Vaping Industry Makes Its Case (HESA – 2018)

I'm a health health public policy expert mr. chairman I'm a member of the Canadian vaping Association I'm its lead on government affairs with me today is mr. boris giller who's a CBA board member and the co-owner of one of Canada's largest vape product shops smoke or 180 smoke together boris and I have expertise in the vape industry the industry in Canada is a decade old mr. chairman and CBA has been the premier advocate on behalf of the industry its members and those who vape our goal is for fair legislation and regulation our reach goes across Canada and their impact with government goes to all three levels mr. Chairman I want to thank your committee members the House of Commons and the Senate for the leadership on this it's a tough piece of legislation as a government as a committee and as regulators you did say yes to vaping in Canada and regulated instead of an outcome that would have forced it underground we appreciate that it is a viable alternative to smoking mr. chairman and as such the Canadian model as we contemplate it today is if you travel in our circles a bit of an envy around the world believe it or not let me further contextualize that a few years ago vaping in Canada was a hobby today it's a viable industry increasing exponentially as vapors seek an alternative to smoking cigarettes the number of a product shops has grown exponentially in Canada as well with the current numbers of almost a thousand stores in Canada representing well over 5,000 employees serving over a million customers and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue at the same time there are 100 illiquid and hardware manufacturers representing significant pre and post-market sales which in turn underscores significant recurring and predictable revenues against a marketplace of who want to vape and no longer smoke cigarettes please understand that the growth of this industry has not been the result of expensive marketing campaigns the CVA and our member organizations are not aligned with tobacco in fact the growth of vaping has been a direct result of the substantial demand for vape products by millions of ex-smokers the market will only continue to grow not only as a viable and a less harmful alternative to cigarettes but also because of government initiatives that legislated as a less harmful product in Canada the majority of Canadian bait shop operators manufacturers of e-liquids and advocates are like many who vape former smokers they have chosen to vape rather than smoke cigarettes they realize the potential of this disruptive technology as a less harmful alternative to smoking both cigarettes and of course now cannabis CBA has taken substantial risks mr. chairman to pursue a mission aligned with Bill as five many people associated with vaping would assert a different path of perhaps fighting government on what they believe is the right to vape however and contrary to that view the Canadian vaping Association believes that working with government while making this bill work is more palpable and more productive mr. chairman we believe Canada is a role model for other countries in developing and implementing effective ways at reducing the harms of smoking at the provincial level smoke-free legislation has taken hold I've been part of the smoke-free Ontario campaign from the start ten years ago at the national level Canada's tobacco reduction initiative is enviable through bill as five we believe that the Government of Canada has been responsible implementing suitable and effective legislation that ensures adult smokers have access to products that substantially reduce the harm that cigarette smoking is known to cause all the while recognizing that a less harmful alternative ought to be available to amend the tobacco Act and create a category for vaping is not only welcome mr. chairman it suggests that vaping is a choice over smoking and has the potential for dramatically reducing disease and death caused by smoking CBA encouraged encourages members of this committee to review the growing body of evidence included qualified literature global studies and research on vaping that modifies our views and frankly ought to form the thinking of your committee when looking to draft regulations for vaping going forward over the last few years the Canadian vaping Association has met with several of you on the committee in advance of this presentation to encourage your support for our views and to offer advice let me be specific recent studies in the aggregate have shown that vaping is less harmful than smoking the minister herself the former minister referenced our own CV a messaging when she introduced legislation in November of 2016 suggesting that science is catching up with vaping on that point mr. chairman were pleased that the legislation includes a timely review so that as science and and research proves out in favour of vaping as a less harmful alternative those findings will in fact be reflected appropriately in your regulations with respect to overall industry regulation we've been working closely with qualified organisations on the development and implementation of an accreditation program at the national level the patchwork of regulation from provincial legislative initiatives across Canada has confounded this industry while we wait for this milestone to occur bill has five mr. chairman does offer a national framework for retail and manufacturers of vape products and we aspire to have this reflected in our national accreditation program plan cv a board member sam tam sits on the health canada sits with Health Canada on the underwriter laboratory committee to establish global standards for technology devices and battery safety as it pertains to vaping furthermore our board president Sean Casey sits on a standards Council of Canada committee chaired by Health Canada for the establishment of ISO eliquid manufacturing safety standards and it create an accreditation program we believe will provide comfort to you as regulators that products and services available to consumers of the products are of a quality that is measured against the robust set of standards a national accreditation program would we would require a vape manufacturers eliquid and hardware manufacturers alike as well as vape product shops to commit and submit to a program where a common set of standards for operations of their physical plants policies and procedures and other variables are measured any negligent behaviors or deficiencies would result in fines or perhaps remediation plans respectively to demonstrate compliance we're committed to this process the utmost important piece of this legislation in our view ought to be the value of the information and the manner in which customers receive detail by Ave product shop