Virtually History: The Berlin Wall | Official Trailer

Thirty years ago the
Berlin Wall fell. [Applause] [Music] Now a group of people
are stepping back in time – Are you ready to go?
– Yes! To experience the wall [Boom] in a way they could
never imagine. [Warping, building SFX] [Quiet music] My uncle he was there
at the fall of the Berlin Wall. It was
a very important moment in history,
especially for my own family. My grandfather,
you see him building a tunnel
under the Berlin Wall. Your grandfather
managed to free 57 people. Wow. It’s so close to
the border, though. [Whoosh] My grandma
she was trying to escape before the wall
was built. So this row of houses
was where your grandmother was living at the time. I think she must have felt
so much fear and confusion. What to grab?
And where they are going? I had no idea it
was like this. This is madness. [Boom] Isn’t it frightening that this
expanse began with a single trail of
pathetic barbed wire. And it’s only 30 years ago! [Boom] [Music]

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