VHA Office of Rural Health: Meeting the Challenge of Rural Veteran Health Care

(music) (ANNOUNCER V.O.) Almost a quarter of all Veterans
in the United States live in rural communities. While these regions offer many benefits, rural
Veterans may also encounter barriers when seeking high-quality health care. To address these challenges, in 2006 Congress
created the Veterans Health Administration Office of Rural Health to help our nation’s
Veterans thrive in rural communities. ORH fulfills its mission by collaborating
with several partners to support research, develop innovative programs and identify new
care models for the more than 2.8 million rural Veterans enrolled in the VA health care system. These partners include VA internal organizations
focused on medical, health services, and cooperative studies research programs. ORH also operates three Veterans Rural Health
Resource Centers that are field-based satellite offices that serve as hubs of rural health
care research, innovation, and dissemination. Many ORH-supported programs use technology
to overcome barriers such as a lack of nearby medical facilities or providers. For example, Comprehensive Telecare Hubs use
telehealth technology to connect rural Veterans with primary care and mental health services,
while Tele-Intensive Care Units connect VA facilities serving rural Veterans with
remote VA intensive care providers. Through these and other programs and partners,
ORH works to connect rural Veterans with high-quality care in their communities. To learn more about the Office of Rural Health,
visit our website at www.ruralhealth.va.gov. To find out if ORH-supported programs are available
in your area, contact your local VA Medical Center. (music)

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