Vegetarian and Healthy Eating

consumer interests and vegan and plant-based diets have increased and it isn't a fad in 2018 the food revolution Network reported there was a 600 percent increase in us vegans in the last three years Millennials seemed to be the central drivers of this worldwide shift and it's up to the food industry to provide these demands for its consumers yuan student tease Joshi a vegetarian has many reasons for keeping his full plant-based lifestyle I think there's so many other benefits just mostly on the ethical side also the environmental side I think you know you look at so many you look at so many studies like the one that if everyone turned vegetarian the food supply would increase by so-and-so amount and we would be able to end you know hunger and starvation you look at all these things about the level of pollution and you know just methane everything released by farming and that you know the process of creating food like meat food so I just think there's a lot of other benefits that help the entire world I definitely think it's better for the environment and we stay away from red meat is better for the environment and better for your overall health another um student acknowledges that he should attempt to fill his plate with more vegetables although he just can't cut out me I know I'm in the wrong I just wouldn't do it cuz I love eating me too much and my family's half from Argentina so it's also like a cultural thing you know what I mean he's on the exception a diner health reason if they ever told me like yo you need to stop eating meat because it's doing you wrong then I of course I would do it but not I don't think I'd do it like voluntarily and if you're thinking of changing any food diet there are things to research beforehand licensed nutritionist Stephanie explains her take on healthy eating so I always advocate for a plant-based diet at least 75 over there half percent of your food should be based of plant-based foods just because it's linked with longevity and also with lower rates of cardiovascular disease and stroke so I like people eating Whole Foods there are vegetables fruits seeds nuts all those kind of goods um isn't far behind in assisting as college students migrate towards healthier options to on-campus shops at um are helping to provide veggie friendly choices Kirby does not appear a budgetary measure when they do fish and a little bit of chicken I believe but they have some really good vegetarian options all the price here but um yeah when I came out when I feel like it I've definitely enjoyed some food over there the best Islam fresh future vegetarian or not healthy means portioning a plate of 1/4 grains another fourth proteins and half veggies and fruits and as a former vegetarian myself I know how hard it is to find healthy options so I make sure to still include one of each healthy portion into every play I eat that's you guys at the desk

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