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I head back to be able to attend I'm 10 and I'm here today with Stacy let's begin in a seated position for today spots on the recommend you have a strap because also use the belt if you know how to shop if you're gonna fellow you could use pair of shorts or pants in the state of meditation so throughout the day tend to read a little shallow dress where you see maybe like a third of the breath so now I want you to start to you the courage full deep breaths in and out there comes experiencing the whole length of the inhalation and exhalation without creating strength when you practice yoga breathing there should be a blended quality to the breath so sit up straight and tall well your shoulders open your chest open make your spine erect without strain and as you close your eyes let the eyes drop you were towards the harbor and feel my heart start to soften the pericardium that's the sheet in your own heart and neither the bat can become soft and feel an inner smile is it the job on this smiling side slightly we're just gonna practice three yoga breath smooth even breaths here your eyes in chess both starting to activate your arms to help you elongate your spine till the hands regions into that then walk your hands over to the right and breathe into the strength in your left side ribs start intercostals muscles between the ribs get very skinny and tight and this limit our ability to process prana per breath smooth for a long freedom just by practicing yoga regularly you're going to increase your lung capacity the ability for the lungs to expand and ribcage walk your hands over to the left and the philosophy and how feel-good is that by practicing the hasta we're setting ourselves up for big money on our side breathing bringing us back to Center come up onto the answer cat power right up your back and the back of your knee inhale arch the top move your chest forward do that two more times come into HR then take your right knee out to the side firefighter foot it's like a dog would have to be on the fire house he thinking the young to the side try not to let your spine compensate keep your lower back along keep your little is it then it start to make circles with your ad so how does it make these circles with your knee imagine that you high like a cup of coffee balanced on your sacrum try not to let the coffee spill then make circles in the other direction and see if you can start to make fluid bigger circles with your knee without this highly compensated then hold it they need a down position push the heel straight back on my knee and straighten that leg straight behind an instruction unless when I'm not in front of you then your left elbow out to the side like a goal post arm and bend your right knee to the side like a tree totally in on each back out exhale bend to the side inhale reach back up exhale bend to the side keep the spine long core engage inhale back up lower your hand and your knee change sides take the left knee out to the side good so see how Stacy keeps pressing even through your hands the spine is long start to make circles with the left knee reach through the four corners your hands feel your upper two ribs open but keep your middle lifted seating and start to make bigger circles without the dips twisting then change the direction hold with any in the down position now then stretch the leg straight back behind you push through the heel send the opposite arm forward right arm forward as you exhale bend the elbow out to the side then knee up to the side inhale reach back down next up and out to the side inhale reach back down one more time hold it the arm and leg extend it keep your middle up good and lower your hand and knee stretch back into downward facing dog one hand at a time walk your hands all the way back to your feet put a little bend in your knees and let your head drop towards the floor if you need to bend the knees deeper to let the spine release you can bend the knees significantly depending on how tight your hamstrings in the back body are then slowly roll yourself up to stand head and neck last thing to come up balance your body stands fall up over your ankles open this holes of the feet inhale raise your arms up exhale hold firm inhale to a flat back you know long get your spine walk out one hand-printed time come into plank pose hold in your plan shift the weight into your left foot and raise your right leg one inch without spilling a cup of coffee on your sacrum change legs set back foot down lower onto your belly stretch your arms all the way forward turn the thumbs up press the pinky finger side of the hand down rotate the outer shoulders down spin the outer thighs down and grip the buttocks towards the heels as you scoop your belly up lift your head up just one inch then bend the elbows out for the side angle pose position spread down goes away from the midline rotate externally feel the external rotators turn on so that the wrists lift up towards up light good then stretch both arms back behind you expand your chest one more time let's go through that sequence stretch both arms forward now see if you can keep the arms elevated off the mat without losing without the upper traps taking over rotate the outer shoulders triceps down bend the elbows out to the side goalpost position stretch both arms straight back behind you place your hands next to your side ribs now keeping your chest open press up into plank pose stretch back into dog walk your hands back to your feet one handprint at a time inhale to a flat back elongating exhale fold forward inhale come all the way up raise your arm exhale asana seat inhale raise the arms up exhale fold forward inhale flat back walk out into plank pose shift forward another slowly into chataranga lift back up into plant fly back into dog walk your feet all the way up to the front of your mat inhale flat back exhale full-forward inhale come all the way I praise your honor exhale sama see ya out reach the arms up exhale fold forward inhale flat back step back into plank lower onto your belly and take your strap behind your back take this track just above your wrist onto the lower forearm then turn the thumbs off and press out into this trap so the arms externally rotate feel the shoulder heads lift away from the floor and now just like Stacy's doing it with