employee when they make the choice to acquire a consumer of a product they need to know what they're buying to that end mr. chairman we encourage the committee to work with us at the Canadian vape Association as we develop a certification program for vape product shop employees to that end purveyors of vape products anywhere in Canada ought to be well trained to help customers make the logical choice to a less harmful product than other cigarettes that then cigarettes I beg your pardon mr. chairman we're considering qualified career colleges not only to develop a curriculum but to have it delivered in every province it would be entirely helpful to make this certification program part of your intended regulations and mandatory in all provinces in fact the the FDA in the United States refer to our plans for certification in Canada as a beacon to follow in the United States it contemplates national dialogue in the United States on its own VAP legislation and they've looked to Canada and especially what we're doing on certification as a role model to that and our president Sean Casey and I have testified on many occasions in the United States on this issue the Canadian vaping Association believes the goal of regulation should be in should be to ensure that maximum benefits are realized while minimizing potential harms we believed that sales should be restricted to those over the age of majority we concede that restricting its use in public spaces is inevitable we agree that certain lifestyle promotion or advertisements are not appropriate the amendments we put forward to on bill as flag to the Senate committee ensured that youth are not able to access these products and we agree that the use and acquisition of vaping tools should be limited to public areas that minors are prohibited from entering additionally the amendments we originally put forward to the Senate provide adult smokers with access to assistance provided through qualified vape product shop employees which can be crucial to the success of a smoker looking for an alternative to see vaping technology has catapulted in quality by leaps and bounds research too has debunked the myths that have permeated mainstream media about vaping and because the technology is getting better vaping may yet prove to be an effective breakthrough in anti smoking I welcome your your questions and thank you for your attention I'm the president of app select Inc based in Mirabel Quebec Bob slack is a proudly owned and a Canadian or Canadian owned and operated Canadian company which was created in 2011 with the consumer in mind we produce affordable innovative vaping products for consumers giving them an alternative to cigarettes all Bob select products are manufactured in GMP facilities and adhere to strict global certifications to meet the growing growing consumer demand for these products we recently expanded to 6,500 square foot facility however that is only part of the reason why I am here today I am also the sponsor of a 10,000 plus signature petition that has been tabled in the House of Commons on bill as 5 January 30th 2018 that petition calls on the government to halt and review bill s5 and to create a fair and logical category for vape products clearly setting them apart from tobacco so let me start on that point it should be obvious to anyone that vaping products and tobacco products are two completely different things and do not belong in the same piece of legislation you don't put alcohol on soft drinks in the same registration legislation because you drink both of them and therefore you shouldn't put vaping products and cigarettes in the same category because both are inhaled vaping products like e-cigarettes like e-cigarettes are much safer alternative to tobacco for those people unwilling or unable to quit smoking they provide the nicotine that smokers create without the harmful effects of combustion that's an important point nicotine on its own is no more harmful than caffeine and nicotine actually occurs naturally in many products we all consume daily it's the combustion that causes the negative health effects of smoking not the nicotine that is why esteemed medical and scientific bodies like public health England and the Royal College of Physicians of said that e-cigarettes are at least 95 percent less harmful than smoking just last week public health England came out with an updated report on e-cigarettes and let me quote directly from that organization's press release the main findings 1 vaping poses only a small fraction of the risks of smoking switching completely from smoking to vaping conveys substantial health benefits to e-cigarettes could be contributing to at least 20,000 successful new quits per year and probably more each cigarette use is associated with improved quit success rates over the last year and an accelerated accelerated drop in smoking rates across the country many thousands of smokers incorrectly and this this is really bad incorrectly believe that vaping is as harmful as smoking around 40 percent of smokers have not even tried an e-cigarette there's much public misunderstanding about nicotine less than 10 percent of adults understand that most of the harms to health from smoking are not caused by nicotine the use of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom has plateaued over the last few years at just under 3 million the evidence does not support the concern that e-cigarettes are a gateway into smoking among young people youth smoking rates in the UK continue to decline regularly cigarette use is almost entirely confined to those who have previously smoked cigarettes I want to pick up on the fourth and fifth points I cited from the public health England report both of which deal with public misunderstandings regarding the risks of vaping and nicotine I put the blame for this squarely on the shoulders of governments and health groups some of which deliberately or not have misled Canadians about the risks of vaping products those who continue to do so deserve public shaming for scaring people away from these devices which usually usually means they continue smoking which is more harmful to their health I asked the committee a question from who would you rather get advice on vaping products such as cigarettes organizations like public health England and the Royal College of Physicians or high paid lawyers lobbying for tobacco groups for me when I advise I go to a doctor not a lawyer you may have seen or heard that a public debate on vaping products was recently held here in Ottawa during national non-smoking week I was there dr. Roston ji who you heard from on Monday was there as was the University of Ottawa's David's Wiener and a representative from the tobacco harm reduction Association of Canada we had a great discussion on the value of