Vince Gironda's TOP 4 Muscle Building Principles (the Iron Guru)

hey there coach Chris here in the critical bench compound and I'm talking today about Vince Gironda and four principles that guided him through his decades and decades of working with clients celebrity clients with working with athletes working with just you you name him he had a very long career it started way back in the 40s and 50s and went right up through the 80s he is a very controversial trainer right he's also considered one of the greatest physique coaches or physique trainers in ever in the world his influences were felt obviously in bodybuilding but they were felt in Hollywood he affected a lot of people and still to this day books about him and videos about him get a lot of recognition and a lot of a lot of interest because of the type of man that he was and the things that he believed and practiced and I'm gonna talk today about four principles that guided Vince through hit this controversial life that he led number one when it comes to abs and core development Vince was dead set against doing sit-ups and leg lifts he thought much like that we've come to find out and and people consider today they sit-ups are actually more dangerous to the spine from the repetitive flexing motion it's not really a natural way to train the abdominal muscles that much better to train with compound lifts stuff that we've advocated for a long long time and critical bench but that was something that Vince was he never had his guys and I mean I think like he would kick people out of his gym if they were over in the corner trying to crank out some sit-ups or leg lifts he'd pretty much ask them to stop doing that and then he would tell them like what they should be doing or they or he just kicked them out that's that was his that was one of his things so so it's never do sit-ups if you want abs number two thing that he found to be and this is something I've personally believed and it's not because I did a lot of research into it or scientific studies about it I just always felt like it was incomplete to just eat egg whites Vince was a huge advocate of eating the whole leg in fact he equated eating a significant number of raw whole eggs would be kind of on the same level as certain steroids that people could that could have used or were using at the time so he just felt late because you know the egg is one of the best sources of protein and and and and assimilates the best in our system and he just felt like the raw egg whole egg if you consume that in great quantity as a serious bodybuilder that you would have tremendous muscular gains just from doing that and so anyway eat the whole egg don't eat the just the egg white obviously if you're eating a lot of eggs and you want to cut back some of the yolks I can certainly understand that if you're trying to watch some of your fat intake but when it comes to cholesterol it was such a new you know kind of difference or result of eating a whole leg that your cholesterol levels would would would go up so anyway let's move on number three another juror on the principle was do not do not listen to all the hype and the buzz in these magazines fitness magazines stuff obviously in today's world it's also online so it's online or magazines because so much of that is is driven towards sails towards supplement business right because that's where these magazines are get they're getting money from all these different supplement companies and stuff so they are of course they're gonna write articles telling you exactly what you should be taking do that never miss taking this never miss taking that like you're never gonna gain any muscle if you if you're not taking these five things all that all that that that jazz that's out there it's just really noise because when it comes down to it yeah there are certain things that can help you on your journey to muscle building and to increased energy levels and things like that but it's a supplement 99% of what you should be doing to enhance your performance in the gym is through food is through water is through sleep it's through all those things that we kind of just blow off as yeah yeah I know I need to eat healthy Whole Foods I know I need to drink more water I know I should probably get more like eight hours of sleep every night yeah that's exactly what you should do because I'll tell you what if you do that consistently seven days a week for like a year you'll probably end up with whatever physique you ever wanted and you didn't have to take one supplement to get there so if you would just eat clean Whole Foods and just disregard all that hype and all that buzz that's just really out there just to try and drive sales and to make more money put really money in the pockets of all these these these big companies number four now this is the probably the most controversial out of all of them Vince were pretty much said that anybody who who used drugs was a cheater so he he was very much into just like don't you don't need to use steroids in order to you know get a better physique and that goes to like everything I've just said about nutrition and doing the right type of training and not listening to the hype and all that stuff a lot of the people that work with him saw amazing results with just doing what he said to do when it came to their diet and came to their exercise regimen and stuff like that and they you know I don't know you know some people like even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself as admittedly he used steroids when it came close to competition to help him just get that little bit of an extra edge on his physique but he even he said that most of the time his regular training throughout the year he was drug-free and he would usually probably just do like maybe a cycle or something right before competitions just probably more or less to lean out Arnold along with a lot of these other guys were really big into strength training moving a lot of weight doing a lot of compound lifts stuff that really helps to add like mass and strength to your physique and then of course really getting good with their nutrition and all that stuff I mean those that that I think that's where where a lot of it has been lost in recent times is these just gargantuan bloated looking guys that are on who knows what is running through their system they're taking tens of thousands of dollars a year in drugs to get these yeah enormous impressive-looking physiques but it's kind of stolen away that our artistic beautiful look in these physiques from years past like vince himself had it had a tremendous physique you go back and look at pictures of him back in the day is very muscular had an amazing v-taper very small waist broad shoulders great abdominal area yeah not as big in bulky and and wow factor as some of the guys today but he just did not like taking drugs he thought that you could get to where you want to be naturally if you did all the right things consistently over time so those are for a drama principals there and you can check out more about Vince he's like I said he's an amazing guy I can give you a quick eight sets of eight workout from Vince Gironda all you gotta do is click the arrow underneath this video look for that toppling gets critical bench comm for CH / gains click that enter your email and you can get a quick little workout from Vince tirana or you can just click this box right here click that box and your email download that free report right away be sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here check out this other awesome Vince vut a video I know you'll love thanks so much for watching leave some comments below I'm sure I'm gonna get some cool comments from this video we'll see you next time


