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under canals carrandi na peru our misery lorena at the court Rama Bertram mandalam here until Allah forgive me Maharaja Mac ooh serenely Allah gay people could only know so good living in northern Alipay Coco sorry not gonna be on the last row intermediate to Singapore another también ha Caracara Milton am busy although we are imaginary ramakrishna guru problems for tomorrow he sugar BP unity we advocate of you tonight I'm tip another grant for light any application if he went any Law Center but YouTube Nevada I know Kali chromoly was too naive Mary Thoren day and they enter a negative put a schism you to blow I need a plan by the women solace are living now over sorry Kakuna okay amyloid in Alberta power limits of Okinawan Delaney which is even an ER every hearing the Turakina nano Saira Bano chest above on today so though under oppidum you know Texas could bear in normal Nala film the NASA grow and get to say la Orana arrogantly key could be a middle or a later raining loop tsking that do i which happen at the government open it up potential possibility academically because they are pin DC than you mean Raja Rani Tiger Army Halawa he remains at lucky then they boil difficult in a no-till the tarragon of a part of Endeavour Kanaka and pencil ago standing the Theravada Magellan ovulation 10k myopic irrelevant Veronica agony isn't a merengue lava of for you you know dint low carbon low we are one day play to do a carat of blue denim a lager modulo you bother piccolo Oh teddy and again Madame piccolo we're world scenario let's see pirata Vista you made a bet on you today see this guy got a blow today she'll cleaner cheaper el jardín de Shimano Halawa IV revenue God isn't errata minimal ah so what exchanger no chaser key a day could this a good video window Bothell pickle Tennessee for him main open her up and conducted in a blood test changer no chases circuit double-double Jason Lee and another EE did not like you and were condemned B lambda B which I did not measure axis in the hospital he people could I know they'd lost my partner Elena he had the puppet in what they anyway though I think we could have together whereabouts in here Ramakrishna late plenum salad suckers are only done if a light a mono meet with of the town alike a stomach will not exit in the lawful in radiant do you have in the photonic avocado on they are not getting up nomicon Callaghan v- no surveillance that be Cochise a and a stamina a pnina Czech assassin a no okay is the greatest in the cella operated Oregon with a stomach una they could these are a way to living entity padieu Sorrell all carried them out but in their love in his cab Nico Dominic in fact that is a sternum and the Majed a geological on their level didn't matter you ate lady I mean doesn't develop rapidly parent as they're gonna put a traffic at the salsa drum superb forever after pocket eliminated maybe pitch at a record or theater mainly of the dog television Lucas not do he chester law either being converted to add a Bhavan led to a yell around it and each other and murder people again tomorrow later he bridges bridge medically hindered just a participant or under the chili people all know already forgive me until he died culture sucker on when I'm in Montana no marrying you day together little bit of authenticity he's show her into going over to further put together our genomic all day III now we'll never moving like an island over I love you they plan following a tapas Erica sugar put these up was me mom so many theories and get a miracle is a book just sorta arriving at 10:02 Authority with cinnamon is a plate after you update in a terminal they're getting podium permission to go much beyond openjdk along a rocky reading a lotta Monica applaud wastes are eternally in a pile of Tanana obviously protein Delano Madhavi bother piccolo pista Theravada walnuts ooh a legume reading the new Fox a pupu clinical term literally alike a telemovie new I wish you continued in a while a spoon sue till they're telling energy awesome manometer and I sit down the waited a little positive Mary at a minimum a particular and person to prepare oh he fought and fought register their initial and cheaper you anyway now are there any no no no he planted in died to blame for they all finality I would look at taking taken a terminus temple able to score a mother parallelize your couple of Malaysian a container ship Terminator padded Segundo now they are good with into our air and our it instead of children it is not so Morton eternal Tennessee Alabama mana has sent them again called a apply a techie to ensue and so that we maintain the very liquidy but not a good look at Channel what a identical Toronto holiday is evaporating nano thirty imaginal with interim Sarah ball only again a leaving it analytically leaner about Antonio elegantly arrogantly K you could get back together could days or possibly I see numerous and ratio of later Vegas Serrano auditory attorney to up la magia of an indoor pool okay later tiger Serrano bacon is there a lotta what we light a phagosome no made to Malaga Tottenham at now if it will intimidate now without this help open the nine on are alike at all to know the definition got a free Gandhi with a and applying a negative approval of the become a bootlegger sale hotel governed a strengthen the a very naturally cetera what someone on the inside when they my office ailment there you know Tyra Devi up not even later Peru by eight the stove and I found under a diploma is televi got the year of an ILO 53:38 4005 like I said an odd system on overtime and that I'm terrible at the gas they get it at this pseudonym alpha and check our meter under he did blood finally we saw a way people you haven't got a panda today I didn't have number though not to get it all under the table you come there and anima Conda and Jeremy plan yes Santa Rosa gr would loop I will hold a committee to me later course escort a little score to critical thing is the optimal arena than me which Sisu an overcoat so ok now you later now I use what I'm recorded on you Monica attorney ornately but remember gonna cover a Munich Oh what did they tell immensity I named it the rent a pretty rose you but big drama will dig underground menu of the entire universe Syria and Kalani coral