vaping products for reducing tobacco use but completely absent from the discussion was Health Canada or any of those so-called health groups who are misleading the public about the risks of these products none of the anti vaping products groups or health advocates accepted the invitation to debate their position in public but I see a couple of them appear before your committee on Monday they won't shy away from that these groups know their position is indefensible which is why they refuse to debate people like myself or dr. Ross dengue or dr. Sweeney in public if this committee wants Canadians to stop smoking cigarettes as does the Health Minister and likely all Canadian citizens and stop listening to the more-or-less and public health community who are deliberately misleading Canadians about the risks of vaping products with that in mind I have two recommendations for the committee first the vaping provisions a bill has five should be stripped out entirely and Health Canada told to go back to the drawing board to come with up with legislation that treats these products as completely separate from tobacco health Canada didn't throw marijuana which when consumed vehicle bustable process actually as higher levels of tar content than cigarettes do into the tobacco act so why are you letting them put vaping products in there tobacco products and vaping products are completely separate different products that require their own distinctive legislative framework secondly whether in a bit a new bill or if s five is passed smokers need to be properly informed about the relative health risk of tobacco products versus vaping products Sweden has virtually eliminated tobacco related cancer because smokers switched to non combustible products the UK who embraced the principles of harm reduction have also seen smoking rates and smoking related illness dropped to an all-time low hence also reducing the burdens and the cost on their health system overall there's enormous Public Health potential of Canadian smokers are well informed and given choices to switch as well but they will only do so if they know about vaping products such as cigarettes and understand the relative risks being greatly lesser than smoking tobacco I have a serious concerns about two constraints in billa's five that would prevent the vaping industry to communicate and share this information with smokers finally I want to make one more point about this whole debate particularly particularly the anti-smoking groups who continue to spread information about e-cigarettes and suggest that there are better ways of quitting such as cold turkey or using the patch or the gum or something else the people making those claims are not smokers and quite frankly I would encourage them to butt out some smokers do succeed in quitting through some of these methods I just mentioned but for others it is a monumental struggle in some cases impossible for those people and the people who want to continue to use nicotine vaping products are a lifeline for governments to put unnecessary restrictions on these products and restrict the ability of those offering these products is unjust and some experts like David's Wiener from the University of Ottawa will tell you it is even uncommon unconstitutional I am of that opinion also and so are the ten thousand two hundred and fifty one Canadians from coast to coast petition in one two three seven table in the House of Commons on January the 30th that is another reason why you have to hit the pause button on this bill and work to get it right vaping is not smoking eliquid are not tobacco as you can probably tell I'm very passionate about this subject so I thank you for listening and I look forward to your questions thank you very much and I for one I'm just at the beginning of the learning curve on your product so I think many of us are like that so we appreciate your contribution to this so I think we're going to have to limit the first round of questions to four minutes starting with mr. a you okay yes what is that Thank You mr. chairman I'll get directly to my point I met with you in other circumstances and I'm happy to see that the industry or the Association is participating in a constructive way in our deliberations you were present when we talked to the minister earlier for questions to her what are your concerns with respect to the health of young people and relative to this bill your concerns about the health of young people because you are a business and the health side of things would seem to be not as important as it is to the minister but when it comes to improving Canadians health you're going to have to convince us and provide the information we need as the chair said we're at the just getting the information we need so I only have a few minutes mr. Hilley would you begin please and then mr. Edwards thank you very much for the question it is a very important question obviously were at the Canadian vaping Association take youth vaping very seriously and we absolutely do not want any youth addicted to nicotine despite the relative reduced risk it is still an addictive substance and so we are the Canadian vaping Association haven't taken initiatives prior to becoming law we've have been distributing nineteen plus signs to our members and mandating that a number laws our our membership chair has negotiated a deal with the credit card companies to mandate a ID verification at the point of sale and and at this point that I believe this very impactful initiative that is going to limit heavily limit the access to young young people to vaping products that I believe is not enough I do support some of the suggestions recommendations for a tube and lifestyle advertisement and and a lot could be learned I believe from the alcohol laws because it is a dangerous addictive substance that's restricted to young people and that problem has been tackled so wanted one an additional suggestion would be to limit the time during which such advertisements could be aired to to later later in the day and we do believe that a lot stronger cooperation between between the government and our industry is required you know as a refers to accreditation and certification program in order to enforce these things and go further even into the realm of educating young people yes well if you've been following closely the the vaping industry has done a relatively good job of self-regulating themselves and being very responsible we restrict sales to adults I know that I do in my outlet and I know that my retailers also do I'm not there to oversee them on a regular basis but there are guidelines put in place we do not want to see our children get hooked on nicotine that's that's for sure I'm in agreement with the as Boris said some of the restrictions on lifestyle advertisements there