  1. Great video loved Vince's early 80s book with Robert Kennedy. More needs to be said about him and I do the 8 for 8. Love the intensity !

  2. If you are healthy then eating eggs will not raise your cholesterol. It has two types of cholesterol in eggs and the good will get rid of the bad.

  3. Wow! All these guys so famous in their day, now no-one remembers them, apart from an isolated clique. Personally, I was put off bodybuilding when I read about a guy with an impressive physique who spent his day in the gym and lived with his mother; an early example of the nerd complex. A lot of us go through a bodybuilding phase when we're young and skinny, later, after putting a bit of meat on the bone, it's more about how to keep it off and not look like a Sumo wrestler.

  4. Thank you for your valuable information.
    As a 60 year old, I have turned back time on my health after defeating a full blown type 2 diabetic problem in 2016 and amazed the medical profession with my results and achievements. My health has now sky rocketed to the max and I feel 30 years younger and now getting back into body building again after a 30 year laps but as soon as I began. BOOM! My muscles remembered and I began to feel pumped again. It was like they were celebrating a home coming.

  5. Fs is there anyway u can get the truth

  6. Yea Arnold only did Roids a couple of times.. hey want to buy a bridge???

  7. One of the best bodybuilders ever. Anyone who's natural should get their MAIN advice and teachings from Vince. From dieting to training, Vince knows all.

  8. How do I get hairstyle like that?

  9. The last study that just came out clearly proves that eating too many eggs will increase the risk of heart problems and shorten your live considerably, it was all over the news. Arnold took a lot of drugs, let’s not fool anyone please!

  10. Coach Chris rocks!!!!

  11. Egg yolks contain many vital nutrients like co q 10. Do a study on the nutrients in egg yolks. The cholesterol myths are created by pharmaceutical companies. Do a study on this too.

  12. Vince was a funny as hell guy and very smart. I found him almost mystical

  13. of course the cholesterol level will go up at some point. in one egg there is about 250mg of cholesterol and the body produces about 1000mg per day (i hope i read the right numbers).
    so if you eat up to 4 eggs the body regulates it's own cholesterol production down so that after 4 eggs (distributed through out the day) it is still 1000mg per day.
    but when you eat more than 4 eggs, then the body can not regulate that down anymore because the production of cholesterol already stopped. then you get a higher cholesterol value than the body produces normally. could be that it is more than 4 eggs because i don't know how much cholesterol of the egg ends up in the blood stream after digestion.
    so for people that fear cholesterol more than the death of their children, they should not eat more that 4 eggs per day.
    but if you are not brainwashed by mainstream media and know that cholesterol is the coolest thing in the body then you would likely sometimes eat more than 4 eggs per day.
    if you eat 4 raw eggs in the morning after getting out of bed and again 4 eggs right before bed time, then you stimulate the protein synthesis through the mTOR pathway which cranks up the metabolism 🙂
    especially people on a long weight loss journey are "metabolic damaged" so they need something to crank up their metabolism to being able to lose weight (or better body fat) again.
    a lot of very nice hormones are helping too (like testosterone, vitamin d,….) and they are made of – "tadaaaaa" – cholesterol.
    so having enough cholesterol as building blocks for the hormones is a very good thing.

  14. Carnivore diet>Whey and supplements

  15. Is that a batman logo in the back🤔

  16. Vince was great at taking guys who were not genetically blessed, and building championship physiques . . . like Larry Scott.

  17. Eggs vitamin D vitamin D boost testosterone level

  18. Whoever invented just eating egg whites lol unbelievable how brainwashed people are. The whole body functions on cholesterol.

  19. certain number of raw eggs were equal to certain steroids.. LOL who comes up with this garbage. these guys were all on Dianabol. all I keep reading is this liars trying to deflect off the drugs and talk about the food, the food. of course the food is important when your washing it down with 10 dianabol a day.

  20. I reckon he was on the juice

  21. Tyson ducked up his back big time doing sit ups

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