Apollo and this year that police illegal you know when the robbery for mothers are undergone related to say early followed me around on at 11:30 study up to date done basis that against curvature Gary Graham so a lot of results against me tilted sarah vaughan today raising your ago blue dye will do lay them to create a cloud to listen to their now for bitches container soon Donna me when a capacity errata are you girl put the target on Iran Rana could take a magnet's in a blue van human targets Kali mAh capacity Democritus condemned Mira planches Cavalli allows a novel a 2-dimensional do and I have given him the time raise a game Budhan in Mickayla Harig a heavy bag and piccolo are a rather important on whatever they did the boundary alig a fist ah I like a girl like super are at anonymity minorities could touch ala bonteri I love you humidity in the room but Sipapu Parramatta filling out the with Rollo you need you oka Beauty Asian origin idea Tim Jarvis Carbonaro hide America – tempura batter – discourse upon a weakness ground term and equities code so I died that con man Japan that gonna mean a da Rimini do knowledge himself is called mono holiday tell our darling Avenue I see it through I mean native APC protege Sierra Guyton cello this will take Medicaid child suckers out to be so the corridor even that's not you know to died like Oh Carol I did masala universe develop a phenomena indicate the edges come to masala one of our cool day sat down to thee and then – kahramana legitimately is katsu but BtoB that I will pinnacle her car Padma at least coach I taken place and we do he cognitive map layers committee Peru from the poem they turn el dozer to Boogaloo Quintero I will valu previous court a HR of matches on Peru and Java I will to give me the preferences here I open yes we know and it Louis covered – cha cha cha da la I applaud they stay I will tip today one mother period a so what I kept up the name you know it really touches could had normal go Chisinau stand the bar only gave a crescent ventilating antenna he planted cells occurs on day me on drew he saw birthday people value heartily state forgot positively yeah very even a chopper to ally practice affirmative tomorrow name not Dana you know our problems as practices Jason you peel the potatoes you tell about the and litigate be people negated and I guess over what Anna because she said they really middle of an island follow Paloma narrow in New Britain olive in Texas cotton you know even amid the president Worthen up putting fatigue evaluated Lee and chattering and Jetta he projected already forgiven ever spent in the debate minimum tamaño Oppidan father Murray Calloway I mean aha sweet little – I'm not gonna – hey Dina – no – happy whistling giggles telepods vanship piranha we still got a record low and modeling for Emily Sontag our telephoto author is no place an alley Jelena cannot so he put a value in a karate program you food – teaspoon acknowledging Parramatta optimal Tennessee test yesterday with 120 110 can I could can do I not terribly high in any program following each arm and they they're about to marry wall over a chip there are open to my doctors were about to marry me you to be exhausting now Murray I mean I automatically meal practitioner than Susan you know not an appraisal Jessica nano-cells Sakharov and a mere Andrew saga he planned a fall over the Irate a he diabetes a day so they're Arizona Valu beat or no although share any plan polite a purser got big target only not gotten a mother in they did will follow I gave the warranty in a together to give me to stir up love economical occasional AA and said be a follower oh you know I make a testimonial even in bacterial pneumonia not on anymore like even a side effects of Feyenoord a is mannequin of Immokalee one later okay only nature brutally I take another precursor tomorrow because until 2011 Aki scooter and gravity DRS idea hurt Sahrawi Mary Nina working alone attitude cetera Papa negative parka quaternary Rolla do the preservative lay the doctor said I will follow and a few mil following malaga parametric it's happened a is a I will tell you Ramakrishna Ghani telling you how to roast all ye so wherever I DBP was it was still a lot of excess or no purple sir that's a pharaoh America has a terrible column it is logical he spoke of Ngati Kahu his election on you election on me eeep luminol not the same Jason arrant a year so they unloaded the knob senators afford it in turn or mattress tonometry circle between they allow a signature of the period convey what our relation of not rest or not a good on the mohammed intern operate on the day coordinated coordinates personal published an 11-game allows a feather duster now positively Mel apparently and tada man election argy-bargy II he died sit down the finale he died even though the puppet on though we perfect record on an unbirthday present attribute of a military is a captain when they mean under the new follow a newly sugar baby realizability beautiful the colony near cork on tamaño the present idea very deadly plan for Lena posaga is importantly Murray in officially iron monkey tg-7a problems there are videos that are available today and Ramkrishna guru rek in agenda when I'm driven over Delta Nino and come tomorrow I need to butchering that the newest religious school tomorrow meeting tapenade you dead plant olive and a he sugar be period we need to come Monday Inka towards Marion day Nina mother the rosette and only tablet deletion here in federal public trail I have not made about it but Robert Piniella do Robert Schoch says same day I will tell him on the many regional dialects rescued all diligence for narrow Padilla this also in the day of additional today it is like a permanent and it tip tomorrow and said ah I don't I'm father you really cut off you follow you know follow him buddy Murray the big sur that be consistently I not made on the – Otis could have been a civics alibi now and a strength when they are nipple chi-square ether-nano and cheddar it's successful to their nomicon again they would take at I give up their own Amoco go down they will not do they like a Marylander hickory crunchy early-season paratha no textures curry for they do not Miniver of olive and a mover i'ii be pleased so can be added upon the money Melkor contra no no you


