hello everybody welcome back to you another meal prep video today I have another nutritious and healthy meal prep probably good for about three or four days worth of food and these are really easy recipes to make anyone can make them so let's get started with the video alright so for breakfast I actually don't need to prep anything because I'm going to be having one of these no ship pouches and Noah is basically like a super healthy meal in a pouch or a packet whatever you want to call it and it gives you tons of nutrients and possibly the most convenient way because all you have to do is add a bit of water with a pouch and just shake it up so super convenient and these are super healthy as well full of veggies fruits vitamins and minerals and just awesome for anyone that has a really busy life and you have trouble getting in your daily nutrients so there are two different flavors there's banana cacao and apple cinnamon and you can always switch things up by adding a little bit of almond milk into the banana cacao mixture or a little bit of apple juice along with the apple cinnamon flavor and this will make it taste even better another way that I like to have no shot is in a smoothie so if you have a little bit of extra time in the morning then you can try this out as well so I like to use one frozen banana and about a cup of almond milk and then I like to fill up with some more water and then I add half a package of the banana cacao so this is fry my favorite way of having no shot I just think it tastes really really good so if you guys are interested in trying out no sure or getting some more information their website link will be in the description box down below and they have been kind enough to send me a 50% off discount code for your first subscription box order so don't forget to use the code cheap lazy vegan so we are moving on and I'm going to be making some very nutritious soup where I basically put everything that I have into the soup so the first thing I did was make some beans so I like to make my own beans guys so if you want to know how to make your own beans from scratch then I will leave some information in the description box down below and I do like to rinse out the beans pretty well after I make them so make sure you do the same all right so now we're gonna move on to the chopping of the vegetables now the first thing I am chopping is some cilantro now I'm going to leave a link to a blog post which will have all of the ingredients that I personally use but you can use whatever veggies you like so we've chopped up some cilantro and now we are chopping up some parsley and moving on we're also chopping up some kale some green onions one lone potato we're also chopping up some celery some onion and red onion so I'm just adding everything into my new pressure cooker because that's how I'm going to cook it so we're going to add three cups of the cooked beans the ones that we just rinsed out remember and now I'm adding a cup of dry red split lentils and you don't have to cook this in a pressure cooker if you don't have it but yeah I'm also adding a can of chopped tomatoes I'm just kind of flattening out a little bit and if you don't have the pressure cooker you can just make this in a big pump okay so we're adding some water I'm just adding I think about four cups of water you can add more this became more of like a stew I guess I'm adding here some garlic powder and a bit of Italian seasoning and then here I'm just adding a veggie Boyan cubed now I'm just giving it all a very good mix now if you're going to make this on a regular stove and a pot then I would probably just bring this to a boil on high heat first and then when it comes to a good boil then I would just let it simmer for like I don't know maybe 15 minutes to an hour the longer it cooks the better it will probably taste just keep an eye on it okay so while that is cooking we are going to move on to the next thing we're making which is going to be a bean spread / dip and this is what it kind of looks like and yeah let's get started so on a nonstick pan I'm just going to add a little bit of water and add half eight diced onion I'm just going to cook that up a little bit you can use oil if you'd like but I just decided to use water and after the onions have softened a little bit I'm just adding a bit of minced garlic I think I used three cloves of minced garlic and we're just going to cook this up until the garlic is kind of browned and the onions are completely softened and you can keep adding a little bit of water to prevent it from sticking and once that is cooked I'm just going to add it into a food processor along with two cups of the cooked beans that we made earlier see how much use we're getting out of those beans and we're also adding some celery now the celery you can skip if you want to keep this a more of a drier threat to the celery makes it moist and we're also adding some green onion diced green onion we're also going to add a bunch of cilantro that I've chopped up and we're going to add the juice of one lime and also bit of salt and pepper to taste and then we're going to process it and now you can use this as a tip you can use it in a sandwich you can spread it into a wrap whatever your little heart desires so by the time you are finished everything such as cleaning up and all that stuff your stew should also be finished and mine turned out something like this and it was very delicious now once again don't forget you can change things up and customize it you can make it simpler if you'd like okay and then of course you can now put things into little containers take some pictures for Instagram tag me she please you begin you guys know what's up and I think this is definitely enough food for at least three days if not four days of course you want to add some bread in there to make sandwiches and I like to put a little bit of avocado into the bread as well along with the spread I think it just tastes good and if you want to take it out for lunch I kind of like to keep it separate so it doesn't get soggy you know what I'm saying it and yeah you can also have it with some pita bread spread it on some pita bread with some carrot sticks I mean the options are pretty much endless so just knock yourself out I really do hope you guys try out these recipes they're really easy to make I mean anyone can make them and of course don't forget to try out no sure check them out check out their website and yeah this is my meal prep very healthy I hope you guys enjoyed this video of course don't forget to give me a thumbs up if you did enjoy it do not forget to subscribe if you haven't already and I will of course catch you guys in my next video bye bye


  1. I cannot just drink a powdered shake for breakfast! I’d be starving in 30 minutes

  2. insta pot isn't so cheap

  3. Yummy food. Those pouches are not cheap. The food looks good

  4. I just ate and this is making me hungry all over again!

  5. Nosha does not ship to Canada 🙁 SO SAD

  6. keep up with the videos!! I've been trying to change and to be vegan and you're videos are helping more than anything. thank you!

  7. It would have been a lot more helpful to those of us who have electric pressure cookers if you volunteered the info as to how long you cooked it for. What: 10 minutes? 30 minutes? Don't need to now how long it comes to pressure, just how long to cook.

  8. A pressure cooker makes my plant based diet so much easier. I love my instant pot so much, I actually buy dried beans now and don't worry about ruining them.

    For non vegans, it makes the easiest to peel hard boiled eggs, hubs is nonvegan.

  9. I'm not crazy about the flavor of Nosha, but the macros, vitamins, and minerals are unbeatable. I'll have to try your method with half a packet. I got a box with your code and I have 11 packets left.

  10. yum.. your food look's so good.. what does a pressure cooker do for the food.. if you put a wet , not sopping wet.. put it under your cutting board.. it will be allot safer…

  11. Ahhh it all looks so amazing! Do not know why its never occurred to me to blend delicious ingredients…

  12. How much was the pressure cooker!? I want one

  13. Thank you! Sounds great, I'll try it tonight 🙂
    (I like to make my own beans! Hahah I always make this mistake too)

  14. I love meal prep videos!

  15. I was interested in the nosha packets and tried to go to the site but my computer is blocking the website saying it's malicious.. :/

  16. teach me how to make beans

  17. Just got nosha and it is amazing!!!

  18. this was so much fun to watch i enjoy your humour a lot 😀

  19. Thank you so much rose. You are the best. Truly a great inspiration to us all and helping us eating healthy. I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️you.

  20. The spread you made looks so delicious. I would definitely try it on a sandwich. 💙😃💚

  21. I love your videos!!! I'm making that soup tonight because I already have most of the ingredients thank you!

  22. Your videos helps me alot to be vegan 🙂

  23. Put a damp cloth under your chopping board to stop it from sliding around. Pro tips!

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