hi I'm Brent Stafford and this is red watch my regulator watch calm as summer blockbusters go this one was a real stinker vape apocalypse dropped on the vaping industry in the United States on eight eight twenty sixteen starring the Food and Drug Administration and directed by public health warriors it features a nationwide regulatory crackdown on the multi-billion dollar a year e-cigarette industry more horror than action the reviews are in and it's two thumbs down for the FDA free promotion for the summer flop began in May with the FDA's announcement of its finalized deeming regulations which set August 8th as the first major deadline in a three-year regulatory rule out that could decimate the industry and going forward FDA will be able to review new tobacco products before they hit the shelves we need to bring these products out of the wild wild west and into the world of regulation so that we can protect the public with sensible reasonable regulation the industry is fuming what I see this regulation is doing is decimating an industry and driving consumers back to smoking the sellers and makers of e-cigarettes claim that vaping is a safer alternative to cigarettes but under the new rules they'll have to prove that to the FDA as well as get the FDA's okay for their products the new rules and regulations require the vaping industry to not only prove to the FDA that each and every product is safe but to also demonstrate that those products have a net benefit to public health the process began with a costly and burdensome pre-market tobacco application for which the deadline to file was August 8th industry analysts say the pmta process is an incredible regulatory hurdle seemingly insurmountable by design joining us today to talk about the impact aid aid as having on the vaping community is phil bazar de coming from a location familiar to so many vapors hey folks p Bussard oh good morning everybody is there anything better than the the morning coffee and a vape I don't think so but the difference between a clearomizer in it Kiba Sardo is a prolific content creator and passionate vapor in the past five years he's produced nearly 600 vapor product review videos posted on his YouTube channel where he's amassed over a hundred and thirty-five thousand subscribers and logged 20 million video views you can find all of Phil's contributions to the vaping community at his blog site tasty juice calm Phil thanks again for coming on the show now I did everything I could in that intro to not call you a celebrity I hate that I you know I don't want you know hmm I don't want to be the celebrity because that's not who I am I don't consider myself a celebrity I consider myself a regular guy who wants to put out videos with quality information that's gonna help out vapors and potentially inspire a smoker here there you know that's that's why I do what I do my friend all the viewers do appreciate it Phil your videos get down to the nitty gritty details of the devices I put them through the wringer I do torture testing on them I put them on the scope I try to prove or disprove that they're doing what they're supposed to do they obviously there's gonna be a little bit of opinion on there I look at them from an ergonomic standpoint I look at them from a user interface standpoint you know I did this is what I tried to do because you were in I remember too when I started this whole thing there was no such thing as a vape shop Phil let's turn to the vape apocalypse you have a unique position from which to survey the aftermath of eight-eight what's been the impact on you what what 8:8 was for me was just absolute misery okay it was absolute misery from a Viper's perspective from somebody who's coming out with a an illiquid line for somebody who is into the community for somebody who's hearing all of the the drama and the finger-pointing right now it was just it's just for me it's absolutely misery okay uh and I tell you what the whole thing has taken a lot of wind out of myself what do you mean by that small businesses here in America are gonna be affected by this it's their livelihood now right and that's at risk of going away if they can't continue to do business in this this toxic environment that that the FDA has given to us right it all of it has taken the wind out of my sails it's it's very frustrating it's extremely frustrating because I care about vaping all of vaping Phil you mentioned a toxic environment it's gotten pretty nasty on social media well beyond vapors just eating their young you know I think so I mean you've got you've got some really violent and vicious and unfounded attacks out there you know against you know Greg Connolly I mean how do you have you beat up Greg Connolly I mean this guy has had our back for so long you got a you know against a mitri against me I even read somewhere they're throwing for cellino's under the bus