  1. 350 lo una sugar tagutunda

  2. Chala Chakkaga chepparu

  3. Diet lo unnappudu alcohol thiskovachaa…??

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  5. Sir థాంక్స్ I follow యువర్ టిప్స్

  6. సార్ చెప్పిన విధంగా షుగర్ వ్యాధి వలన పేదలకు చాలా ఈజీగా ఉన్నది. తక్కువ డబ్బులు లతో చేయవచ్చు ,చాలా ఉపయోగకరంగా ఉన్నది. మన శరీరం నుండి షుగర్ వ్యాధి పూర్తి స్థాయిలో వెళ్లిపోతుంది. అంటే చాలా ఆనందంగా ఉంటుంది. వీరమాచనేని రామకృష్ణ సార్ మీరు రియల్ హిరో సార్ మీరు..!👌👌👌👌💐💐💐💐

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  8. అంటే మీరు కూరగాయలు కోబ్బరినునే లో వండుకొని తిట్టున్నరు అన్నారు కదా ఎలా తినాలి అన్నం లో తినాలా లేక only కూర తినాలా

  9. Ala thechukovali au mokka

  10. Meeru fat matrame thaggaru meeku sugar thaggaledhu currect gaa check cheyinchu kondi

  11. పసుపు, నిమ్మకాయ నీళ్లు కలిపి తాగడం డేంజర్.. కీళ్ళ నొప్పులు వస్తాయి… వద్దు.. నాకు మంచి అనుభవం. 949091355


  13. Sugar 70 ki vaste pothavu

  14. i appreciate v ramakrishna garu for his diet style and we are proud of vrk who is our care taker of our health. we bless him for his good health as well as good luck and success in his travel in telugu peple

  15. we are using coconut oil in our vegitable non veg curries in amlette. my wife lost weight nearly 9 kgs. in 20 days. my weight lost 2 kgs in 5 days

  16. Ennirojulu annam tinakudada sir.

  17. Please suggest Heart pateints should take tablets or not?

  18. My father has sugar,B.p and he was done angeogram.does he follow this diet?

  19. Meru chippinde ok kane aannam asallu tinakodadha tinocha chippadam lidu

  20. 20 years back oil pulling was very popular for remedy of diabetes. Is it correct? So it is also same programs. It is chemically wrong process. We must eat alkaline foods only. Its may chance of 100% decrease the all deceases.

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