Vegetarian Muscle Building Advice

yo Eliot so that question from our vegetarian buddy he's uh he's an ectomorph right so that basically means he can't gain muscle already based on that philosophy but he's also vegetarian he's working out three days a week for the past year he wants to gain some mass but he's obviously a vegetarian and he's wondering is it possible you know he's struggling a little bit is it possible for me to actually gain some muscle while not eating meat I don't know if you're you're Indian or Buddhist or something like that it was just a lifestyle choice that you've embarked upon but I've got some good news for you I did follow a vegan diet for two weeks and a part of me panicked because I was like oh my god I'm gonna get weak I'm gonna get sick I'm gonna get soft and lose all my muscle and I didn't but what I did do is I did a tiny little bit of research on vegan sources of protein that were complete right you're gonna want to dig a little deeper because the type of research I did was basically I punched in to Google but what I made sure was that I was taking a supplement that had brown rice and yellow pea protein you might want to google this I think I read a a whet article on the health Rangers I think it's a natural health dot net anyway I read a really good article on there then it was consistent as I googled it and searched around for vegan sources of protein that are complete you know that you'd be allowed to gain muscle on this kept popping up now again I didn't read like scientific studies or journals fact I almost never do but the the consensus was positive in it and like I've mentioned in other videos I use living fuel right I've been using that for like ten years it's a greens drink but also has a shitload of protein I just always figured like add like crappy vegetarian protein but it turns out that it also has the the brown rice and yellow pea for some reason peas and rice you know I mean you can sustain yourself you could live off of beans and rice so that mutt there must be something there positive to it you said that you eat you eat beans and and whey protein shakes not a big fan of whey protein I don't I don't take whey protein anymore I'll kind of maybe cycle it in and out a few times a year but I don't take it all year-round but I do take this brown rice yellow pea protein in my living fuel that I have almost every single day so that being said I would also invest in some books or do some research on Bill pearl I believe that's his name old-school bodybuilder with like just a dense diesel awesome looking body I think he's still alive today and he looks great and he was a vegetarian you're gonna have to be very mindful about food supplementing and food combinations but I totally think it can be done don't end up a one of these vegetarians that actually end that are more like sugar and fruit at Aryans that you know they don't eat the that pisses me off is like when I beat vegetarians I'm like oh great well what kind of vegetables you eat well I don't like vegetables I just want to smack the out of them be a real vegetarian be committed to being a vegetarian you see what I'm saying I admire and respect people even if their ideas are diametrically opposed to mine if they're really convicted and have thought about and are living from a place of groundedness in their choice right so I might not choose to be vegetarian but I respect the out of a vegetarian that's conscious about what he's doing and he's thinking about it and he's active about it he's supplementing with you know different whatever's needed because you're missing it in your meat and I think it's very possible so that's it dude mad props to you do it the right way grow stronger try out that talk to you next time yo Eliot


  1. Peanut butter, cheese and spinach would get you huge if you're juicing lol

  2. Meat protein has to be broken down and produces toxins,
    Green protein is upbuilding with no toxins..

  3. It's not just rice and peas, it's ANY grain in combination with ANY legume that makes for a complete protein. Beans & Rice, yes, but also something as cheap and simple as peanut butter bread – peanuts are a legume, bread (REAL bread) is wheat. ANY grain + ANY legume = Complete Protein. And what matters most is sufficient amounts of each essential amino acid PER DAY, not so much PER MEAL.

  4. Cool to see a true fitness legend open minded about vegan/vegetarian diets. I've been bodybuilding for 7 years, vegan for the last 2. Straight up, i'm stronger bigger and feel WAY better. Give it a shot gang

  5. "I don't read scientific studies"
    I feel like he considered restarting the video at that point.

  6. You are rapidly becoming one of my favorite YTers. You consistently make me LOL during my workouts!

  7. Great vid!

  8. how do u get 50 gr protein per day being vegi ?

