hi I'm Brent Stafford and this is reg watch by regulator watch calm vaping you've most certainly heard about it but how certain are you and knowing that what you've heard is really true there is a lot of misinformation out there and some unknowns and certainly when it comes to regulating what some consider to be of ice you can bet the debate will get heated we have a jam-packed episode of reg watch this week with this the first in our new series the veracity behind the vape the popularity of vaping is growing by leaps and downs as smokers across Canada turned to the e-cigarette in their battle to quit smoking debate is raging throughout the country as officials struggle over whether to regulate or ban the electronic devices and the liquid known as a juice which is vaporized and then inhaled a juice may or may not contain nicotine well let's be honest for the vast majority MIT katene and a Jew's provides just the kick many smokers need to help them kick the habit and quite possibly save their lives the stakes couldn't be higher for the 20% of Canadians who still smoke that's approximately 7 million Canadians of which half 3.5 million attempt to quit each year and they've got good reason in 2015 it's estimated 23,000 Canadians will have been newly diagnosed with tobacco related lung cancer and 18,000 will die of it for those trying to quit the success rate is dismal only 1 in 10 succeed most try traditional smoking cessation products like patches and gums to no avail but there is one product proving to be effective in reducing smoking the e-cigarette according to a study published in the journal addiction of more than 2,000 former smokers surveyed 96% reported the e-cigarette helped them to stop smoking and 79 percent reported fearing they would start smoking again if they stopped using it this is just one of several studies that support what is common knowledge amongst those who vape it works but don't bother asking any retailers or ejuice makers in order to stay within the bounds by regulators the industry can make no health claims whatsoever rendering it defenseless when fighting the battle to ban the bait there are concerns around vaping ranging from the renormalization of smoking and adoption by minors to specific concerns about health and safety read watch will examine these in future episodes today let's tackle the basics of the biggest issue what's any juice well unlike tobacco cigarettes which contain four thousand chemicals including 43 known cancer-causing compounds ejuice is comprised of only four basic ingredients water the carrying agent propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin which are both food safe and usually in combination the flavors and often nicotine to be clear PG can be found in many of the foods we eat and it's not the same compound that's in antifreeze and what about flavorings well the vast majority of ejuice made in canada is flavored using concentrates from one of two companies the flavor apprentice or capella both long-established suppliers to the baking candy-making and soda pop industries finally what about the nicotine well there is low quality EGC made out of nicotine solution from China but if you buy made in Canada or the US is highly likely the nicotine solution is by true Nick which provides us a grown and extracted nicotine or Nick select out of India which is owned by Al Kim international a leading provider of nicotine solution for pharmaceuticals if you use nicotine patches or gum bought at the drugstore there's a good chance the nicotine comes from them joining us today by phone is Sammy Boucher CEO of the highly successful Canadian based a juice company premium liquid labs Sammy how big is your company and how long have you been around I have about 29 employees right now I've been operating for a little over a year now and what got you into the business um what got me into the business was just the lack of quality products available in Canada it was the market was you know basically wide open for for some good premium a juice were you a smoker trying to quit well for me you know that's you know why I started because you know there wasn't a product that could keep me off cigarettes and that was one thing in my life living a healthy lifestyle except I had this burden of smoking cigarettes so once I started learning to make juice actually I quit smoking I couldn't quit off the other stuff I put up the stuff I was making so you know that's when I thought maybe I'm on to something Sam a product safety is a concern how are you handling that what I'm trying to do is is be a leader in this industry so you know that includes having the proper clean rooms having the proper machinery and not only that having the employees follow proper procedures while working in that cleanroom environment we just shared with our viewers some of your suppliers of ejuice ingredients why do you work with them those companies are a great example to kind of show you you know what's in the juice where where it's coming from they have on their websites all the information testing MSDS forms certificate of analysis on there so you know anything you need is right at your fingertips now to get an on the ground perspective on vaping and ejuice we visited thunderbird vapes in vancouver so here we are a Thunderbird dates with Brendan and Stacey Janos hi guys hey so how long have you been open and why did you open we opened the end of November last year so we've been open just shy of a year and we wanted to create a space that was inviting to new vapors and people who've been baking for a while where they could find a wide array of good quality products in a really inviting environment where people have time to give them answers to the questions they have so Brendan how has business here in Vancouver changed over just the last year and a half or so it's so it's amazing to see the changes there's there's a lot more well there's a few more high end vape shops is there a difference in quality in juices then we've been talking today about ejuice and good juice and bad use there is such a wide array of juice and we really try to isolate the companies that are doing the best job and producing the most exciting flavors and the most appealing flavors and bringing those in talk to me about you juiced quality Agis quality well it's very important the we would never do sell anything coming from China ourselves I don't know exactly what's in it we would like to look at look over our customers but you know knowing what's going into these things and that to me it's important it's coming from other Canada or the States and I'd like to have larger companies they've been doing it for a little while so I know they've established the protocols and they can afford to have the testing done and and to make it safe for everybody well that's it for this special edition of wreck watch before you head off please like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for Regulator watch com I'm Bren Stafford

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  1. gagging retailers from giving simple advise on e-cigarette's is ridiculous, I don't need to be an expert on road safety to tell you that crossing the road without looking would be dangerous, I don't need to be an expert on skydiving to tell you that jumping out of an aeroplane at high altitude without using a parachute would be dangerous and I don't need to be an expert in animal behaviour to tell you that getting into an enclosure with a pack of lions would be dangerous so why do I need to be a health expert to tell you that many recent study's have shown that vaping is far safer then smoking and vaping has helped many people including myself to quit cigarettes.

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