should be certain guidelines with within labeling which you know generally speak I could speak for myself my company has been very responsible in that area where we do not use unicorns and and cartoonish types of images on our products I wouldn't sleep well at night to do that so the gut D the industry itself has done a pretty good job in self regulating you know where the governance is needed oversight is needed and it's welcome and I would we would like to be part of an open communication discussion with government one riggs regulations are going to be determined because right now it is such a broad it's scripted in such a broad sense that it's nothing is clear thank you very much now we go to miss gradu Thank You chair and thank you to the witnesses question I have is about the nicotine eliquid I think mr. Edwards you had said that they don't come from tobacco what's the source of the nicotine then well the Dean the tobacco leaf is actually the plant that contains the highest highest content of nicotine where it is therefore more viably commercially extractable but you could also find nicotine in nightshade plants such as peppers green timber green peppers tomatoes cauliflower there's a variety of nitrate plants actually carry extracted from tobacco then or not harden so some of the the nicotine in the e liquids is extracted from tobacco nicotine that is used in the liquid is a tobacco extract for the sole reason that it is more commercially viable to extract from that particular plant but that being said that's fine and my next question has to do with the actual devices so this legislation leaves all the detail about the device to the regulations and I know that there were early models that had batteries and there was some safety incidents related to that so do you have any advice about what actually should go into those regulations in order to make sure that the products are safe for use I think you for that question I think the nature of the industry is the products are developing faster than the cellphone industry and in order to catch up with that we need a mechanism that is a layer on top of a regulation and legislation and that's why we bring up the accreditation program because if it is run by industry members we can catch those things early on another initiative we have been running at the SCBA is battery safety week aimed at educating retailers and consumers through the through those retailers about the importance of battery safety so we we believe it is crucial to to add a third layer to the current protections in place ok and what amendments would you like to see specifically to s5 do you have any and I'll go to both of you as far as I am concerned I've looked at the bill several times it is so layered there there is a array of amendments that I would like to see happen there you know from there's amendments that should happen from consumer standpoint and also from a manufacturing standpoint if I want to answer from a manufacturing standpoint one of them is the fact that we will be mandated to submit our private recipes to Health Canada in detail and therefore they would become public knowledge and open and available to the public through the freedom of access to information Act you know mr. Christie makes great cookies but he doesn't tell you precisely what his ingredients are to get the result but I'm glad if I could I think your questions are very interesting we we presented to the Senate committee we put some amendments on the table and we were satisfied with what happened from that perspective for the most part we also agree that there will be some opportunity under regulation to change and to do things that we think would benefit the industry but I think one of the things that I would really like this committee to consider is this whole idea the notion of a certification program and to make it mandatory we we are we are literally holding onto a cliffs edge with every single province it's been a mind-numbing siege to deal with this country on this issue because we have to go through not only the provinces but we were waiting for this to happen so if this committee was really gonna be responsible and I can sense that you are that you would make it mandatory for a certification program for everybody who's in this industry and that makes it viable certification program run by Health Canada I think well I wouldn't say it's by the industry I think you want to have qualified career colleges to be delivering that kind of service okay you're done thanks very much mr. Davis your worship that's the nicest thing I've been called in a while thank you for being with us so I want to just try to get as much information we can about vaping as we can when someone is vaping nicotine what other chemicals or substances are being ingested besides nicotine are there any let me answer this question there are four ingredients in in a vape for propylene glycol vegetable glycerin flavors and nicotine if they want it for so when you look at that and compare that against I see I see this all the time and we've been compared to cigarettes there are 1,400 chemicals in a cigarette and when you look there because again I'm not trying to compare to anything I'm trying to find out isolate truly to what the products are vaping you've listed the ingredients but how many chemicals are being ingested are you saying there's only four chemicals that are be congested propylene glycol is generally accepted as as a safe vegetable glycerin is is is generally accepted soup is safe I want you to list for me how many chemicals well you got my Jason when I vape one of your probably gets best I could get specific this today is about about the chemicals that are in a flavor but that doesn't mean I think I know where you're going with her question but we have been very clear that there are four ingredients in in innovate versus what you would get in a cigarette and we're looking if we want to compare this to being something that's less harmful I think that we we got to put that out on the table again just kidding I'm not I'm not I don't know if you know where I'm going I'm not suggesting that it's more or less safe I think it's generally accepted that at least with the state of knowledge now is that vaping is a significantly safer much safer ingestion method of nicotine I'm purely I've been a very sincere and objective desire to find out what the chemicals are that's all I'm asking okay so well is vegetable glycerin a chemical yes yes so vegetable glycerin is a chemical problem glycol it is pharmaceutical grade nicotine the same that goes into gums patches and inhalers and then flavorings flavorings is not a single ingredient but rather a category those are food flavorings and there could be a plethora so somebody could could put one strawberry flavor extract