VEGAN Bodybuilding & Diet – THE TRUTH


  1. I'm still currently a meat eater although I have been cutting down meat and animal products from my diet. This really helped and informative. Slowly making the change. Thank you

  2. Smash em! 😀

  3. Most protein have peanuts, but as you said, it's totally overrated if you eat enough.

  4. love these informative plant-based nutrition vids!!

  5. so do I need to eat a lot of food to gain muscle I went vegan and lost muscle mass

  6. What about carbohydrates causing inflammation in our bodies?

  7. You guys sound like French Canadians. I assumed you were from Quebec. Interesting.

  8. I love how these guys defend animals like a lion would see a human in the wild and say you know what I'm gonna let him live because killing him is not right, go on human live a good long life

  9. Add more examples of plant based meals, smoothies, soups, as pictures or short videos in your videos.People need more eye candy of examples.

  10. But dawg, if you get enough protein in your everyday foods and don't need protein powder, why in your latest videos do you use that branded protein powder almost on every video?

  11. Not saying you are wrong but eggs aren't linked to coronal disease. In fact it's one of the best foods you can eat. has an extremely rich collection of papers related to what I say, compiled by a spanish youtube channel and powerlifting team (one of its members has the current guiness world record for heaviest pull up).

  12. I admire vegans. I'm afraid to do it because of what people will think.
    I'll watch a few more of Jon's videos, maybe if I can get a meal plan sorted and learn more about what my body needs, I can make some sick vegan gains!!

  13. This was very informative and helpful. Thanks for making this video guys!

  14. His deadlift form is so good, fuck. I've been watching vids and practicing but my back always feels weird afterward.

  15. guy on the right hard steroid facial signs.

  16. I don't eat meat ?
    After my workout I put in the blender two BANANAS , a scoop of MACA ,, PROTEIN ,, PEANUT BUTTER ,, ADD WATER ?
    If you are fat want to lose weight , stop eating meat and you will see how fast your weight drops .
    Do know in the farm they injected animals to make them bigger ,,This is the why people are getting bigger ?
    If you are eating meat ,you are poison your body ? If you taking medication ,STOP EATING MEAT YOU WILL BE OUT OF MEDICAFIONS ??
    This is the truth , take care & much love by ,
    ( B.K.A ) MONO .

  17. Short answer
    Long answer
    Yes but it would take waaaay more time then a normal meat eater and you would need to eat waaay more

  18. 11:47 "I wasn't always vegan, I ate a LOT of meat before"!

  19. that was amazing I actually learned new things from this guy and I've already studied alot of nutrition

  20. I just started for a week and I have dropped 8 pounds; my pants today are dangling on my waist.

  21. 5000-7000 cals/day, I don't believe that. Upload a video where you consuming 7000 cal for 3 days running. I think that was a misjudged guess. For the size of the stomach you have and for the size you are in general you will not be able to eat that much every day. I'm 95kg, I eat a plant based diet, and I struggle to get to 4500 cal/day without eating every 2 hours, my stomach grossly distending, feeling massively bloated and consuming at least 1000 cal from junk. You can see people doing the 10,000 cal a day challenge just to see the sheer amount of food and junk it takes to reach.

  22. Great video. Thanks.

  23. what about all the Vitamins you don't get from plants ?

  24. Stop acting like you know what you’re talking about

  25. 1 gram of protein per pound you weigh….

  26. Raw oats in a shake?

  27. Thanks, i really enjoyed this video.
    Its so true the government and big business mislead us all the time.
    Thanks for being honest.

  28. Most of the largest animals on earth are vegan, and that's a fact!

  29. Your body is proof that this works.

  30. Hey guys, thanks a lot for your education and support. I have been on the vegan change for 6 days now and the truth be told I feel limitless without the cruelty to animals. Also your meal prep videos saved me so much confusion and time, thank you again Jon

  31. He takes steroids! I’m a predator not a prey 😂🙌🏼

  32. Vegan is BS! Name one Olympian WL vegan? Crossfit Games who made been Vegan? 100m tracker ? Or 200, 300….. any high performance athlete please…? Stupid Vegan plant eaters 😂

  33. On point questions.

  34. that guy is very smart . thanx guys

  35. #epic video Jon!!!

  36. a boy confused with he's theory

  37. Great video, thank you. I did notice however that you didnt mention anything about fibre. Especially from eating a lot of beans/legumes. What effect will eating A LOT more fibre have on the body. Is it even an issue?

