hi friends and welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to be talking all about vaginal health and natural remedies for things such as yeast infections UTIs just general discomfort down there at times and yeah but before I get into this topic I wanted to say a few things first off this video is not going to be sponsored but I am going to be having two videos after this that will be sponsored all in the same week and I was not expecting this like I was trying to you know kind of spread out my brand deals over the course of this month but then two of them got pushed back and then they all just happened to fall within the same week and I'm just like I'm sorry there will be so a sponsored content on my channel for the next few days but a girl's gotta eat I tweeted about this and all the responses we're like get that coin sis no problem hun we don't mind get the money it looks like okay so I'm gonna be uploading this video in-between to kind of break up all the sponsored posts but also I wanted to film this because I have been wanting to make this video for so long my dudes and it's finally time to be doing it so let's just get into it let's talk about vaginal health first things first I am NOT a gynecologist or a health care professional so take everything I say with a grain of salt this is just what works for me okay and I've had some of these experiences learned from them and obviously you can find other remedies that might work for you better but this is just personally what it's worked for me so I just wanted to make that quick disclaimer before I get into this but the main reason I wanted to make this video is because I wish I had been told this information and I just was it for some reason not in any of my health classes and then when I started going through puberty I was like what the heck is going on down there and is this supposed to be happening I don't understand mainly let's talk about natural vaginal odor okay cue every man clicking out of the video no I'm just kidding but I want it to be known that vaginas a natural odor it's just the way things go and so you do not need to buy vaginal washes a douche or anything like that that market truly only exists because there's just like weird myth that vaginas are supposed to smell like roses and peonies and just all of the good things and like that's just not true you don't need to buy any special wash for down below you literally could just use water and it would be fine what do you think they did before we even had body wash they just lived with it man but yeah I wanted to say that because when I was growing up and kind of more some when I was in high school I was a very active teen I did dance classes I did lacrosse and I would go to the gym during seasons of lacrosse so that I could keep up with my agility oh good times man but because I did so much physical activity obviously I was sweating a lot and then I would go home and take a shower and I'll be like why does my vagina smell different than it did before and it's just because you sweat and it's literally like nature's pocket down there it's just gonna be kind of just holding it all in so naturally when you air it out it will smell not like it did when you were at working out and it won't always smell like you just hopped out of the shower so this is just a huge thing that I wish people knew because I feel like everybody with a vagina has like that kind of self-conscious moment where you're like do I stink down there especially in intimate situations I can't even tell you at the amount of times I have told Finley no we can't do that because I'm kind of stinky and he's like I don't care I literally just don't care and I just feel like that's what everybody's attitude needs to be I don't care this is natural it is okay and I'm obviously not saying don't ever shower and like smell really bad all the time I obviously keep up with my personal hygiene but I'm just trying to say that you're not always gonna smell like roses and flowers and all of the things okay that's just not reality that's the commercial that's what ads want you to think and all of those washes on the market will just mess up the actual natural pH balance of your vagine so just leave them alone you don't by them also another PSA discharge is normal oh wow what a crazy thing to hear right I feel like everybody's so like squeamish about the word discharge so I'm trying to take away that stigma here because it is indeed normal obviously you will know that your discharge is not normal if it is discolored in any way if it's more yellow or more Brown or any of that stuff probably not normal and you're gonna know what your normal discharge is looking like so if it doesn't look like that then maybe you should do something about it also if you're like itching down there then maybe you have a yeast infection oh those things are just the worst man but did you know that seventy-five percent of women will experience at least one vaginal yeast infection within their lives oh that's a lot of us folks but we don't talk about it why don't we talk about it because it's a weird thing to talk about apparently but I'm talking about them today okay let me keep talking about vaginal fluids for a second okay if I get to monetize on this video for having a literal health lesson I will lose my mind if any of you have a period tracking act there will probably be a section for you to track your vaginal fluids so you can understand what is normal for you what happens before you start ovulating and just generally so you can track what changes in your body throughout your cycle on my app it lets me record if my discharge is sticky creamy egg white watery or unusual or if I'm spotting there's a bunch of different characteristics of vaginal fluids but the number one thing I know is that if you have very stretchy kind of more egg white discharge you are ovulating and you should be very cautious when you're having sex with people and make sure that you are being protected because during ovulation it is your heightened state of getting pregnant okay moving on let's talk about her ammonal birth control in the effects that I can have on your body I stopped taking hormonal birth control because it was giving me many a yeast infection and this can happen it can kind of play around with your microbiome and just set your body into whack and you're like what is happening with my hormones that's just what hormonal birth control does obviously when you're taking a supplement with hormones in it it's going to change the way that your body reacts to things so my body did not like hormonal birth control it could have been what I was eating as well because your gut health is directly linked to you know just your general microbiome and how your vagina will be functioning as well those two are very much so linked together so if you have a large amount of candida overgrowth otherwise known as a yeast infection then you will be itchy your discharge will probably be more yellowish or like just a little bit different in consistency and that is just the level of discomfort that nobody wants to be in at all I mean from personal experience I can