to produce the desired effect and somebody else could put 12 and mixture of 12 so it really varies thanks now in terms of flavors we you've probably sapped through the last testimony I think we're trying to get a handle on what's the best way to regulate flavors if I understand correctly this act schedules the flavors and there's some concern by scheduling the limited number of flavors that we'll be chasing the industry as it keeps coming up with more and more flavors than having to add them or not in terms of giving guidance to your industry so that you know what you can produce um what you can't do have any comments or thoughts on what would be an effective regulatory approach to to flavoring to make sure that we're not marketing to children absolutely and I believe that the ministry has striking a perfect balance in this piece of regulation banning specifically the marketing of flavors while leaving the ingredients alone we absolutely think that names like bubble gum and and cotton candy should should not be allowed and even for instances like licorice it should be renamed to something like a nice while flavors may be attractive to children they're absolutely necessary for adult smokers in order to transition 100 percent of my customers are adults and and vast majority of them prefer flavours they need to it needs to be this experience needs to be incrementally more pleasant and more convenient than smoking in order for smokers to naturally gravitate towards that as an alternative to smoking and I'm sorry if you've already commented this but I want to get your views on the the promotion advertising you probably heard this dichotomy quite tight restrictions on on advertising and promotion in places that are frequented by children are made but within places that adults frequent and I'm gonna use the example of a bar as we talk about adults we're talking eighteen year olds a night rolls and 20 year olds are going to be are populated our bars and nightclubs do you agree with the tenor of this committee that we should not be allowing promotion and advertising that our lifestyle oriented towards people in that situation because that's a means of actually attracting people who don't smoke to try ingesting nicotine through vaping as opposed to using vaping for a smoking cessation product very quick answer please absolutely so children and non-smokers alike should not be targeted by advertising lifestyle advertisement should be absolutely restricted and and the locations at which it's the other place if it's a billboard there's got to be a minimum distance away from a school dr. Elson you're up four minutes all right Thank You mr. chair mr. Edwards um you made a comment that I thought was very good you said how you know in regards to what safe we should be asking doctors rather than lawyers being a doctor I might be a little biased but you know on that I would agree now first of all you said the statement and I've heard this said before that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking where does that number come from does that come from a medical journal does that come from a any peer-reviewed scientific research but from what I understand it's peer-reviewed scientific research done by the Royal College of Physicians in 2016 and a state that vaping is likely 95 at least 95 percent less harmful and/or toxic than was smoking a cigarette and a recently public health England last week on February the 6th did a review on the success and the progress of their liberal open-minded approach to vaping and harm reduction in their country I have I've limited times I'm going to go on now going on if you could provide those references for us that would be very useful thank you yeah now in regards to some regards to another statement that you made you talked about how this shouldn't be in the same bill as smoking it's nothing like smoking it should be we should draft this take vaping completely out of this legislation put it somewhere else because it's just not similar now as per your own suggestion listening to the doctors from the Canadian Medical Association Journal two separate studies one finding that smoking or vaping among young people is that rates slightly either at or higher these are people who try it for the first time the young people are now vaping at rates slightly higher than those who are starting smoking cigarettes this is from the Canadian Medical Association Journal and another one and this is very recent this is October of 2017 it's a very large study that shows that those who start vaping are significantly more likely to then move on to smoking tobacco so in other words young people are using it at the same or higher rates than smokers there are higher rates than tobacco and they're much more likely to go to – back to tobacco if they start vaping so how does that how does that fit with your assumption that or your assertion that vaping has no part in this legislation well first of all vaping has not been legislated yet in Canada but it has been you know the UK has ten years on us and more we should be looking to the United Kingdom and their program at template's which has proven to be successful and you stated your report was from October 2016 of the part of May 17 2017 well we just have a a new review and a a by public health England in a country that has actually applied the vaping regulations and with the liberal open-minded approach and they say the evidence does not support the concern that e-cigarettes are a gateway into smoking among young people I understand that but since we're drafting laws in Canada should we not be relying on the evidence that is collected in Canada if I may you might be referring to a study by authored by David Hammond from the University of Waterloo and and his own contrary to the headlines that were published his own conclusion is is that vaping that there is a correlation but not a causation they cannot prove a causation and and his leading hypothesis is that a kids who try stuff try stuff so all the data today it shows a displacement of smoking by vaping rather than than than a gateway effect and the largest largest longitudinal study of 60,000 participants in England has shown a reverse effect it completely dispelled that myth all right thank you again would there not be confounding factors between two countries are there they're not the same society at all are there not what are some of these confounding variables yeah thank you there are similarities and we do have additional information from University of Victoria supporting that hypothesis and I'll be happy to follow up at a written submission to that effect there are public health clinicians like yourself who who support the theory that that vaping is magnitude safer they may not put a percentage to it but magnitude safer


