Vertical Jump Workout Journey + Another Buzzer Beater Attempt!

oh I was a globe razor I'll give them a little rim razor that a ranger set a rim razor okay okay okay so juice you can dump yeah hammer fan what is going on with you boy Deon okay I've never got juice from Trent in the building you got another episode of juice hoops for y'all and this is this is starting the summer grind man we get juice on his 30-day jump program all right I think actually goes a little bit further than that but um if you want to do it with juice you can go to jump like juice calm you just get started mass if you want to see a boost ease increase I know a lot of the first it did just and so I don't know if you could take the journey with juice but we got to start by getting some pretest footage right we got to see what kind of boost DC has and then so we can come back at the end see how far he's come first let's see you grab the round yeah let's see can you grab it with both hands we just got the membership yeah dang man juice we just got the membership bro okay there's no signs after the other gym we go to says no Duncan all right we good all right juice now I see us off of one foot no they're not not not not one foot I mean like one step yeah okay that's how a mode in one step we did hi now let's go for the dump let's go for the dunk normal don't yep okay if we gave you two more chances you think you'd get it all right oh I was a globe razor I'll give him a little rim razor that a ranger set a rim razor okay okay okay so juice you can dunk yeah how tall are you 6 1 okay but we won back that whit whap putting pop all right let's get it now obviously we're not gonna show you every single move and everything that he's gonna do if you want the actual workout just get it jump like juice calm but we're gonna show you the first day and then he'll continue to go every single day and kind of document the journey makes you checking out ball with juice which is juices like behind-the-scenes series over on maverick TV it should be fun and actually at the end after you I didn't tell you this part after you've done your whole workout your legs are our feeble and weak you gonna play Trent one-on-one see if you can beat them so that I'll be that would be a separate video but y'all can look out for that all right whenever you ready hey I'm surprised you even got that that's not bad it ain't kicked in yet he's gonna wake up you gonna wake up it like Bowie I'm crying oh hey that's impressive considering what he just went through but all right so we're in the future a day Joosten finish the workout we're gonna react to this game how's the body feel it hurts it like because then it hurts too okay okay so we're different we're different places you feel the pain my hamster hammies okay cows my arm arms in the back okay now if you had get if you had a game today how will you think you'd be able to perform I give myself like eighty percent I've got the best I could play all right okay cool cool so again y'all just saw work out number one he's gonna be documenting the whole process keep it locked to Maverick TV and the future episodes here alright let's jump into it what should we know before this game we didn't have a lot of people here at this game no Ollie geezers geez no Ryan okay we're missing a lot of people this game I think it was rotational my alias what about Mike you know Mike geez Tyler readied oh I see you juice got the knees covered exam all he's gonna cover the knees neck seems easy Sundanese really yeah just to see who has a better game I love it damn so couple observations they seem to be a little bit wider than y'all yeah a little bit more on that later yeah that wasn't supposed to go in right number three was probably the best place okay he wasn't in that dope okay because yeah I looked at him he don't look like no crazy Hooper he's wasn't ready for it okay oh nice big man I used to started me you know what I've noticed too editing this I don't have a lot more assists that people made shot made shots ya know it looks bad cuz all I had like one assists a game and I look real Kobe like that was a real Kobe thing to say Jews you basically just called your team trash no that's kind of fluffed up you gotta make my decision I'd have to buy No thank God I dig that so here's Tyler running point this is what juice actually wants to see more nice pass pay the right back tool she's got to hand up brain steps left a floater Chloe oh nice man I mean I think he might be Jews okay look how he walks backwards look at that look at the pep in his step look at over oh that little he fell it himself like the takeover bar ain't cool but is he enough juice like a – yeah it's heating up man oh we got wrong back here so we're definitely seeing some people play that we don't usually see as much you see Jake number 12 yeah Jake look like he barbeque good just look like if you went to his house for a barbecue is about to be late he's always inviting this over easy dude dude we gotta go dude see you I'm good at read P man this barbecue is fired I'm not even gonna lie to you cut what do you man what's his name again Jake come on Jason holiday he's the one who got us those shooting shirts okay that's cool so