what is the American vaping Association the American vaping Association was formed after I spent about three years as the volunteer legislative director for kasaa the USA's largest consumer group ABA was formed with the intention not of representing the industry but for advocating for it as a whole with the belief that when you have a market where small and medium sized businesses can build new businesses improve their products innovate that is the market that's going to have the most smokers voluntarily choosing to use these products to quit and improve their health where are some organizations you know or education focused and that kind of thing yours is very legislative oriented is it on legislative and media we're very happy to be probably the most quoted organization in the US on vaping we also focus yes legislatively state and federal we have been guiding vendors in meeting district directors meeting their congressmen what to say what not to say it's often attending those meetings with the business owners to calm their nerves and so we're essentially if something needs to get done we try to do would you characterize these regulations as industry killing these FDA regulations are indeed industry killing this is not regulation this is in so far from regulation this is tantamount to prohibition yes not every single product on the market is going to be banned but it's going to end up being 99.9 percent of them being removed from the market that's prohibition not regulation public health is supposed to be about saving lives the FDA their mission is supposed to be out saving lives improving health but this issue and so many other tobacco issues it becomes Puritanism not public health we explain to our viewers the different efforts that are going on with the amendments the coal bishop and the coal and everything else I know a lot of people find it confusing there are certain people that advocate one thing and certain other people the other and then there's a whole group of people saying no let's work on both and what what is going on to help fix the FDA problem Congress is only going to come back for a couple weeks at the end of the year if that and that's it for Congress this year the session ends any bill that has been introduced over the past two years that does not reach the finishing line that bill is gone it has to be reintroduced so right now our only opportunity to modernize the predicate date is in what's known as the house agriculture appropriations bill and that bill contains what's known as the coal bishop amendment that's a bipartisan amendment sponsored by representative Tom Cole a Republican from Oklahoma representative Sanford Bishop a Democrat from Georgia and a rural district and they teamed up because they recognized that if the predicate date has not moved businesses in their district and businesses across the country will go out of business and that amendment would not only a modernize the predicate date but it would also update FDA standards add safety features add safety regulations add advertising restrictions that are reasonable and may withstand court scrutiny and our goal is when Congress comes back post-election they have to pass what's known as the omnibus funding bill that is a gigantic monstrous funding bill and we need the coal bishop amendment which is in one of those appropriations bills now to make it to that finishing line and so what we are encouraging here at the sephardic conference but we're encouraging everyday as we go across the country with the right to vape tour is business owners need to go see their congressmen go see their congressman's district director and impart the message we don't need you just to support it we don't need you just to be a yes vote if it ever comes up for a vote we need you to go to leadership and say please we need you to include the change of the predicate date or else all these businesses in my district are going to go away this is not then the legislation aspect this is the rider basically everything is legislation but the actual piece of legislation HR 205 205 eight which would simply modernize the predicate date and that's it that bill is not going to read the finishing line this year it did not make it out of committee it gained 77 79 co-sponsors it was a great way of gathering up support and so we know when we want to have 77 legislators that we think we can convince to go to leadership we can look at that list of 205 eight sponsors so it was an important vehicle it is not going to pass this year it could get reintroduced this year or rather next year my hope though is that it's not necessary because we get the coal bishop amendment in the final omnibus bill and signed by the president if you can't kill a law if you can't change the law then defund the law is that still the the core goal ditto yes so how a rider works is the Congress says unless an agency does this or unless an agency interprets a law to say this you cannot spend any money and so the way called bishop works is that unless the FDA modernizes that February 15 2007 predicate date updates it to August 8th of 2016 they cannot spend any money regulating the newly regulated quote/unquote tobacco products which includes vapor products that's the way things get done in Washington isn't it often times especially nowadays where Congress cannot agree on anything Republicans can't even agree with each other there's 30 or so Republicans that simply won't vote for a budget because they're angry about the amounts spent in the bill and so the rider process is where a lot of policy does get done where the Republicans on this issue you would think this would be a natural issue you have taxes you have industry killing legislation and yet it seems quiet in the house we have a lot of Republican support they once they have a meeting with a business owner and they see big government coming in and killing businesses in their district they are apt to support there are plenty of Republicans that haven't co-sponsor to o58 but they have come out privately and said if this comes up for a vote I'm on your side we do not need at this juncture we don't need people holding press conferences saying we love these products we need to save them what we really need is those private conversations going on behind closed doors saying that we need to make this happen because you know what's interesting August 8th of 2018 that is three months or so before the 2018 midterm election so with Democrats a huge chunk of the Democratic Senate is going to be up for re-election in 2018 do they really want to close down thousands of businesses three months before an election and in midterm elections Democrats especially are vulnerable because it's Republicans that actually go out and vote during the midterms they are the ones that are energized so that is a message that we're trying to get through not only is a modernization of the predicate date needed to save small businesses to protect consumer choice to improve public health but hey if you want to protect your numbers in the Senate if you want to protect your seat well then if you're expecting a close race we could push it over the finishing line just with the anger that's going to be out there is there a political position if you are a vapor should you be considering voting for Trump it's a difficult question because we can expect that Hillary Clinton will continue President Obama's policies on this issue president Obama has never made a speech never said a word about vapor products but he sat back when there were thousands of phone calls coming to the White House warning about the FDA regulation about how he should save this industry and its consumers from prohibition President Obama did nothing and his OMB allowed that regulation to proceed and so there is good reason to fear that just as President Obama has opposed moves by Congress to modernize the predicate date that Hillary Clinton well as well but Donald Trump is also a wild card because he's a teetotaler he doesn't drink he doesn't smoke on but he is if he pulls off a miracle and gets elected he is not going to likely be a fan of Obama era regulations so if you are a single issue voter and you're not considering third party if you want to vote one one party or the other the orange guy may in fact be your best bet in terms of saving this industry but that's a choice for you to make I think when it comes to the Senate the house local politics we're gonna have a lot more single-issue voters and that's where you can better gauge not always the better gauge how a politician is behaving towards this issue


  1. I live in Britain and I am a user of Vapour for about 5 yrs after being a pipe smoker for 50yrs before that I used cigarettes and have found the benefits of not smoking tobacco products. I have been banned from a pub for vaping, the pub is a part of the Weatherspoon group, not that it bothered me as I don't drink. I was only buying food. My son's thought it was amusing that someone my age could get banned from a pub, but wondered what sort of moron could be employed to run this business.

  2. Gregory Conley is a great guy, although I live in the UK and am not in the same position as US vapers I would sure want a guy like him fighting for my rights if I was.

  3. very well filmed and produced

  4. Yep. thanks Gregory Conley for fighting for vapers


  6. Go orange guy go.

  7. FDA is single handedly responsible for millions of deaths around the world. This is called genocide.

  8. I find this somewhat misleading, he suggests voting for Trump but he doesn't discuss Pence's stance which is anti-vape. Trump has never taken a public stance on vaping so it is purely suspect and assuming to state Trump is more supportive than the other candidates. This video should have focused on keeping a Republican senate.

  9. Trump has said many times his plan is to lift burdensome government regulations on small businesses. He has my vote on that point and many other more important points.

  10. Gregory Conley thanks for your help from all vapers

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