Visual Focus Skill

I don't know my name is Tony coach and I am in Walgreens with my products were the focused design now for the focus each has three principles or the F is formulate the message audience and sketches the own focuses organized maybe shape proximity alignment the C is contrast and the principles are asymmetry value the color unify is for the you repetition rhythm and just stop and simplify it is the last letter being yes and three principles our evaluation elimination and communication now going over to the products that I have here for the the first one I used message and the good product I have here is only eyes straight to the point it's for the eyes you know it has a nice simple design see through you can see the package in the product inside but you definitely know it's for your eyes going onto the bag product we have all a whip here it is a moisturizer but it doesn't say what it is for and to move on to the back and it says that it's for the skin otherwise and that I would think it I would have thought it would be moisturizer for my hair moving on to the next Oh organized I used a shape and going on to that I'm sorry going on than that to talk about the negative space and positive space this product here gonna theory relax it has a lot of negative space but the positive space is most definitely you know in random places of the negative space so it's not really it's not giving me up dude a concept of negative space whereas this other product right here um again a lot of negative space it doesn't have any type of border so it just kind of flows off but it definitely has a better it just has it has a better it's a good design when it comes to shape and that negative and positive space going to the next contrast we have I used color and I want to get this product I've used this product that's good use monochromatic color scheme using the oranges and the different tones of orange whereas this product right here I used bad it was a seems to be a tetra dick color scheme you know using purple orange green and blue but I'm not getting a good sense of this principle with this product is just everywhere and a lot going on moving on to the unify I used repetition repetition being this product all the goodbyes stress and uses the curves and the circles and repeats that while also using the monochromatic color scheme so it works very well whereas this product right here it doesn't have any type of unity I mean the fonts are somewhat the same but it uses three different fonts only the only unity it has is between the American and crew and it's very bland so I'm not getting a very strong unity in this product going down to the last letter simplify I use the elimination principle which is pretty much just talking about how simple the product is and eliminating less information to make it less cluttered this product right here taught me tonight it is a very good example because um you know straight-to-the-point tells you what you need to follow me regular you know here's the brand a lot of negative space and leaves out any important aspects but this product right here this weight protein supplement has a lot going on is trying to you know tell you all this information but it's crowding the product and it's it's very it's a lot going on and very overcrowded with all the information that it's trying to save so it it's a bad example for elimination because it is not simple at all and those are the products I have for you today for this project

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