Vera DeMillo – Body-building Contest

good evening ladies and gentlemen I'm Roger Spit bin for the wild world of sports and welcome to the final round of the 10th annual sweethearts bodybuilding competition here in beautiful Las Vegas Nevada it's the greased up pose portion of the show the action has been pretty fierce here and here comes our first competitor she's Sarah son kiss from salamander California this is her first finals not a lot of muscle mass and still quite feminine and quite frankly I don't like that neither to the judges he's going to have a tough time here today next is Carla meals she's five foot seven 140 pounds from Beaverton Wisconsin pretty good definition but she's having trouble getting rid of those darn breasts and that's going to come against them I mean look at them they just won't go away and finally the competitor everyone's been waiting to see you can feel the anticipation Oh who are yeah lady here at the Milan Oh too far but I have to disagree of course the only winner on the circuit who goes to the bathroom standing up she is she is in top selling her good it's old to the mystery of motherhood Oh baby after a performance like that can there be any doubt ladies and gentlemen the judges have come to a decision and the winner is Miss Vera tomorrow regulations on a great victory for you princess now the reports are that you have used steroids uh do you care to comment on that little lady yes I would Roger I don't know who's starting those rumors but I do know that there are a lot of jealous people out there who aren't willing to do the work it takes to look like this let's face it women see me they want to be me well said well so could you just tell me one more thing named Vera I gotta ask you this uh what is that bulge in front of your trousers no a girl's gotta have your little secret that's right keep on chewing tobacco and I can see that you still have that wonderfully feminine sin to humor my boyfriend and trainer Bart and what a lucky man baby well yeah ladies oh boy what yo


  1. Reminds me so much of my father lol >_< I could never stop loving Jim.

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  3. @jstylezsb hahahahaha..! that was funny..! 😀

  4. 3:21 horsey laugh!

  5. 3.12 "sure". hahaha

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  8. Had an ex named Vera and I'd call her Vera De Milo, but she never got it.

  9. man love the first one!

  10. böööööööööö

  11. lmfao

  12. LMFAO

  13. Both of those fly girls are fine! LOL!

  14. Classic Jim Carrey!

  15. jim carrey…he's just priceless. lololol!

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