physiological response to any kind of treatment in other words something better will lead to better results but something optimal will lead to optimal results perhaps they would have achieved better results had they consumed beans in moderate amounts and so forth the biggest issue here is the lack of acknowledgment of the gut microbiome and how an altered microbial environment can actually create adverse effects to commonly healthy foods it has to do with colonization of the gut microbiome in which people who eat meat tend to colonize meat-eating bacteria thus they may not metabolize legumes as well which does not prove that legumes are not healthy or good for us in a nutshell he's cherry-picking information and I remain skeptical and critical of him thanks for the insights man link to his channel in the description alright I did find one other study published by dr. Guthrie on the topic of nutrition it's this one which emphasizes the role of leafy greens in the diet it's important to mention that both of these studies were published as poster abstract presentations in the supplemental section of this Journal I don't know for a fact that studies published in the Supplemental section receive the same peer review process as those published under the main table of contents ok so this study has a very similar design and Diet intervention and it emphasizes the role of leafy greens in the diet I think that supports Ivonne's opinion that the role of vegetables played a more active agent role than the role of the meat in the diet next up it does mention that to patients stopped one of the supplements again the polyphenols supplement and both of them developed endothelial dysfunction once they stopped taking the supplement which is exactly what pam popper noted in the first study not so good what do you guys think he's got two short term studies that include refined oils and animal products and supplements and emphasize leafy greens and he's claiming that heart disease is caused by lectins found in beans and grains let me know what you think down below chapter my editor said you know you're obviously in that case we know that can't flip that in here haha


  1. Fructo-Oligosaccharides in Vital Reds. Be aware that Vital Reds contains 250 mg of FRUCTOSE which is like drinking a can of SODA. FRUCTOSE is know to cause cancer and make you FAT. Terrible for people that are trying to loose weight. And also added Natural Flavors?? and Guar Gum??. That is all SUGAR. No wonder Vital Reds tastes EXTREMELY SWEET. I do not call that being HEALTHY DR. GUNDRY. You need to remove all this unnatural substances from your so called HEALTHY PRODUCT. That is a JOKE.

  2. just another vegan freak cultic making B.S. video trying to discount ALL opposing information to feed their own beliefs..

  3. just another vegan trying to discount ALL opposing information to feed their own beliefs. I used to believe in veganism. was vegan for years. got the most sick ive ever been and became bedridden. and I was the healthy vegan. I found gundry's info and cut out most lectins and let me tell you, my inflammation went down drastically pretty much immediately. there is absolutely something to his work. Nothing is fail proof and I know SO many people who fell into this internet vegan crap who's health tanked and had to go paleo or lectin free and got better. just because something works for you DOES NOT mean it's meant for everyone and every thing. believe it or not, this world is extremely diverse and people like you only make up small percent. you should watch dr gonzales on diet and the metabolic typing diet. maybe then you could get your head out of your vegan ass and understand the damage that telling everyone to eat what you eat will cause.

  4. I love these videos! I think Vegans are cooks and I think Dr. Gundry is also a cook! This would be like if Jerry Springer and Maury Povich were slandering each other about who was a sleazier influence on society lol. I don't know who is crazier, the guy who tells you to guzzle olive oil or the crowd who tells you to eat fruit for breakfast and only eat plant based. You're both batshit crazy…………..that's for sure. My Vegan Nepali friend has diabetes and gout. Shame really.

  5. Actually legumes, nightshade plants, grains, even many leafy green vegetables, garlic and onions, cocoa, chocolate, fish, can increase initiate nickel allergies. See link below.

    Fruits in which polyphenols are rich, are often the only foods that people who suffer from nickel allergies can eat.

    And those who suffer from intestinal and digestive issues and PCOS can't eat nightshades, lectins, soy products. And these can lead to heart and high cholesterol levels This is reality, whether you take these vital reds supplements or not.

    Sure if you can afford all these fresh berries or own a green house and have the time to take care of it, go for it.

    I can't remark about all of Dr. Gundry's studies or suuplements, because his research does not include people with rare food or metal allergies. But most of us do not.

    By no means am I an expert, just a normal human who needs an alternative to a diet that works for only "some people".


    Watch it!

  7. Moreover he does not state that plant lectins are the cause of this. He states that it is lectins in general and specifically it is the lectins that are newer to our diet than we had been eating for millions of years that have been introduced into our diet, so our gut bacteria has not been able to adjust to them as of yet. Makes sense when you consider the much higher rate of disease, cancers, diabetes and other body problems in general. Plus there are other factor such as the chapter Seven Deadly Disrupters that are gone over in the book. I wanted to include this elaboration of information to impart some more understanding about what his research has shown, but all of the well explained can be found in the book, including his ability to heal these diseases and more through the application of his findings.

  8. Unfortunately, the information quoted in this video is incomplete. I know that from actually reading the book and having many friends who handled many conditions by doing the diet. Not that the points brought up don't seem to have a point, they do seem to and had I not gotten the complete science of it and seen the exact results the book talks about, this information could have made me skeptical. There are a lot of people with a lot of opinions, that's fine every person should have an opinion. But after many people get better and cure diseases through a healthy diet (information is in the book about this), that is the real proof of the pudding:)

  9. I wish people would read Dr. Gundry's book before they express their opinions.  This includes the so called  professionals.