  9. Elliot has such a nice punchable face.

  10. Yo eliot, go Vegan brah.

  11. It would be a shame for you not to lose fat when other typical people are able to slim down quickly by using Fenoboci Diet Plan (look on google search engine).

  12. Keto <3

  13. Thank you for respecting me 🙂

  14. Im a vegetarian buddhist

  15. He's so pretty

  16. I'm vegan, and I'm still doing AAALL kinds of gains…. all kinds..

  17. It is painfully obvious that you never read scientific journals or studies.

  18. Nice to hear an educated view in vegetarian lifters. I'm 26 and have been veggie for nearly 15 years (I've lifted for 13 years). I'm weighing in at just over 100kg and have never felt like I'm lagging in the gym. I have to eat alooot to keep the size up. Buy a fuck ton of brown rice, quinoa, spirulina, quorn, peanut butter and pumpkin seeds

  19. Bobby's perspective recommends sprouted green lentils. 13 g carbs 12 g protein from 100g lentils.

  20. Elliot looks like an Albino in the thumbnail.

  21. In the thumb….he looks like Keith from the prodigy.

  22. I’m going back to being vegan January first! I’ve been vegetarian for 3 years and build muscle just fine.

  23. Thank u for the kind words to us the veggie people hehe mercy for the animals n keep gaining ppl

  24. Went vegan and at first wasn't really tracking my meals and lost some weight (I'm an ectomorph so I freaked out) before I got back to tracking my meals and began to eat Brown rice, beans and peas with almost every meal and packed on 16 lbs in 6 weeks. It can be done you just have to actively track what you take in daily.

  25. you look great

  26. i actually do think the whole high protein diet is a con by the supp companies. i still always think about those guys in prison that are big on a shitty diet.

  27. have not ate meat for 1 month, i started back training in the gym and i can honestly say i am seeing better results in less time. i havnt trained in a while but my muscle memory and the combo of increased grains and beans seems to have boosted my progress. have been training on and off for 15 yrs so i know my body quite well. i can say i dont miss meat at all but when i smell steak cooking in town etc i do think mmmm but not enough to change now

  28. Plants are the only organisms that can synthesize amino acids/protein. carnivores get their protein from flesh, which was recycled from plant cells, (i.e. Herbivores.) It is not only possible to see equal amount of muscle hypertrophy from plant based diets as it is from meat based programs, but it is intensely healthier – receiving significant amount of fiber, oils, tons of protein (directly from the source that it was synthesized) and crucial vitamins for CNS and muscle health like vit D,C,B,A,K magnesium, zinc, etc. that you simply do not get with meat. I LOVE meat, but it absolutely is not healthy in the portions deemed normal.

  29. Why is this video at the end of the offspring 'days go by' mix??

  30. Why the hell does this appear on an Offspring list?

  31. Yes, I too am guilty of jumping through diet plan to others as well, I think that I need to have tested every fat loss program that was available, but eventually not one of them helped me to shed and keep the weight off. I ended up trying for the very last time using the Fenoboci Diet Plan because my cousin who told me extraordinary things about it and so far to date I've effectively dropped 15 lbs within 4 weeks!

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  33. Why is this on the Offspring's Days Go By album playlist?

  34. That's a very ignorant advice video man. If you don't know about the subject why bother? It just makes you sound arrogant. You are obviously a proud dead animal eater. Still love ya mate, and hopefully you've matured since then.

  35. If your vegan check out VeganHustleTV

  36. Elliot, I know this is an old video and maybe this has been said deep in the comments, but, vegetarianism is not about eating vegetables, it's simply not eating meat. I'm vegetarian and I do eat some vegetables everyday. Kale, spinach, and, green beans just to name a few but most of my foods are legumes, grains, and eggs. If a vegatarian doesn't like vegetables and sustains themselves on the latter, that's fine by me and I don't think they deserve smack 🙂

  37. Elliot is the legit only athlete I would pay for his training program lmfao. wish I lived near his gym

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