I mean we're talking about a cardiologist who has who has debunked so many articles against vaping you know it's just in a way Brandt I totally understand what's going on I truly truly do because people they're angry they're frustrated they're confused they feel like they're being ignored everything I mean the advocacy groups they've had successes on the state level and they've been fighting so hard against these FDA regulations and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to curse on this show or not but but based on based on everything that these advocacy groups have done the FDA FDA has said to you to everything to everything for all the letters to all the fighting to all of the the science the science okay the 95 percent safer they've said you to everything and they put us in this this toxic environment that we're living in right now right and you know instead of targeting some of that anger towards the FDA they're taking it out on the groups that didn't get anything done that weren't able to prevent the FDA from saying you write and it's getting pretty personal too it's getting real it's getting real fair you should see some of the stuff that I get you know you laugh it off most of the time and you try to understand that you know people are just angry and they're frustrated and they're miserable but you know why you hit me on the right day and it's still I'm still a human being right I mean you gotta have a thick skin to it to be in this game but you know I'm still a human being and it still affects you right when you're talking about like my weight what does my weight have anything to do with it right or I hope you die I would never wish death on anybody you know no matter how much I agree or disagree with you so yeah a lot of the stuff that's going on it is really disgusting at this point it really is Phil do you think some vapors and maybe even some businesses might be giving up the fight you know I hope they're not giving up I really hope they're not giving up because you know for me it's fight until the bitter end fight until the very bitter end hope that we can get some legislation passed hope that we can either get 2050 a or Cole bishop or whatever you support past hope that some of these these these lawsuits that that are that are in place have some effect hope that a billion lives hope that whatever tool that we have available to us works you mentioned a billion lives you were at the documentaries North American premiere what did you think I thought the movie was excellent you know I wrote in the eight-eight Post I teared up twice because I take all this very very seriously but I gritted my teeth a lot more than then I teared up because it's just so frustrating and it you know every vapor out there wants to see the movie right there's not a single vapor out there that needs to see the movie we know our fight we know our struggle we know what we're going through but this is a movie that needs to be seen by the general public and the public will get another chance to see a billion lives we have some breaking news on the Canadian premier it's now confirmed for October 21st at the Hawk docks Ted Rogers cinema in downtown Toronto no ticket information is available as yet but it's promised to be coming out soon if you're a vapor don't go as a vapor if you're if you're a vapor grab somebody grab a smoked and grab your mother's hand grab your Sitton bring them along grab a doubters hand bring them along and make sure they see the movie – because it's important it is extremely important that this movie be seen outside of the vaping community Phil I imagine it's also just as important for the vaping community to support advocacy post eight eight right now as a vapor you know and as somebody who's got a liquid line coming out I've got a I've got to put my faith in these groups right I've got to put my faith in the Casals and the a VA s and the C father's and the V TAS because you know what I got another better right now I have to hope that these groups who have been suiting up and walking the walk all of these years have our best interest in in mind because I don't have a better answer finally Phil do you have any post eight eight advice for vapors play by the rules no matter how disgusting these rules are stay the course continue to fight continue to support the predicate they change no matter how you decide to do that fight for your style of vaping fight for open systems because it's this diversity the diversity of the product and the diversity of the ways that you can vape it's what's made this thing that we do is so successful we got to be unified because when we're standing together we're a whole lot stronger than standing apart well that's it for this edition of reg watch before you head off please Like us on Facebook and don't forget to follow us on Twitter for Regulator watch com I'm Brent Stafford


