Vinyasa Power Flow Class ♥ 20 Minute Yoga | Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary

Hey guys welcome to beautiful Cambodia. We are the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary I’ve got three beautiful Elephants behind me now these Elephants have recently been rescued from logging camps for the for the first time in the whole life They’re feeling what it’s like to be free and at peace and it’s truly a beautiful thing to see and Today, they’re actually going to be joining us for our Vinyasa peaceful elephant flow so we’ll see how that goes but for you guys I just want you to think about letting go of any tension and stress you may be feeling in your body and just really enjoying the Next 20 minutes, so if you’re ready grab your mat let’s do it Alright, let’s begin our practice today in child’s pose Getting down comfortably on to your mat Reaching those fingertips to the front of your mat we’ve got a lot of friends today joining us at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary So just enjoy their company here with us. Let’s take another deep breath in exhale out Slowly rounding up to your all fours position slightly bring the knees together let’s begin with our cat cow inhale and Exhale rounding the Sun Inhale dropping the belly look up to the sky exhale round the spine and again inhale Exhale Nice warm-up for the back Come back to neutral extending your right leg all the way up. Make sure the hips are square tuck the belly button in Now you’re going to tuck the bottom toes under and lift the knee off the mat So you’re just hovering that left knee maybe about an inch or two? Pulling the belly button to your spine and then extending into one-legged downward facing dog And then slowly from here, we’re going to bend that top knee We’re going to bring all of our weight to the front into your plank and bring the knee to chest or one Extend all the way up towards the sky and then exhale knee to chest for two inhale reach it up to the sky And then bring the knee to chest for three warming up the core here and again inhale reach up to the sky and then exhale knee to chest hold Extend up to the sky and then from here We’re going to step that top foot to the very front of your mat between the two hands Okay, coming into your high lunge finding your center, and then from here extending turning that forehead to your knee Squaring out the hips so again pull that right hip back Bring it back to your high lunge on your inhale exhale like a stand in a way And a few more you seen he’ll bring oxygen into your lungs And then exhale extend feeling the gentle lengthening stretch along the right side good inhale hold exhale Extend stretch folding from the hips really thinking about that forehead reaching the knee Coming back to center and then reaching those arms up to the sky into your high lunge Make sure that front knee is directly on top of the ankle Opening the chest opening the heart see how far you can release here And then releasing the arms behind your back interlacing the fingers Extending those elbows hold find your balance Really letting go of any tension in the chest and the shoulders Reaching the arms back up to the sky and then stepping forward into your Tadasana inhale reach up to the sky exhale Hands to Heart Inhale reach up to the sky exhale swan dive all the way down into your forward fold Inhale lengthening into your halfway posture exhale step or hop back into your plank chaturanga inhale upward facing dog and Exhale downward Facing dog Awesome holding your downward-facing dog here really think about getting as deep as you can into this asana Allowing the sternum to release deep down into the mat really opening to the upper back fingers are spread open from Here rounding through the spine into your plank and Then pushing your way back into your downward facing dog And then moving into our flow here coming into your plank again then exhale Chaturanga, Dandasana inhale upward Facing dog and exhale downward Facing dog Pressing those heels as far down as you can And then slowly making your way back down onto your knees and going into the other side left leg extending out check those hips engage the core and Then once you’re ready you’re going to tuck your right toes under and then just simply lift that right knee and hover it engaging every muscle in your body hold this is a great way to wake up every muscle and then extending into your one-legged downward dog hold it here breathing banding that means Exhale coming into plank touching a left knee to your chest for one And inhale extend all the way up exhale bring it into your chest for to Make sure you have a goal of bringing that knees close to your chest as possible each time. Let’s take it in for three and one last time reach up exhale bring it in four inhale reach up to the sky and then when you’re ready exhale stepping between the two hands Great job coming into your lunge position And slowly from here extending that front leg Squaring up the hips push the right hip forward pull the left hip back inhale and then exhale expanding for two Working with your breath here, so on your inhale really breathin all the oxygen But as you exhale let it go as you extend and lengthen the muscle Providing it that nice stretch inhale again, and exhale extend Staying press indulge your brass here Continuing to push yourself a little deeper with each exhale Inhale let’s come back into your lunge and reach the arms up to the sky now high lunge reach up Open up the chest open up the heart And then let’s take the arms back in choice the fingers Extending those elbows and again opening your chest and see if you can sink a little lower with those hips But again making sure that the top knee on top of that ankle And wonderful one more deep breath in exhale Reaching the arms up to the sky and then slowly taking our knees down arms grounded Stepping back into your plank position and then taking you Chaturanga, Dandasana inhale upward Facing dog exhale downward Facing dog good bending the knees looking to the top of the mat step or Hop forward and Then from here. Let’s take an inhale Come up halfway lengthen through the spine Then as you exhale taking our standing forward fold If you need to slightly bend the knees, please do just make sure you’re not rounding in the Lumbar spine Holding this posture if you like to go deeper you can always bring those palms underneath your feet Just taking a deep breath in again, and then exhale come on up to standing inhale reach up exhale Hands to Heart inhale deep breath in exhale swan dive to the mat Inhale Lengthen Halfway exhale step or Hop back into plank take your chaturanga upward Facing dog and Exhale pushing back into your downward facing dog hold it here find your breath allow that sternum to follow in Further towards the mat Taking a deep breath in into your nose A Very long legs feel out through your mouth Let all that tension and go This is your moment. This is your practice Let’s take one more deep breath in as you come into plank egg filled our facing down inhale come into plank exhale chaturanga upward facing dog on your inhale again, and then exhale