the forehead down try to get as long as you can so start to activate your spine muscles reach the tip of the tailbone past your heels scoop your low abs up feel the back muscles turn on to help to support the opening of your chest you can see that her shoulder is in front of her chest at all then see if you can engage the glutes and the legs and lift your head up just an inch still keeping the chest open press onto that strap good then release the strap lower yourself down place the hands next to your side ribs and now rotate the arms externally bring the shoulder blades on to the back and come into baby Cobra start to stretch your chest forward but feel the arms working just as much then roll up into high Cobra roll back down onto your belly come into up dog firm the legs keep the shoulder back in its position so the chest is open stretch back into downward dog walk your feet forward to the front of your mat inhale to a flat back exhale fold forward inhale it's a chair pose bend your knees sit your hips back and raise your arms stand and release your arms at your side in haunted chair pose exhale fold forward inhale flat back step back and lower it into cheddar right there inhale upward facing dog exhale down dog step your right foot apply your right thumb for warrior one set up your back heel then come up on your fingertips elongate wake up your back leg neck stretch both arms straight back behind you turn the thumbs out arms like they were in this chop again feel the shoulder has a lift off of the chest then scoop up from your belly raise your arms up warrior one bring your hands back down to the mat step back into plank shift forward and lower slowly into chaturanga inhale updog exhale down dog step your left foot up by your left thumb set up your back heel come up on your fingertips wake up your back leg stretch through the heel then float the arms back behind you lift your chest enough off your thigh so you can roll the shoulders back into position lengthen through the front of your spine then scoop up your belly come up raise your arms bringing the hands back down to the mat step back and lower into chattering inhale upward facing dog exhale down now take your hands just a handprint closer towards your feet imagine there's a rope across your hips pulling your hips up towards the ceiling lift up up up then bring your right hand towards your left ankle slide the hand towards the shin or the ankle but keep it reach through your left arm keep drawing the hips up and back change science bring your hand back down then step your right foot for a warrior two hold here more your two four five breaths extended side angle reach and put your hand down on to the outside of your foot take your left arm all the way over your ear then feel how low you can put your hand while still maintaining the back body line and I'm gonna link below the video to finding the back leg line activating the back leg and how it's going to help access to energy in the spine which is ultimately what we're trying to do is move the energy in the spine in the yoga practice so visualize through the system the nadia from the pelvic floor all the way up through the spine feel the heart open release the palate so you can draw the energy all the way up through the back of the roof of the mouth up towards the crown come back up into warrior two bring your hands to the mat step back into down dog for ticket vinyasa step your left foot were you reach evenly through your feet feel your spine grow tall up over your pelvis kill your Tadasana line or your gravitational light if all of a sudden gravity became three times as heavy you wouldn't be not forward or back or side to side because you're balanced sturdy right up over top of your feeding of me if anything it would help to improve your foundation then reach and put your hand down on to the outside of your foot and take your right arm all the way over reconnect it to your back heel aim the base of the pelvis towards your back in achill sit bone pubic bone tail bone then draw energy from the pelvic floor straight up through the spine and reach past your fingertips inhale come back up then straighten your left leg turn your left toes in so your feet are parallel now clasp your hands behind your back and roll your shoulders back if your shoulders are tight like mine are I recommend using this strap for this part otherwise Stacy shoulders are open up she can clasp the hands fold forward in between your legs keep a little squeeze at the bottom of the shoulder blades right about the bra line so that the blades stay on the back they don't start to migrate up into your neck change in an interlock in the hands take the other index finger on top and then start to stretch the arm reach to your feet inhale come back up spread your arms out to the side then turn your legs to the right for triangle reach and put your hand down into the outside of your foot so when we're doing that exercise at the beginning on hands and knees and then starting to mobilize the hip take the dog going P your being able to see how well you could elongate the spine while mobilizing with it it's so similar as you tip to the side in these poses like in triangle inside angle it's going to be different for everybody how far you can go how far you can put the hand down while still accessing the elongation of the spine if you try to put your hand too low for your hip then the spine will start to collapse now bend your knees slide your hand a foot in front of your pinkie tail and step up balance your right hip right over your ankle engage the muscles of the right outer hip towards the back heel and then wake up the spinal erectors start to lengthen bend your right knee and slide back to the triangle pose press into your feet inhale come back up turn your feet to the other side and reach out into triangle little micro bend the left knee as you reach out keep spinning the thigh out and then just see if you can elongate your spine make sure that you don't hunched over to get the hand to that level breathe through your nose then slide your hand a foot in front of your piggy tail and step up partitioned routes and keep your hip alignment right over your ankle and as you reach into the four corners of your left foot draw the thigh bone the up into the socket urn now turn it back and wake up the muscles of your spine