Vegan Body Building Meal Plan

so let's get right down to it so the first meal of my day is huh is and has always been a coffee shake and I loved that it fit into this meal plan so I'm gonna show you how to make it alright so first thing we need is chilled coffee like I feel like some people don't understand that I brew my coffee at night and I chill it in the fridge because if you tried to blend hot coffee is absolutely disgusting so you want to do about 6 to 8 ounces of coffee okay Bruce some more today then this is something that I personally didn't know I normally just get sweetened vanilla almond milk but in the video they said to do unsweetened vanilla almond milk so that is what I'm using now and I normally do about four ounces of almond milk all right now here comes the good stuff my super foods so this is not just a party Nate this is a superfood fiber and nutrients shake shake I love it so this has been now the flavor it goes great with coffee if you're someone who's a coffee drinker like me but it doesn't want a deal I'm sorry it doesn't want to deal with all like the sugar and everything in the morning then this is a really good way of having a coffee shake that's also sweet I actually just found out from one of my fellow coaches that this powder is actually really good for people with diabetes it's also really good for people who have MS like this is more than just a protein shake so if you want to try it just let me know and I'd be happy to tell you all about it all right now we do also need something that's actually in my little cupboard over here totally forgot they did tell me so normally this was another thing to actually um here we've set you back up right there so they did say in the video to use powdered peanut butter on powdered peanut butter and I've used this before but I used it as like my actual protein base so I'm looking for a tablespoon I used it for my actual protein base and typically when I put peanut butter in my smoothies I just use actual peanut butter but what happens is I would get really bloated from all the white the sugars and the peanut butter plus peanut butter is very heavy you know like in general it's a very thick substance like most people eat it with a spoon at night for like a dessert you know which totally understands zero if you're looking for that peak butter taste but in a healthy way this is in plus put more protein which you need if you're training like me then yo this is where it's at I've been using it for the past you know a few days or so and alright so last couple things another process normally when people put bananas in food they put an entire banana and the smoothie but you're not really supposed to do that I don't know what it is with bananas but like that so a half of a banana it's considered one serving of fruit so if you do too much fruit it's not necessarily bad but you need your you know your portions leveled out so you only need half of banana for your morning smoothie it is frozen I prefer frozen because it really helps with the touch do you actually like to add just a couple more ice cubes go ahead you really only need like two it does depend on how you like your texture so I'll leave that up to you alright and time for the latter part I love having this in the morning well hey babes so I just finished my workout had to change into this because the crowd top I was wearing earlier was not cutting it for the running in place parts of the video so now we're on to the second shake of the day and this one is going to be slightly different which is why I am showing it to you so we're gonna start off with about 4 to 6 ounces of water and then we're gonna do about 4 to 6 ounces of unsweetened almond milk so this one doesn't have the coffee in it I only do one cup of coffee a day so it not to know anything if you really are trying to kick the caffeine habit and the sugar habit this is such a good way to do that in a very healthy way alright we're going to go back to the 2 scoops of the peanut butter now normally I would use just like a random protein powder for my second smoothie but I am currently out so I'm actually gonna go ahead and use another scoop of my superfood shakes either way I love this stuff I just try to save it because I get so sad when I run out but I'm gonna go ahead and just keep using this twice a day it's not like I haven't done that before I freaking love this stuff so we're gonna have another superfood shake next let's see you still have a good amount of berries so one thing that I got when I first became a coach were these awesome little containers this one if I can get the lighting right so that's fruit so instead of having to guess you know how many berries join me or whatever I go ahead and I just portion it out we got a whole big old scoop of berries in there now I normally would use vanilla extract I am currently out I think I just went grocery shopping but there's always a couple of things I end up in the saying I am human so what I'm doing in the means or actually so because I am using my vanilla superfoods shake I actually don't have to worry about the flavor so I'm gonna go ahead and just leave it as is so totally teucer guard that last I am gonna add a couple more ice cubes because I am obsessed with super thick Suzie's now no banana no I am one of those people that I love bananas in my shakes most vegans are obsessed with bananas in their shakes just because it adds that very creamy texture but we had a serving of fruit or see here's the thing so for my portion portions throughout the day I am only allotted two servings of fruit per day and I am someone who loves fruit because it's super sweet so I tend to want to eat it all the time but if you are treating then you can't be like you know eating too much of one thing and not the other so this is the last of the fruit that I am having for the day I think that's everything that needs to be in there there we go all right time to blend it up all right and that's it so so far I've had a breakfast smoothie post-workout smoothie and then I'll come back later for lunch to show you what I have for lunch some veggies roasting in the oven and then I have some tofu cookin up on top but your girl is hungry it's been a couple hours since I have my post-workout smoothie and I do recommend eating within an hour of having that smoothie I just messed up today I'm in the