Very Quick KETO Meal Prep – Easy Healthy Meals ALL WEEK! One and Done Meal Prep Cooking

okay I'm gonna start marinating my chicken I'm gonna make soup again in the same pot that soup just came out of I'm gonna make it again because we ate on this for like three days cream of cauliflower soup I have some really nice mixed vegetables here I'm gonna cook up so we're gonna have for the rest of the time daddy is gone we're gonna have chicken soup and mix vegetables we got a hamburger no I washed up okay I'm working on my milk prep for this week so this is enough all of this food for about four days for everyone so I got cream of cauliflower and it's not really sick because I didn't put a thickener in it I actually really like it like this and I've been eating on this all week already then we've got marinated chicken that's on the cast iron grill and that is that and we've got some vegetables that I haven't cooked yet but when it's all done I'm gonna put the chicken with the vegetables and then we'll have soup on the side like for light snacks and meals very good yummy this chicken is nice and tender yeah me it's very good mmm delicious okay it's been about four days and this is so much chicken I have my husband's coming home from America tomorrow so he'll probably get the rest of this and the rest of this this is what I have left of this and this is my son's lunch for today this is just broccoli stir-fry with two pieces two bigger pieces of this chicken thanks so much for watching don't forget to check out last week's video and my other channels fully living fully cooked and fully fun have a great day


  1. That all looked good to me

  2. It looks so good, I wish you would have told us how you prepare the soup and chicken:)

  3. I’m in a few groups on fb about keto. Some say soy is bad .. do you find that all the strict rules on ingred -omit soy is needed? You seem to do very well using soy sauce.

  4. I make marinated chicken with a little Sesame seed oil (1tsp), Italian spices, soy sauce,garlic powder. It tastes soon good too

  5. I started cooking 30 years ago when I left home for college and I've never stopped. Although I am a single woman with no kids, I STILL can't manage to eat the same thing for more than a day. I'm pretty famous at my local dog park for giving out tons of leftovers. Is it a discipline that you don't mind eating the same thing for days at a time or is it that you and your family actually like it?

  6. wow!! never knew you were such an awesome cook, those meals look yummy – i'm just coming from your family vlog channel

  7. Your chicken looks soooooo tender. Yummy!

  8. Is that mar

  9. Hey Andrea me again lol. So I started low carb/ keto last week and I’ve lost a total of about 4 pounds so far. However, I am finding myself craving a lot of sugar, but not bread so much anymore. I’m just wondering, do you keep your carb intake at 0, less than 20, or do you just try not to eat the main carbs such as bread and sugar? I promised myself I would never reach 200 pounds, but I recently went through a horrible depression and I was only about 5 pounds shy. No one else in my family is really on board with this diet so I really have no one else to reach out to. I think that sugary drinks/juices are my biggest culprit. But I’m wondering if one glass ruins my entire diet? I just need to make sure I’m doing it right. I really want my body to go into ketosis but I feel like I need to be at 0 carbs for 2 weeks in order for that to happen. Thank you Andrea for your vlogs and sharing your story with us ! You have truly inspired me to start eating differently. Ps.. I’m sorry for the long message !

  10. Looks yummy 😊

  11. I like the food ideas. I really like the videos on what you eat. I hope you can share recipes in the future. Really proud of your weight loss!!!

  12. all looks good. 🙂

  13. Looks delicious girl. 👍🏼

  14. The colifour soup looks easy to make do you have a recipe or a video? Looks delicious!

  15. I found your channels because I just started Keto a few months ago and I love your family, your meal ideas and your honest approach to Keto, it's refreshing. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!

  16. Yummy. It all looked so good. I am going to make the cauliflower soup tonight. Thanks!

  17. Your videos have inspired me to continue keto after the birth of my baby, im down over 40 pounds 😊 And you give me new ideas of meals that are awesome. Keep up the hard work Andrea!

  18. That chicken looked yummy!! You are looking so good Andrea! XO


  20. yum what all do you put in your cream of cauliflower soup would love to know.

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