y'all are actually okay y'all are up – did you kind of feel like I don't know like it was a throwback to season one yeah actually that's that's exactly what it felt like okay not too many scores out there but it's still a good enough team yeah do what they have to do nice having to handle most of the scoring load yeah are we gonna see what's his name at all um black tie what not probably not okay I like how Japan came secondary he is that you just had a baby I'm like okay you still play basketball if you have a baby and then because I only see Japan you know he can't really fit out of doing serving your country right see that's why we need to run Oh dad okay a little disheartened see that's what that's why I need to get better at lazy and lazy I kind of can see how it came back though because you were probably trying to pace yourself like alright I'm gonna have to be able to do that all game it's like you got 12 at 18 why not and no boards block yeah Brandon go make something out of his PT any not lazy I feel like this game we played down to our competition yeah all right but y'all wanted this too and oh yeah how'd you like the refs big trash this this older guy was more of an issue down cuz I absolutely if the other reps before so you out there Tyler do got 2020 court vision you do sometimes that's what hurts him yeah is he like the white dream on time yeah I'll give him that yeah yeah I don't know he's like the white Chris Paul like you don't look to score first but he can drop 30 on you real quiet if you wanted to that's like Dre mom but big bigger body he's big you don't think he's athletic ly gifted to drop 30 if he wasn't on the Warriors okay he probably cooked like he's athletic in a weird way that when you see Tyler like you don't just think athletic specimen which maybe he's not but he does some kind of thing juries like oh okay highlight from the other game there's a couple plays I like okay drag boy wow you forget that he could do it yeah but there's a nice he kinda like he Dre woman and that's how Tyler be feeling to me like I could see that he definitely passes when he should score and if he scored me and I feel like he says you want him to have that killer instinct yeah I feel like me with Molly having that gives teams something I didn't mean to worry about I am I'm just someone just speak on something you just you've mentioned three people mm-hmm there's a difference between the one person that has that killer instinct and the two people that dope what is it got the decency to covet amis he low-key got the he's got like the Hooper starter kit he got the legging as he got the long sleeves he got like the 2k like the 2k starter pack but his knees are covered use I could take him seriously out there and maybe we don't see I'll he come to life with his knees color Brandon Brendan got one knees Sean doesn't that summarizes Brandon though right sometimes the floater on sometimes you like Brandon what you're doing out there now Brandon cover up that of the knee we go get more consistency oh man I can't wait to drop like 50 in these high school I feel I want to see you do it juice I want to see you do might where the licorice were to do do it let's see what happens let's see what happen geez young as y'all allergic to rebound I don't even know I don't think it's like the tip to me tipped it out I don't think so play my player one time there and I like to tip the ball on the rebound gave me a read maybe like I mean that's to Kate I think that might be issue with 2k that's crazy are losing to them when they are up now but they're doing crazy to see team rebound new stats right there we go there we go I've been seen enough it that guy ten Cole yeah he said he's good it is yes I think the last game he wasn't there and this game we just did a shoot that much I don't be giving him touches juice is it really though Oh would you want Katie to shoot fresh yeah yeah so you – Katie the team muscle Katie I'll give Holly likes death Bobby gets a lot of assists have we seen Ali hit a three-pointer a couple in game oh ok he's going off I like the one turnover – and that was a charge – right I got you tried to put his hands like you but less that man they only back to for that go back too far I don't went up oh is it wait a man not because we just have to wait for us the last three I hate ok hey now hustle by some old guys yeah yes some old uh I got a lot of mass nice pass nice finish all right yeah calm Morais those four on man that's not the name I thought you'd about to say bi who drew up for you the whole offense is a you is you I so it you don't come off no screens there's no no pick and rolls Loki why don't y'all do that more that's a good you Anna yeah pick and roll probably even you would Tyler – he could y'all bow could pop he can even control to the rock you rogue I do real good at playing at the middle air street though when we do our one three one offense call Kyle I just like letting the Sun tell basketball right while the dad you got that rebound without even jumping I'm out of the game enough out of nice color out for four minutes guys speak on a juice last week on it happens to the best has your wrist got better yet everything everything just feels