again and elongate draw the energy all the way up through the crown and feel your breath deep fully even breaths if you overdo in the pose Tennant's easy to hold the breath or when you learn a new action so make sure that you can still breathe evenly with the effort that you're applying then bend your left knee slide back into triangle press into your feet inhale come back up step up to the front of your mat in I'll raise your arms up exhale fold forward inhale flat back step back to down dog or taken Vanessa step your right foot for Crescent inhale raise your arms up bring hands to prayer stay upright as you twist here right then spread your arms out soften your heart feel that you could breathe up and down the spine now start to lean your chest out or ring put your hand a foot in front of your foot on the inside block or floor your call then lean into your right foot and step up just like on the hands and knees exercise at the beginning first it elongate your spine level your hips then once you have stability back leg up to hip height then see if you can turn the left side lower belly up towards the right shoulder free up the navel and reach arms lower your right hand standing splits raise your back leg up and lower your left leg to meet your right foots a knot some fold forward all right then from here come into Mawson so take your feet about shoulder distance apart big toes are not just slightly keeping your heel bones ground and inner arches lifted start to lower your hips then join your palms together now feel the abdominals from below the navel start to cinch in towards the middle and then up towards your heart draw in if you up the front of the spine then put your hands down and prepare for crow pose you can just hold in the mall awesome otherwise work on your arm balance good and set your feet down step back to down dog or hop back and do it right around step your left foot for Crescent inhale raise your arms up you bring Han super-state up right is he twist here spread your arms notice the tendency to harden across the chest let the chest start to open then start to lean your chest out already put your hand a foot in front of your foot on the inside and step up lovely your hips to the floor feel your court or not so that your spine is elongated and then raise the back leg up to hip height once you have all that set up then start to spin from the right side lower belly up towards your left shoulder and standing splits lower your hand down raise your back leg lower your right leg to meet your left and good then from here come back into crow pose for round two or practice mala Sinha for five breaths then this round lower your feet back down and stretch back downward dog look in between your hands pop there you just eat it lie down onto your back take your block in your hands take the arms straight up to the ceiling bring the legs up in a tabletop position now hug your side ribs in and down and slowly let the block start to fall back half way overhead without letting the ribs tip up then slowly lower your right knee away from your chest but turn on your low abs as you do bring the knee and the arms back up change sides kurama's the labs from the pubic bone to the navel engage so the lower back stays along come back up change sides now see if you can start to push your right feel forward without losing the scoop of the Loeb's see if you take the block back a little further then come back back without losing the ribs change sides and keep going side to side like this for another 30 seconds the further you stretch the arms the more the ribs I wanna tip up the fur these stretch the legs and one of the lower abs don't want to give up don't let it happen keep the cider inside in and down keep the low out of drawing in and up even if you can't take it back as far 15 more seconds keep going then for this style a strap and hold the knees up in tabletop and as you exhale curl up and over to the outside of your right knee in I'll back down reach the block back exhale to the left inhale back down reach the block back exhale to the right here now hug in with your abs squeeze in tight and then push the left heel forward bring it back in lower down change sides up and over to the outside of the left hold there rip those ABS in then push that right heel good lower back down bring the leg back in and set your feet down take your arms out to your side like goalposts on us take the feet that with in their mouth and let your knees so go over to the left as you look to your right change sides knees to the right as you look to your left come back to Center hug your knees in roll yourself up to seated pick up and float back into China right now or just step back into down dog set your knees down elbows down curl your toes under lift your knees lift your hips up down bar on your forearms then walk into plank on your forearms come into sight change sides lower your right elbow down take your left arm up bring your left on the back down lower your hips down Sting's photos then lower your chest down come up onto your hands and knees and stretch back into Child's have a seat with your leg stretched straight out in front of you don dasa hug your rain towards your chest then cross your right ankle on the outside of your left knee wrap your left arm around and to see right come back to Center change sides come back to Center stretch both legs straight out in front of you and start to pull forward lie down on your back savasana horseless take one last pull deep breath in through your nose and let it out just let your body drop into the mat let go completely Benjamins and all over to your side press yourself up to seated sit up straight and tall join your palms together then lower your head towards your heart with your eyes closed take a moment notice the shift at the end of your practice so just notice how your body feels observe the quality of your breath and notice your current mental state don't lift your head open your eyes thank you namaste all right so thanks for joining us today if you enjoyed the video please hit the like button leave a comment below let me know if you have any suggestions for videos in the future and make sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven't already hope you have a great day we'll see you next time


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