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guys hi hope you doing really good thank you so much for tuning in well today's video is about food preparations because I am in this amazing beautiful cute kitchen and some of you might know know this but I'm a professional nutritionist and I have been working with a lot of clients and one of the common mistakes that I see in them is that they think that they are making healthy preparations when they actually are not doing it and three things that they use a lot and you might use it to are at the sandwich the pancakes and the cereals for breakfast so today I'm going to show you how to replace these three things for a beautiful healthy most tasty options so please join me and we're gonna cook together so for the first recipe we're gonna substitute the sandwiches and the toasts that are not that healthy for some rice cakes with tons of veggies that are super nice so you just need different colors of egg when you are buying vegetables try always – like I told you for three colors but always try to put at least one of these three colors and that is dark green because this is the most healthy kind of solution it will be because they're really high in minerals you can add them like for example in spinach like in this case I'm gonna or collard greens or in broccoli publishers hey guys as I told you instead of using the breads that are like wheat white flour and some sugar on it we're gonna use this toast that are rice cakes or quinoa cakes as well they're super good because they're like really crunchy so it's a really good substitute for the bread in the morning for the second recipe we're gonna substitute the cereal or a really healthy nine cereal that it's made of you can made a tart with quinoa or you can make that great and we're gonna add fruit instead of sugar and we're gonna add fiber protein with the seats okay so whatever food you want boniva the vegetables try to make it different type of colors so for the cereal we're going to use oatmeal in this case guys try to buy the one that it's you can see the ingredients they mixes only oatmeal because sometimes you buy oatmeal and it has like top toppings on it like sugar or vanilla or things artificial so buy the ones that are only old guys an amazing way to add a lot of fibrin and proteins in all of your preparation if we use seeds and nuts try to not use peanuts because peanuts it come from a different family and it's not that healthy as you think they are I found this beautiful because this one has almonds and nuts and berries goji berries are super healthy kind of berries all berries the family of the berries are really nice because they're really high in untap antioxidants and berries are really nice for your health so I'm gonna take this one for the cereal oh it's really easy just have to put on a blender machine they all depend on us but it's gonna make you this week and I told you right you use bananas this is gonna make you making haze the sweet flavored and the chia seed it's really important because that is what it is gonna make it the thickness okay so you put the tip it and you can put or water or you can put Beadon milk like down moon or lows and that's basically it [Applause] like this type of temperature seed so it has to be kind of thick and it's pretty easy and guys you have no idea the flavor of please because the banana and let's get him on make it really tasty thank number one number two you can see almost ready home time we have spam three minutes less so this is this is tuition for love pancakes now for those who are worried oh my god I need to put more protein and I have or I need my protein from animals what you can do it is just bad in this mixture an egg another thing that you can do to all like for example for people that are tired due to sports and you want to have more protein you can add protein like for example this one that I have here that is vegan protein powder in this case is camp hell there so it just add into the most mixture a little bit of protein powder but use it only like for example if you do it post exercise because it is not necessary it's a beautiful recipe for pancakes so you can use this as breakfast or you can use this too as a snack like for example if you want to have it which I or wheat coffee or so this is recipe number one so basically we're gonna do Oh and we can cook it in milk or we can cook it in water we're gonna use it with a combination oh oh this is cinnamon go to the cinema help so much to control the the blood sugar after eating carbs so it avoids like the big peaks of a blood sugar so that means that it will help you to like feel fold so much longer to avoid like start having cravings about like sweets and it helps you so much to avoid having that discusses in yourselves you just have to wait a little bit until it start boiling look right now it's already boiling from here is just 2 minutes and when we serve the cereal and want to put something it's to the topics that you're gonna ask because that is what's gonna make it like rainy night in this case as I told you I already picked the races because raisin make it really sweet I don't need to add sugar mostly all of the cereals you will see tons of sugar added and the crunchiness of the seats is what is gonna make it that nice texture okay how is cooking and this is the serial so is the part where you can add the topics that you like I use a lot coconut to the coconut this'll really give you like the crunchiness and it gives a really good and look at the colors he's so beautiful the third substitution is sandwiches this language can be really healthy or it can be not that healthy and usually we use it not the healthy because now we point the food like tons of sauces in there or we put Jesus or we put rice we uses breads that are processed so in this case we're going to use vegetables and in this case I'm gonna do this ones cook there are onions capsicum mushrooms zucchini and this one's ours crowded piece products are always always always always a really good idea because they're really high in protein and when it try to keep them always medium brown medium poop a lot of people I feel I feel in my clients that they usually think that the pages have to be poop soaked in water and where you're doing with our interview you're feeling the baby the babies you have to think that they are like light food they have some stuff and science and vitamins the minerals said if you start boiling them the equated the temperatures super high and you're draining and out of all of them so try to run Portland you can use the phase with the pear and the vegetables cooked perfectly not thing is all of these vegetables you can eat them drunk but I personally love to combine raw vegetable section visuals they may recommend this year like this the electron starts to provide protein so it's a really nice hurry under I haven't put any water so they are keeping within their rice cakes for the keynote cake replacement on the break why because if you see these ingredients they only have whole grain rice or whole grain quinoa and salt and that's it it doesn't have any processed type of food and they're super crunchy and they're super nice and to be honest in all of the places that I have been traveling I see them so popular we're going to use the spread hamas spread there is vegan if we hiding protein so it's a really nice spread but if you're you want to use another birthday you can't like for example use it like scrambled eggs for credit from here I have more fiber more vitamins I promise this is a beautiful replacement or sandwiches that are in ask that will be and this much more tasty I can promise you that and so much more healthy so as you see this is the three beautiful recipes the sandwich replacement the pancake replacement the cereal replacement and just feel free to leave any comment if you have any questions about these topics and I really hope that you enjoyed preparing all these beautiful meals see you next Monday take care and an amazing week tons of love and last but not least I need to show you this this is my first time that I see this size oh look you have no idea the weight of this so cool oh my god watermelon huge ones here in Rome


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