  38. One thing they didn't mention is that vegan athletes all report MUCH faster recovery times.

  39. I've been on a vegan diet for just 4 weeks. I feel amazing, less fatigued and I'm already lifting heavier!!

  40. seriously??? you better come back later, when gained some muscle – but on the other side – fast closure to see, that vegan doesnt work… btw – plants are also life, but vegans are maybe radicalic anti plant guys :D??

  41. The nutritional value what I found200 grams  of oats with without salt & milk, I find only has 5.2 grams of protein, 1 gram of protein in a banana

  42. 500 ml of Soy Milk 23g of protein, cup of rice 4.3g of protein

  43. never seen a natural lifter eat 80g of  protein to build big body,

  44. I do about 80 grams of protein a day!! It depends on your optimum weight. He’s correct about too much protein and the kidneys go into a hyper state. It’s like red lining your engine in your car constantly! Shalom

  45. Plant based all the way!!

  46. Animal protein is bad for our bodies! Get way from it!

  47. This fella knows his stuff!! Truth!!

  48. Lots of good information. I’ll be honest I was looking more towards specifics on what to eat. I read that when a bean combines with a grain it becomes a complete protein, and I guess that’s where my research is gonna take me next. How to get all the complete proteins, or even do you need to? I’d think you’d want to. But this was cool, and y’all don’t seem too douchy! Subscribed

  49. You're not gonna get anywhere as a bodybuilder by trying to go vegan. I'll tell you why. You need protein to stay fit and healthy, and to basically stop yourself from being constantly hungry all the time. I'm on a regular vegetarian diet right now and it's bullshit as far as bodybuilding goes. I'm constantly hungry and am snacking on junk shit all the time because I'm not getting enough protein. Eggs aren't even really cutting it for me. So, yeah, I wouldn't even advise going vegan or vegetarian if you want to get into bodybuilding. The best you can do is occasionally eat alternative non meat sources of protein, but you still basically need meat. Sorry.

  50. Why is his brother vegan and he is not

  51. Animal fat only substance neutralises nitrogen created by protein assimilation. Plant based proteins aren’t whole proteins. Your body can only store finite amounts of amino acid created from proteins.
    It’s not about quantity it’s about how well you can assimilate protein in your body. I eat less than 100gms protein per day. Its about fatty meat not lean meat protein. All vegetable oils (actually grain oils) are an inferior substitute for animal fats. Vegetable oils don’t neutralise nitrogen. All vegetables not leafy greens, and even some of them have carbs. The fibre doesn’t negate the carbs, there’s absolutely no clinical scientific studies which proves this hypothesis. Age and metabolism are a huge factor in muscle growth.

  52. Thank you so much for this very very informative video, which I just sent a link for to my daughter. The information is so important, and also, I love the low-key style of it… just 2 brothers chatting on a park bench. Thanks so much for your help!

  53. 🙌👍🤜🤛💪

  54. White piss ;D

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  56. Don't believe everything you read mate! I little bit of meat is okay

  57. Excellent informative conversation! Great video, thanks!

  58. The main source of protein comes from animals

  59. Outstanding education regarding plant vs animal protein, protein requirements, amino acids, acidosis, etc! I’m an RN and nutritionist and find it is a never ending task to bring this information to the public. Great job!

  60. I too believe that a plant based diet is a healthier alternative but please do not let this fact fool you into believing that a plant based diet is a better choice for even the most amateur of bodybuilder. He is spot on about avoiding protein powders for a number of reasons, one of them been the high amount of heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury to name a few), mycotoxins and residual solvents which can be found in nearly all protein powder including the ones which are plant based.