  10. Going vegan destroyed my life..

  11. Why aren't you looking out for us Dr Gundry?
    Dr Fuhrman and and other nutritionists are.

  12. i think the idea of lectins is another name for what we have known for a long time…almonds for example cause stomach distress if they are not soaked overnight…same is true for other nuts and seeds…why? because they have a protective coating on them that prevents them from starting to sprout until they are watered…dr gundry is saying that protective coating is bad for you and you can feel it in your own gut…remove the coating through soaking and the almond starts sprouting making it more nutritious and eliminating the harmful protective substance…this makes me believe he could be correct with his other assertions…i bet if you ask him he will explaion why he thinks what he does and he will have reasoning you cant really argue with…you should interview him

  13. i should add i have heard doctors say that no amount of olive oil is ok to use…that sounds absurd to me because it is the same thing as saying olives arent good to eat?? olives contain olive oil…its true there may be processing and oxidative issues but stone ground olive oil just simply cant be bad for you and these "esteemed " doctors have to be wrong about this…this makes it hard to listen to the other things they say…i am open to being wrong but in this case i'm not…its like saying oranges are bad for you…

  14. he does have a clinic where there is supposed to be a large amount of healed patients…if this is true I dont care about the studies…I am suspicious of a few of his claims but I learned new things from him as well…you cant throw away his expertise either…he may be a cardiologist and not a nutritionist but he brings his knowledge of the heart to years of years of nutrition study and patient results to the table…if you dont agree with him i think you need prove why he is wrong…

  15. Dr Gundry actually treated and tested thousands of patients with amazing success…….even healing "autoimmune" diseases……..unlike all these "experts".

  16. One of the biggest mistakes​ people make is they never put two and two together and actually associate the author's appearance with what they are saying in the book. I used to fall prey to this myself and I'd simply just buy into what an author was saying, but then when I started to look at what these authors "looked like." It was bizarre how they're actually experts in health and fitness, yet they're overweight or overfat?

  17. You Sir, are a hack. Read the book before you make videos.

  18. I have the book and read it and also watched his interviews. Scientific experiments are an indispensable part of science. I said it and I'd say it again that for a sick person his diet is worth trying. So are other diets and supplements programs. There is more than one way of healing.

  19. so a meat paradox…explain to me my Fathers side… great grandfather living to 103 and my great grandmother to 97? Explain my grand mother to 97 and my grandfather to 93 and my dad to 54? explain my uncles (his brothers) dying before 60? Mother side….great grandfather 94 and great grandmother 98? grand dad on that side died young from a work related accident but my grand mother on her side is 91 and still hitting the bars and downing a bottle of golden wedding ech trip and hitting the dance floor with no joint issues or aches and pains? I'll Tell you why… BACON/STEAKS/FISH/CHICKEN that take up 1/2 their plate. And here is why I think and feel health issues come from plants (you can see it in vegetarians/vegans. We eat plants and their defense mechanisms directly affect us. We eat a cow and the cows defense mechanisms halt the plants defense (metabolism it more or less). We eat the cow and we get the benefits of complete protein without having to keep charts of what to mix in the plant world to get complete proteins (the family of necessary amino acids) Now here is the fuckery part of eating meat these days…(with exception of hunters). Our meat comes from a market that is from animals that are forced fed food that they would normally be eating all yr long. So they have more fat than if they were wild or left to graze naturally as they did before commercial factory farming was in play. Even though meat labeled as organic is not really organic (check federal laws on the minimum requirements to label something organic meat or veggie) they are far from free range or "ORGANIC" SO my belief in my experience and countless of hours of researching, are not based on veggies or meat based diets but how it was raised. The fact is, it is not what we eat but the chemicals added to either form to keep them "healthy" for us over populated planet to consume. When i was a child I knew one person that died of cancer….today I hear of someone knew every day or two. A lot are vegetarians. So my conclusion is, its not what we eat but what farm our death is coming from.

  20. Why is zucchini not recomended? I use this often as a non carb zoodle.

  21. I think some of his diet recommendations are useful while others are quite silly. Dropping fruit altogether unless a person has a problem such as diabetes seems quite extreme. I have managed to stop medications with very serious side effects by changing my diet and using supplements. I can say from my experience that within 3 months of a sustained change in eating a medical exam and lab results will show if a diet is helpful and healing or not. My suggestion if for people to test drive any idea that has promise. Also, I would stop any diet if it makes me feel worse.

    Back to Dr. Gundry I am disgusted by the very sleazy marketing tactics his sales force employs. It is impossible for me to trust or take seriously a doctor who is obsessed with pedaling his products.

  22. My reading of Gundry finds him saying eat minimal animal product and restrict to 100%grass fed or certain wild caught fish/shell fish. He says pressure cook what beans you eat. Suggests higher healthy fat diet: avocado, EVO.

  23. Dr. Gundry has absolutely no clue at all what he's talking about.

  24. Your information i enlightening, I am a vegetarian trying to decipher between Drs. Gundry, Hyman, Greger, Mercola and Furhman. Beans has always been a food I enjoy, now afraid to eat them……but they do say pressure cooking lessens the lectin impact. Thanks

  25. nice vid, the quality is rising

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