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    Nicotine exhaled into the environment are extremely diluted (no bystenader will become "addicited" by such small exposures), carbonyls are in tiny concentrations and "particles" are harmless liquid droplets that evaporate very fast. Mean life of environmental vapor (one exhaled puff) is below 20 seconds, it is over 20 minutes for environmental tobacco smoke [Bertholon JF, Becquemin MH, Roy M, et al. Comparison of the aerosol produced by electronic cigarettes with conventional cigarettes and the shisha. Rev Mal Respir. 2013;30(9):752–757].

    Involuntary exposure to exhaled aerosol (vapor) can be uncomfortable or irritating for a lot of people, but will not endanger their health (as passive smoking). Vaping should be allowed indoors in designated places where voluntary exposure by adults is accepted. This is a powerful incentive for smokers to switch. The prospect to improve health by vaping is distant and abstract for young smokers (smoking takes decades to make people sick and to kill them), the prospect to be able to vape and socialize in indoor spaces without stigma and much reduced harm is a concrete and immediate benefit. To be successful, vaping must not be "denormalized" like smoking. This is the most powerful message for tobacco harm reduction.

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  14. Smoked a pack and a half a day for 35 years. Tried all the nicotine replacements available. None worked, not even the first generation e-cigs. Tried newer vape models four months ago and haven’t used tobacco since. I have even lowered the amount of nicotine I initially started with. I agree we need regulations so that we are not buying products made with hidden ingredients; however, banning flavorings because they might attract youth is ridiculous. Every year alcohol manufacturers come out with flavors to sell their products, and despite having an age limit- teens still get their hands on it.


