Vegan what I eat in a day for a fit and healthy body: EASY, CHEAP AND QUICK! (2000kcal)

I’m going to have two of these apples, which
will be over 300 grams, 350 I think, and I’m going to mix it with some pumpkin seed butter. This one’s from Meridian. Four smashed bananas with cinnamon, so banana
puree. I don’t like to do it with a blender because
I find that they end up too runny so I prefer to smash them with a fork and add the cinnamon,
and it really brings out all its sweetness. And I’m going to be mixing my banana puree
with some peas for extra protein. So there we have it: the banana all mashed
with the cinnamon; and I’m going to have it with those peas. So we just came back from the beach and I
had to pack my lunch. I took some lentils which mama cooked this
morning. We only had onions and carrots for vegetables
but it’s okay because they were super thick and creamy as I like them. So now we are making the last meal of the
day and it’s going to be a salad. For this sauce we have some carrots, some
orange, some mango and now I’m going to add the water. So here’s my mama’s salad she likes it with
tomato and here’s mine, like bigger. I don’t want tomato, here we have the sauce
for the two of us So here I am at my terrace enjoying a nice
mango salad with some broccoli and walnuts. Protip: if you sprinkle some cinnamon on top
it literally tastes like French toast.

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