middle of doing laundry and everything so this is what I recommend to those who are getting really hungry in between their lunch and their smoothie get in your healthy dose to get in a dose of healthy fats and in carbs so sorry I can't find the scissors so I am basically this is gonna make some avocados host real quick and wrote it my avocados were like straight-up green like that outside of them were green last night but I put them in some one you call it a paper brown bags and now they are nice and ready to be cut I don't know what this is here but I'm going to go ahead and cut it up in any way I always kick that thing opening close alright step if you don't know how to cut an avocado I'm gonna show you I mean I think everyone should not be an ass but let me show you so this is how I cut open an avocado anyway so I kind of just go down the middle right and if it goes it's a nice goes in like super easily like I just did right now you know that your avocado is ready so which I'm so I love that I learned the whole brown paper bag trick I do with bananas too by the way look how pretty it is now in regards to portioning you only want a quarter of an avocado a day now that hits me me sorry I cursed okay hold it now it's being stupid we're just gonna we're gonna pretend that that didn't happen but it totally did anyways so this is how I cut my avocados is be very careful when you're doing this your hand is underneath but I like to do little cross badges so that's how I make my avocado then for the carbs you can do rice cakes or you can do toast so I'm going to make toast so I'll be right back alright I wasn't sure if I was going to show you this but I decided I am so basically when I meet autocrat a toast I basically make like a little bit of guac and then put that on the toast the toast is toasting right now so this is what I do I take the avocado dump it into its have a where do it with like what kind of seasoning if I do so I like to always get some citrine s in here so I have some lime juice that I'm just then I have some onion powder Pizza ever since I got pink saw I'm not really a huge fan of of like table salt anymore got some garlic powder in there and then cilantro I normally use basil but I'm out and cilantro lime it's a common flavor so just go ahead and do that and that I'm really super like low maintenance about this I just take a fork and smoosh it up and this is how you also know that your avocado is ready if you cannot smush your avocado with a fork it's not ready to be eaten and there you have it so for one servings of of healthy fats a day for me anyway it would be equivalent fit in this container however I've been doing this for so long and I know the portioning that I know that it's only a quarter of one avocado that you're going to need and it may not seem like much but it's basically gonna be this was half of an avocado so it's gonna be about a half of this that I'm gonna put on my toast so let me actually go ahead and grab my toast do all the Cotter toast that's totally fine you don't have to you didn't see that you didn't see that it's all that anyway okay we're good we're good now whatever look this up so as you can see I need a little half portion so I know how much I'm doing so I'm going to do crap on here about half on so now that you see its scooped on the bread it's actually quite a bit guys like I'm not like depriving myself right now that does it there you go so the point up you know alright so the plan here is that I'm gonna be eating this while my lunch is cooking and then I'll show you what I'm gonna have for lunch so no no no no how does it look my lunch is and by the way in regards to you know what you should be drinking throughout the day obviously its water like you need to be having water all day so you have you two shakes in the morning one of them can have coffee like I showed you and then water that's it so that's what this is for this is full of water don't pay attention to all of this mess back here we're actually gonna be moving within the next year so I'm not really caring too much about all the crap we have lying around so just FYI now let me show you my wonderful meal so this right here is one serving a plant-based protein and this right here is only two servings of vegetables now for bodybuilders you can actually have this meal once to twice a day so you can basically have like two lunches so this would be like the veggie portion and this would be the protein portion so this right here was one of these and this right here was two of these so and just as an FYI my portioning throughout the day are I need to have five servings of protein and I need to have seven servings of veggies every single day so this right here is only one serving of protein and two servings of veggies so if you think that doing a meal plan equals restrictions and limitations not at all you will be full you will be satisfied it may be a different kind of fool and a different kind of satisfied because you might not be used to eating these kinds of foods but you will not be deprived so I'm going to enjoy my meal now well hey guys sorry for the noise in the background my man is currently playing some video games I just wanted to show you my final meal of the day which is maybe I can focus it a little bit so what I have here is tempeh which is on top then I have some avocado kale with a little bit of oil and cayenne pepper and some red peppers so this is going to be my nightly salad this is about one to two servings of protein 2 servings or actually about two and a half servings of veggies and one more serving of healthy fats and like I told you guys before I can actually have a foul like four servings of carbs a day but I already like went ahead and limited myself down to two so I personally don't mind having a little bit of extra of healthy fats or proteins out so I set one to two servings of protein and I also did want to bring you stuff as well everyone's human everyone gets cravings so if I do get a craving I plan on having oatmeal and my backup because it is a healthy carb source and alright well I hope you guys enjoyed this meal plan video if you need some help creating your own meal plan including portion sizing please hit me up once again sorry for the background noise it's my life one we're gonna do alright bye guys love you

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