  16. That ass crack who said that children who vape are far more likely to smoke is asinine. That could be like unto this. "KIDS WHO EAT STRAWBERRY ICE-CREAM ARE FAR MORE LIKELY TO EAT SHIT

  17. It is sickening that any government can sit around and talk about banning and or regulating flavors. This is a dangerous line that is being walked. Next lets ban flavored ICE-CREAM. Because the children are obese. From now on only Cow Shit flavored ICECREAM CAN BE PRODUCED BECAUSE ONLY CHILDREN LIKE STRAWBERRY chocolate and vannilla .

  18. Less risks isnt no risks. The problem is kids are being drawn in and long term it can be worse since food grade doesnt mean safe in your lungs. You can get cancer from cooking oil which is why you dont heat it to much so what does the vale liquid do when heated to a gas.

  19. The US government should watch this video

  20. Show asked if nicotine is extracted from where?

  21. I live in Australia … our govt is nuts …nicotine containing e juice is illegal here to sell or use …. (nicotine is classed as a poison ) …yet i can buy patches , gum , inhalers etc and of course cigarettes containing nicotine …………..

  22. Doug Eyolfson tried to pull the refer madness gateway argument and apply it to vaping/smoking which has been long debunked. While some people may try some things and move on to other things, the benefit of the millions of people who quit smoking by vaping far outweighs the small amount of people who will try vaping and move on to smoking. In the end we all have to make up our own minds about what we put into our bodies and suffer the consequences of it.

  23. All about money

  24. Vaping is helping me reduce the urge of cigarettes. I hope they don't ban it.

  25. For now, I choose to believe that vaping will not foolishly be restricted to those who benefit from this activity. My thinking is based in the belief that we will not choose to give more oppressive laws toward the disallowing of yet another freedom in a world that now more than ever needs liberty and we as thinking people will recognize this giving yet more of long fought freedoms to ourselves, simply put the progressive recognition of intelligent thinking giving allowance to what we need, liberty, is well and alive in what otherwise could be a cruel world where the control of others lives continue to what would be also a poorer world.

  26. vaping is there to stop smoking not for young people to start vaping kids do drugs and drink concentrate on that not something that saves LIFE

  27. My dad just died a painful death from cigarettes. Fuck these pieces of shit protecting the tobacco industry. Lowsy fucking low lives. People do not mean shit to Big Tobacco. When something amazing like vaping comes out and takes from their pockets, they will lie, and twist the truth/FACTS to make more sales, which in turn kills more and keeps TEENAGERS smoking. Wtf?!? I would buy my kid a vape to keep him/her away from cigs forever. As long as they're old "enough" which I would determine, not anyone else

  28. There is no way that is a zero chanch that that any one vaping is is ever going to move on to smoking. Smoling. Why in the world would anyone ever return to smoking when vapiong is possible and oes not taste horrible lijke a cigarrette it caused your entire body to stink and tat alone extens to your clothes, your house and everything else, Believe me vapers will never return to smoking and if your take a survey of how many people return to smoking after vaping I am positively sure that you will find that being a zero chance. If your take away vaping then is when you would find millions returning to smoking.

  29. Smoking cigarettes KILLS
    Does vaping KILLS too??

  30. I want to hear a discussion on why a product that has 1400 chemicals is available on the market as a legal drug…hence CIGARETTES??.

  31. this video has too few views…

  32. It all boils down to money!! The tobacco industry and the government are losing money so they deem it "bad" for your health.

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