different like I just leave those in like the hormons though they I just can't feel like sometimes I used to be able to shoot y'all yeah now I can't mm-hmm doesn't feel right that's tough see again I should have deleted that oh my lord one-point game min and a half does he look as his body language y'all just look drowsy when I play my thesis what made them move the bench over there that's always known with it like this one no like you guys sitting over there oh that you guys have always said over there oh right dad you yes you day you don't even care juice kiss my breakfast all right die out there Ron no hit the hold up right you like a lot of our favorite player we're chaining VP right now you didn't even hit Lariat ass fluffed up man I'm cloud food right did he ever come back in the game two three minutes oh no he was rubbing his back I mean juice a little brotherly back rub I mean the odd he got hit in the nuts he was rubbing his bat let me see if trim will rub you back whatever might this stuff this stuff um mmm finishes recording with juice what up know if he got kicked in the nuts would you were up his back I you know that you know what you know what to expect juice I'm an I'm knowledge I don't know I didn't know that that was a that was a bad thing I just noticed that he was rubbing like I just think they're two unrelated instances like he's not he's not rubbing his back as a combo to his nuts being in pain it's just like I said he was comforting him yeah but it wasn't like – yeah yeah it was like he was playing defense to the offense he wasn't on the offense you should rub another man's back Britain when they hunched over like that any pain there's no comment section for y'all to tell us y'all right juice a yachtie on Twitter tell him what situations back-rubbing is acceptable oh no we need to see this score okay whoa tie game forty seconds brainy got that hung with the shot okay I like it Ron do you think you and Ron could be like KD and Westbrook at the end like fighting over the shot do you think he'll like not defer to you and just be ready to be to be the hero he does what he wants to do when he wants to right I could see that area okay buddy Ron took a bad shot you got to be in the right mood to tell him you take a bad shot cuz he gonna probably argue it and have stuff to say he's like a rock okay I could be telling him something I may I was doing this something whatever whatever yes on and then the next place he'll do what you told me to do okay Oh juicy hey two shots a game winners that's crazy I won't hurt my feelings the most cuz I threw myself all about looking at the clock caught it glanced up at the clock and then just trying to I could've decided not carried about the time oh this dude said you trash where I should look at him shoot like that you should look up the clock oh you can see that did you know I thought I pointed out do you know him I don't okay so we're in OT how are you feeling you exhausted yeah you better hope your next game don't go to Ooty coach taking me out right oh that's good that's good are they crumbling don't give him the dagger Oh Clarissa ever said anything in the game they like pissed you off in the moment no no it's just when I'm editing I like hear her say some stuff you talk about that's good though this she's like into it and cares and understands that's dope have the series without me – right exactly gentlemen making it to the games okay I like it looks like they just didn't have enough in the tank just coasted pretty much after that Oh fluff yo serious grease back hair one time you don't look at the camera – I don't give a f— love play okay oh don't say you you don't think that night you can dribble up a little bit oh he wasn't about to caught a foul that's what made man he was just about to let that go dear friend this okay madly for the game ten rebounds hundred percent free throws one turn and again like you said decision-making way better so then what do you feel like what's your weakness um not using my full game I think there'll be no left hand yeah and like going to the rack like nobody can really stop me from getting to the hoop yeah like I allow myself mentally to get blocked my and then I just turned into a shooter right caught up in shooting and shooting so I think I just need to get better utilizing my whole game mid-range jumper that I'm really good at and going to the basket more right and will help with that and stop don't look at the game is like two pointers and three pointers look at it it's chess and and you may use the two to set up the three and start setting traps early right start going right on someone so that they thank you right second half you going left now and they're like what the fluff because everyone's taking notes so start looking at the game like that and that's yeah gotta help a lot jump like juice calm so y'all can be on juices workout program and also makes you check it out maverick dot TV now again you saw juices brutal workout we had him play game against rent right after it if you want to see that video that'll be on the screen but we love y'all thank you for rockin with us till next time God first god bless

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