downward facing dog Go ahead and reach the right leg up to the sky at this time Then doing the right knee we’re going to step between the two hands into your lunge position At this time reaching the arms up to the sky high lunge and from here taking your eagle arms So one elbow over the other interlace the wrist and see if you can bring both palms together Again, just finding your balance engaging the core Taking a deep breath into your nose and as you exhale bring all of your way to the front Lift the back knee and then take your eagle posture so crossing the knee left knee over, right? And then if you can interlace the ankles that’s totally fine you can just keep the knees crossed Otherwise maybe we can go ahead and bring the toes around the back ankle slowly come back up from here that left ankle comes behind Grab it with your left hand and taking your dancers pose now This is too advanced for some of you, please stay with just that hamstring stretch where you hold the ankle to your glute? Otherwise go ahead and try the dancers pose Reaching with the front fingers like you try to catch something in front of you like there’s a beautiful elephant in front of you Go ahead and then from here bring it up Hold find your balance Step that same foot back into your high lunge find your center Release the hands stepping back into plank chaturanga upward Facing dog and exhale downward Facing Dog I Think someone decided to join us here for the yoga class alright. Let’s take it to the other side left leg up And I’m bethany and when you ready go ahead step between the two hands Find your center once you’re ready arms up reach up open the chest heart out to the sky Find your center first and then go ahead take the opposite Elbow over the other Eagle Arms Introduce the wrist holes just focusing on the breath reaching those elbows up in here Now exhale shift the weight to the front foot right Nia And then cross the right knee over left knee Coming into your eagle posture Again, if you don’t want to introduce the ankles that’s totally fine just keep the knees crossed Allow yourself to single low lift the fingers up to the sky elbows right in front of your face Going to drop those shoulders away from the ears Really bring the right knee up, and then go ahead grab your right ankle again hold it here if you wish or Extend into your dancers pose so give it a shot just think about being strong balanced and calm focusing on the breath And feel out you’re doing amazing hold it Exhale let it go. Let’s bring the right knee back up to the sky and then exhale step that right foot back high lunge Releasing the Hands down stepping back into plank and take your chaturanga upward Facing dog on your inhale and Exhale when you’re ready close shit back downward-facing dog Hold it here breathe let all that go and then once you’re ready hopping over to the front of your mat and taking your standing or fold Just taking a moment to really ground those feet those toes just breathe and Then let’s take the arms behind your back in choice the fingers and allow the hands to fall forward giving the shoulders a nice stretch staying here breathing in On your exhale slowly coming up into your standing posture and then over to your scanned and cobra Opening the chest heart out to the sky Coming back to center inhale let’s reach the arms exhale fling them down to your heart Inhale Reach the arms exhale swan dive to the mat inhale Halfway up Exhale step or Hop back into plank and then take your chaturanga upward facing dog inhale exhale downward Facing dog Hold that posture breathe into your nose And then a long exhale out as you make your way over to your knees And then let’s go ahead bring your feet to one side hips to the other and switch over to the mat Coming to the middle of your mat here. Go ahead and bend your right knee What we’re going to do is place the foot to the inside of your left thigh Reach both arms up to the sky and then slowly start to fold over that left leg Try to keep the left foot flexed so you can try and reach the toes And the right knees open hips are square. She’s just focusing on the breathing here now don’t worry if you can’t touch your toes you can always just grab your knee if you need to with Most importantly is that we’re feeling a nice stretch in that left hamstring slowly come on up Bring the right knee back to your chest and then cross the right ankle over the left leg Left elbow to your right knee and then taking your spinal twist Looking over your right shoulder here Good deep breath bead and then exhale come back to the center and Then let’s switch it to the other side left knee comes into your chest Left foot over to the right side inhale and then exhale. Go ahead bring yourself all the way over hold and breathe Just finding your breath Allowing your breath to keep you in this present moment with each exhale letting go slowly On your left exhale bring your body up Bringing your left knee towards your body and then cross the ankle over your left Well right elbow to your left knee left arm back, and then go ahead take your spinal twist One more deep breath and keep looking over that left shoulder and then slowly exhale untwist the Body release the foot Inhale both arms reaching up both feet are flexed exhale folding from the hips into your seated or fold hold and breathe Allow yourself to let go here focusing on that brat scene and exhale out allowing yourself to let go of all that no longer serves you and Bringing all the positive Vibrant energy. I need like a day in your life Slowly let’s come up reaching both arms up to the sky Releasing the arms, and then go ahead scoot over a little further to the front of your mat inhale reach exhale Slowly make your way down bring them in ease into your chest Just taking a gentle rock side to side massage in the back And then from here opening the knees away, and then into your body a very nice gentle massage for the hip circles out and then Aim and Last one and then ending with the soles of your feet together knees open coming into our soup tabata canales in a posture Allowing the palms of your hands to face up to the sky Inviting beautiful positive energy into your mind body and spirit When you’re ready go ahead slowly, bring me arms over your head Knees together, and then make your way over to your seated posture on your mat Feel free to cross your feet in front of you Resting your hands on the knees Let’s take our final breath together here inhale reaching the arms up to the sky palms together I’m going to exhale bringing the hands to your heart Bowing down to your heart thanking yourself for your beautiful asses today well Thank you guys so much for joining me here at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary lots of love to you And I hope you have a wonderful day Namaste Thank you so much for joining us today at the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary if you’d like to learn more about the animals of this wonderful organization Feel free to click the link here and check them out lots of love to you guys And I can’t wait to see you again. I


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