  61. Thanks that was an informative video and I love the Before & After picture of your brother that's proof in the pudding showed I put on some nice solid muscle mass I've just been looking for ways to eat better I've been a vegetarian almost vegan for year but I feel like I haven't maintained enough muscle in my body not that I exercise and I was looking for alternative ways and you guys gave me some good ideas here I really appreciate listening to the science thanks for taking the time to make the video it was obviously for people like me

  62. Brass tacks — protein per lb of bodyweight ?

  63. you morons your fucking wrong

  64. El pelotudo de gorra no es vegano

  65. that was really interesting thank you, im vegan but im skinny and wanna be lean and strong but find it hard to put on muscle

  66. You guys are awesome sauce.

  67. Nice stats guys. Keep on KeepN…

  68. Just like every other vegan they’re gay

  69. You need clean healthy carbs for energy but be sure to work out, jog, take an hours walk to burn it off

  70. That's the right info. Good work

  71. Great video, guys.

  72. Is growth hormone vegan? I mean not syntetic one but one straight from indian bike crash victim's head

  73. Gladiators eat only bean at the ancient times , 6 months before fighting in arena they doesn t eat meat for better performances ( sorry i don t speak english very well ) congratulations 😃

  74. Old GOLD this one – just found it – nice one Venus Bros!

  75. hot. smart. educated. vegan. boy.

  76. For most people eating all those carbs in Oats such as getting only 26 grams of protein for 200 grams of Oats and the bananas you talked about, most people cannot and will not loose even an ounce of body fat eating that many carbs and will have very unstable blood sugar levels. And you are saying to eat this instead of meat or animal based protein for a meal. I know if I eat Oatmeal I get fat really quick. The only way I can keep my body fat down is doing lots of nuts/seeds/eggs/ some meat/some cheese/some beans and lots of leafy greens and other vegetables and sometimes berries. I try to stay away from anything processed. I don't even like most protein powders because they always make me feel really weird, even the vegan kinds. My body doesn't like processed anything. And anything else concerning the foods I mentioned, spikes and crashes my blood sugar and sends it on a roller coaster to where I have no energy, it is like that for anyone I have trained with. And the guy promoting this vegan bodybuilding diet is not that big at all. What is a wise thing to do is study your ancestral line. If you have native blood or hunter gatherer your body will not do well if you go vegan and you could get very sick going vegan. You gotta do what your body has evolved into from your ancestral line.

  77. Great Video!!

  78. Thanks a lot guys. Don't let the puppet master steer you guys. 😉

  79. Thank you guys for this good information

  80. Thank you so sooo much very informative and really helped me solidify some things that i wasn't quite sure about. Both very likeable people making it very easy too watch : ) Thanks again really appreciate it.

  81. You dont even look like u lift lol you did a shitty job of convincing me it can work lol Another group who thinks their way is the.only way.

  82. They are well informed when it comes to getting protein from other sources besides meat but they are not that informed about protein the real reason to is it necessarily that there's a deficiency and actually you can go to the hospital for not having enough protein it's called not eating and what happens is that less protein you have the less muscles or get if you don't have enough protein and this comes from several doctors who have degrees your muscles shrink you won't get results

  83. Are you a friend to keto acidosis because if so Your body naturally goes to that state

  84. I will say this you can get complete proteins from plants but it's not very many glanced have it so I guess be willing to spend extra money to get them

  85. proteins from veggies are incomplete therefore needs knowledge of associating vegetables to obtain equivalent. you need knowledge to be vegan and acquire what you need for muscular groth which is not required if you eat meat.
    milk takes out calcium ??

  86. Watch the documentary – “fork over knifes” on Netflix… really informative guys..

  87. Awesome video! Recently turned vegan, best decision of my life, higher gains when I work out now

  88. meat slows down your muscle development? you cant be taken seriously bud 😀

  89. Great video

  90. That's good but this guy have no gains to speak 😓sorry.. But I believe in vegan diet

  91. Great video 👍🏼💪🏼👌🏼

  92. Tell Phil heath eating meat slows down muscle development

  93. Love it! Check out Dr John McDougall

  94. You see, I can't afford to consume carbs because of health issues. 12 oz of salmon has 60 grams of protein and just 580 calories. I don't think there's a natural vegan or vegetarian food that has higher portion of protein/calorie ratio. Same for chicken breasts. I have to be on a high protein, high fat diet. Please suggest if there are natural vegan sources available

  95. Really blown away on how much this guy knows! He really has the facts down. I'm subscribing based on the fact there is no BS here.

  96. How long they been vegan for?

  97. Bravo Doc.

  98. I’m A Vegetarian And I Don’t Think I’ve Ever Weighed More 25 Stone (Baring In Mined I’m A Female Under the age of 20.) I’m Not Bragging Or Anything, I’m Just Adding To The Issue Positively.

  99. fake fucken liars lol why does a tiger need to eat once every two weeks but gorilla has to eat all day

  100. ok 7 thousand cal on avegan diet really

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