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and no I'm not hi darling love how are you you know what I'm told that our simple human trash can only has few left very few so we'll talk more about that we'll keep ever enough there but let's talk about behind a chef first of all who was vital ship what is vital chef love that you asked bite a chef is a culmination of a professional chef putting all these great ideas together to make the comfort and the convenience and the professionalism of making wonderful things in your home simple for you it's this great stackable system that's going to replace so many different things in your kitchen with this unit David you are going to be able to steam to grill to saute to bake to roast to slow cook braised and more love it it's absolutely wonderful social future it is David with this wonderful extension ring which is one of the many pieces that comes with this Vitus chef it has an extension ring so you can put such a large piece you can see this gorgeous chicken you can see these Browns potatoes underneath I mean how beautiful and how simple and easy that this is to do took just about 45 minutes from initial hatred from beginning to end from when we started with the potatoes and then we went ahead and we added the chicken that's right Wow and the fact that you are able to do this on a countertop with this one unit is truly remarkable I love just love it nonstick coating fantastic yeah I want you to take a look real quickly down front on the lower ledge this is everything that you're getting you're going to get the Vitis chef's cooker itself you're also going to get the the various rings that help you stack up and double layers of cooking okay again you are steaming roasting pan frying grilling stewing baking and a whole lot more right all the above any recipes include there are there's 25 recipes included in there David to get you started and take a look at that price over there that's $99.98 for easy payments on the credit card and this is all nonstick correct it is David and the other good thing that's so wonderful about this with the exception of the very lower piece of the unit where all the magic happens it is all dishwasher safe so you are able to put all the pieces in the dishwasher and you don't have to worry about cleaning it out yourself wings please yes I'm working on the wings make sure that they got a little turn and it's important to know too if you look on the screen we're at 239 retail value we're thirty nine dollars less that's right so let's come over here lob some rastelli robot look at this because again it's all about those wonderful gorgeous steaks we went ahead and we seared these just about seven minutes on each side again the beauty of this you don't have to worry about heating up you know youryour cooktop you don't have to worry about dirtying up your kitchen look at how beautiful this is shall we add some but we add some gorgeous tomato sauce and then some cheese on top right I'll do the sauce you do there we go perfect you first and then I'll followed you like a lot of cheese or a little bit of cheese oh I think you know the answer love it and again love the fact that it's nonstick here that poor just–we're just sizzle it's searing these beautifully really locking in those flavors and this is one of the many beautiful things to fight a shopkins you again it's replacing so many things in your kitchen David it can seem it can saute it can do all kinds of wonderful amazing things I'm gonna go ahead I'm gonna put the top on there this tempered glass lid that we love that we can look inside I'm gonna turn that down I'm just gonna melt that cheese and warm up that sauce a little bit so I already spritz the bit of olive oil in the bottom of your of your Vitus chef here because I want you to know that you can do everyday cooking in this as well something I'm gonna guess you do with five kids at your house quite a bit as a matter of fact we do and I love that so we went ahead and we went ahead and we put that oil in the bottom right in here we have 14 eggs this is what I use my Vitus chef's we're so often I do a lot of scrambled eggs David I also do a ton of Pancakes in here but not only can you do all of these everyday things what about things like because it has that great steaming capability you're able to steam your fish you're able to again we went ahead and we did that gorgeous chicken we're going to show you that's already took it that's right so simple and again we absolutely love the fact that it's that nonstick it's the best type of coating that you can have it's that Whitford coating and the fact that this is again dishwasher safe we absolutely love how fantastically evenly distributed this heat is those eggs are already cooking you can see already were able to scramble up beautiful eggs and in a moment we're gonna make it even tougher for the nonstick by adding lots of short cheese why we're doing this I love it if we can take a look down here as well perfect love that absolutely love down here we a little bit of what we did earlier you can actually put in the bottom of the unit David you can put your wonderful smoke chips and then you can go ahead and then there is a there's an insert you put on top and then you can actually go ahead and you can have that wonderful wonderful flavor filter up through your ribs and then you can have these gorgeous gorgeous ribs and look how wonderful and delicious and tasty and infuse that flavor just love that again so many different options that you can use this by two chef's for the fact that it's stackable the fact that it's dishwasher safe it has that large large capacity so you can do so many things and again even just the everyday things that we love to do like scrambling our eggs I use this most of the time for my breakfast for the kids I do tons of scrambled eggs I do look at how good you are that David you know what you can also do with that in my new cookbook those French toast sticks I told you about yeah once you dip them in a little egg and you roll them in some crushed breakfast cereal you throw a little butter in a skillet and you crystal it up in the skillet and here we go again we're gonna do a lot because we love some cheese is there anything better than cheesy eggs my club cheese and bacon err Oh cheesy bacon the eggs one of my 14 year old twin girls Chloe my 14 year old twin girls start high school tomorrow and every day this is what Chloe asked for for breakfast mom can I have some cheesy eggs and again love the fact that it's nonstick Chloe and you you'd be good friends she likes the bacon too Chloe's the band members see the drummer that's my Lily Chloe's my soccer player oh yeah yes she she's big on is also your egg eater she is alright black eggs as the eggs are finishing up here let's make our way down where I'm frying chicken right deep frying those chicken wings and again the fact that you can actually deep-fry in this is truly incredible love the fact all we did was the steamer skillet on the bottom we went ahead we added it up there's a fill line we added up to the oil we went ahead they are look at that we're gonna add some hot sauce in there we're gonna take them out dip them in the hot sauce and usually when you have a deep fryer they can be kind of expensive and they're kind of difficult to use well and they're one-dimensional because they do one thing this is do so many different things no 139 dollars less in retail whether you're toasting sandwiches or steaming pot stickers oh my goodness and how great you have everything inside we have all the vegetables we have the pot stickers that are steaming you can steam vegetables you can steam fish because again we love to seems to heaven I don't have to order Chinese food because I have leftover pork chops in Moscow there you go and we have some grilled cheese with some bacon in there well never hurts why all right hey this is Gabe four seven eight zero eight stay on the line Melissa also brought us this simple humid rice game have that can we started with three thousand three

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