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we are being introduced in Solaris 2 since or nearly 2 years and after we started practicing service to it we had a tremendous benefit which was very gradually and very fast also to be frank enough the first benefit what I realized here is was with my wife's help when we got married she was how it was just 33 34 but after we started using also was two remedies she gave no weight of 58 now and there was a lot of confusion in my family which started minimizing slowly slowly there were lot of misunderstandings between me and her or with my family my parents my relatives everything got cleared out and as far as my career is concerned it had a very tremendous response I got a good salary hike I would say a good coordination with my subordinates everything and finally then in fact I would say the each and every corner of my house was somewhere disturbed there was no peace meant some peace of mind lot of mental disturbance but after practicing thoroughly with Cyril was – it was excellent and in fact she was facing lots of problems during a pregnancy but now he is improving a lot tremendous effect tremendous and I'm thankful to serve was to about it and now even she is having a lot of mental peace he's able to concentrate more on of homework or official works also very smoothly and my parents are also happy with us the way we are leading a smooth marriage happy married life what is what I would like to say I would like to thanks or basta for us the entire credit goes to server was to you

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