  1. Vapocalipse

  2. FDA protect the public…lol! How many FDA approved medications were recalled because the government was WRONG… Watch the documentary "A Billion Lives"

  3. I like all of your content, but the odd, forced format, heavily branded and edited really doesn't do it for me.

  4. wow this awesome job love it great keep it up thank u

  5. Robert Califf looks like that one creepy pedophile who lives in a neighbor hood

  6. Great video many congragulations from Germany, I hope that a billion lives is possible to see in Germany too.

  7. I swear to God, when i told my doctor for the 10th time i couldn't stop smoking, he literally threw his newspaper at me and said ( with an India/American accent)" You need to roll this up, and smoke this because it is safer then a cigarette" ….at that moment, with that angry , natural response from a well respected Doctor, was the first time in 36 years it hit me…yer settin something on fire man !!!! 5 year anniversary this week…..when he saw me on my next appointment, he looked at my cig a like, i told him i didn't ever, and would never smoke again, the very first words out of this mans mouths were….SON OF A BITCH, WHY DIDN'T I MAKE THIS PRODUCT !! Thanks Doc, and thank you for one of the worlds biggest inventions in health in a very long time….i believe in good wind over evil…vaping is here to stay, cigarettes are as doomed as VHS tapes.

  8. Where did he get that fucking suit!!??

  9. Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, and the FDA are completely willing to let you die before they let go of one cent. The entire world can come forward with irrefutable proof that vaping can and will save lives and should be let alone to freely save millions, but it will not make a bit of difference, because your life does not matter as much as their money. End of story.

  10. True Story !!!

  11. Could you please cover the DEA's plan to classify an herbal remedy used by millions of people in the USA, kratom, as a Schedule 1 narcotic, with no science or public comment? Thank you.

  12. OMG great job, great well done video, subscribed, please keep coming with great content and mostly the truth… 😉

  13. Non-vapers probably won't understand most of that, but… appreciate the attention towards such an important topic! Back to basics, imho.. Vaping ISN'T smoking. While proven to be 95% better/healthier than traditional combustible cigarettes, common sense should be telling people that (just based on what we know about cigs already) almost anything should be considered better! Teens.. flavors.. labels… caps… attraction to….. nicotine… etc. #1 they AREN'T smoking= win! #2 Vaping isn't/shouldn't be considered a 'tobacco' product. ESP if/when tobacco isn't used. #3 When, ironically.. the only public study on nicotine/addiction to… was using nicotine when in cigarettes & combined w/ everything else in 'em. On it's own, pretty odd there are no studies of nicotine being addictive.. at all. Furthermore, even Wikipedia shows that nicotine is IN many other things (tomato, eggplant, potato, etc) & is actually a nutritional necessity. In fact, not one person at any given time, would test "negative" for nicotine; it's in everyone's bloodstream & essential. Yet… somehow, addictive? One would just think they'd have to prove it's a danger or hindrance….. not US having to prove it isn't. What is this…. guilty unless/until?? I mean, even then, "presumed", "probable", "we believe"….. "potential for"……" 'eh.. might be"…. appears to be good enough to get rulings against something… anything?!? If only they'd put one OUNCE of this effort towards getting rid of what they've KNOWN to be killing millions……… for so many years now!!! "Things that make ya go, hmmm…. " smh. All I know is if this is how it's so blatantly gonna be. The almighty dollar (& all those State agreements pd in advance for sales of cigs/taxes after 2009 tobacco act.?) again & again will be put before all these human lives… be afraid, be VERY afraid. I am! ABSOLUCKINGFLUTELY terrifies me. Carries over to all those jailed.. all the killings… people afraid of police…. all the crime/guns/shootings… who knows what the right thing is.. who to trust, who is being honest.. nothing is fairly done anymore (if ever) ! Frankly. idk how they even sleep at night, tbh! Morals, right/wrong… right out the 'ol window… not sure why we're bothering to fight it anymore if that's the case… ?? Super discouraging. Sickening, disappointing…. hope..less…… ? Live long(ER) & vape on! PROUD TO BE one of…. #ABILLIONLIVES Vaping saved me… and you, your spouse, your child…. you're welcome for the MUCH cleaner, 2nd hand smoke-FREE air! Guess all this is our appreciation. =/ Vape on! I'll never go back to smoking! $$$$$$$$$

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  16. Thanks Brent and Phil! Great video! Hope you are able to go to the Canadian premiere, of A Billion Lives, Brent! Would love to see your coverage of it!

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