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hi Shane here again listen I'm about to do a quick healthy yes and delicious barbecue mushroom pita pocket you definitely want to stay tuned on the other side of the video because this is going to be absolutely delicious this is one of my favourite BBQ and mushrooms see you on the other side so today we are going to make a quick healthy pita pocket so we're starting off today with whole-wheat pita pockets and these are sprouted and so I'm putting a twist on a barbecue sandwich of course we have our traditional coleslaw here I already made it all I added was was a bit of black peppercorn sea salt we have two ingredients purple cabbage and carrots then we have my black beans now if you're gonna have barbecue anything you definitely need beans so what I did was to make these beans have that smoky taste and flavor I have three spices here one of the first this is a combination of fennel and cumin so we're gonna add those to the beans right there give to that smoky earthy type of taste and then we have black peppercorn so I'm also going to add that to the beans you know being has to be a little bit spicy and then of course I'm gonna add a little bit this is actually great salt as well as pink salt so I'm adding some of that in there as well and so we have our beans and the featured star ingredients is barbecue mushrooms with barbecue pearl onions and so we're gonna stuff this and make a pocket Peter BBQ sound question we're gonna do is we're gonna begin to stuff our pita pockets so I'm gonna add in some of our coleslaw so this is the raw part of your meal so this is traditional coleslaw then what is the barbecue sandwich without beans and go and then our superstar we got some pearl it's there and the course we have the barbeque mushrooms there you go not beautiful and welcome back I hope you enjoyed that really quick delicious Q peanut pocket oh my goodness listen I couldn't wait to get back on camera and I was trying to save something you guys to really show you what it looks like when we bit into it but hey I ate all of it so listen if this is your first time to my channel please subscribe if you're interested in cooking quick healthy delicious meal and of course doing it with shaking whey shake Kings 50/50 please subscribe and I also click that little bell below that's a notification about that you will get any future videos that I do on quick healthy meals and I hope you will join me this summer at Queens College where I'm gonna be doing a three week course talking about just what you saw quick healthy meals I'm Shay signing out I'll see you soon


  1. Can you tell us how to make the mushrooms and onions please?

  2. looks great

  3. I love all the spices you use. I need to go back and reformat my BBQ sammie 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration and showing others what great vegan food looks like!

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