say it King sucks so you need to be able to realize oh this is directly linked to my microbiome maybe I should do more research on gut health which I'm doing currently who Finlay and I both have been getting more and more into gut health but the number one things that I have learned about this is basically that there are prebiotics and probiotics I take a probiotic this is the one that I take it is once daily women's it is a vaginal digestive and immune system probiotic it has 16 probiotic strains it is gluten free dairy free and soy free and that come in vegetarian capsules but yeah in the ingredients list this has a whole kind of list of the various strains a very popular strain that will be in basically any probiotic you take for vaginal health is lactobacillus acidophilus which can also be found in Greek yogurts hence why when you have a yeast infection people tell you to have probiotic yogurt and incorporate it into your diet personally I don't like eating yogurt I think it has something to do with the fact that I ate it literally every day when I was in school in my packed lunch and now I just I don't see Greek yogurt the same way anymore okay but back to gut health basically prebiotics are kind of like they act as a fertilizer so they're going to fertilize your gut so that you can actually digest all of the probiotics so your body can use them properly some people take prebiotic and probiotic supplements some people like myself just eat prebiotic rich foods such as onions leeks asparagus bananas apples greens chicory Jerusalem artichokes so it's Chicanos kefir that's a huge thing that you'll see if you get into any kind of gut health kefir isn't very popular and you can find dairy-free substitutes for it the list goes on if you would like to do more research on gut health I would definitely recommend it because it will just help your general well-being but prebiotics and probiotics that's my general breakdown of them I'm still learning but I know that having more of those foods and those types of things in my diet it's very healthy for me hence why I take this every damn day because this is the number one thing that has helped my vaginal health and helped me not have as many yeast infections pretty much since I started taking this I don't think I've had one since so I'm not your health care provider and you should consult one before you actually start taking a probiotic but if you're looking for one I would recommend this one moving on if you ever have a terrible yeast infection those things aren't the devil get rid of it quick with this remedy that I personally like to use if you look up remedies for yeast infections online there will be like at least 10 different methods that you could go about but the number one thing that I really like is to mix tea tree oil like two to three drops with coconut oil and then I just apply it topically on to the area but like I said if you have a yeast infection and you go online saying how do I get rid of a yeast infection it'll probably come up with something like that Creek yogurt it's great like I was saying before but it is key that you don't get yogurt with a bunch of added sugars because that's just going to feed the yeast and it will be bad you could also use boric acid never tried it but this health article recommends it also you could use essential oil of oregano a lot of these articles recommend putting it onto a tampon and then inserting it inside of yourself but I would not recommend doing that okay in my personal experience I like to use essential oils on the outside of my body the exterior and I don't really ingest them or put them on my interior so I'd say use it topically on the area before doing that and also I'm not gonna just flat-out recommend to every essential oil to you everybody's bodies are different and some people have different reactions to different things so if you're going to use an essential oil that's kind of on the harsher side like tea tree or oregano I would recommend testing it on the back of your hand and if you don't have a reaction to it on your skin then go ahead and use it on the area but you need to be careful about stuff like that oregano oil I'm more of a fan of using for warts on my feet and such but not really on my machine but that's just me then it says probiotics suppositories and supplements which is what I just talked about before if you start a regimen of oral probiotics that contain strains of Alecto bacillus a Siddha Phylis bacteria you can bring your digestive tract in vaginal flora back into alignment so that's pretty much my number one tip if you have vaginal issues is to maybe look into starting a probiotic but also making sure that you're paying attention to your diet and eating prebiotic foods as well so that you're getting that fertilizer to digest all the things if you hear Finley downstairs he's doing a bunch of stuff in the kitchen and just being loud as correct also something to keep in mind is that if you start taking a probiotic it's not going to work immediately so if you want an immediate solution turn to something like I was just talking about with the coconut oil and the tea tree coconut oil is an antifungal so it's great for that kind of situation at least in my case tea tree is also an antifungal but obviously you need to dilute it before putting it on your body okay apple cider vinegar is also something that people recommend all the time if you were to use apple cider vinegar in this situation I would recommend filling a tub up with clean water and then putting in like half a cup of apple cider vinegar to lukewarm water and soak for about 20 minutes at least that's what I've done in the past and I think that I got that information from this article and it was great but I also did the double treatment and did the coconut oil in the tea tree after also people say garlic is an effect Candida killer but there's kind of like a debate over that so I'm not gonna back that heavily I've never used that for that and then they also say hydrogen peroxide is a yeast killing antiseptic according to lab studies but it will work on every species of yeast and then vitamin C is obviously an immune system booster and boosting your immune system can help you fight against these types of things also while we're on the topic of problems that can occur when you have a vagina ah the OL UT is if you do not pee after sex you probably have had a UTI before I have had one before in the summer of 2016 when I was at Bonnaroo and it was a terrible experience being at a music festival with such a terrible terrible infection it basically just feels like it's burning terribly every time you pee and it's really bad so I would recommend getting a cranberry supplement you can get them at any you know drugstore and take them until it goes away and drink a shit ton of water and try to kind of just pee it out a bug just flew and hit my light umbrella behind you if you heard that sound and it startled me but those are generally the number one things that have worked for me in the past when dealing with these types of infections and just terrible things that happen to our bodies sometimes and I know that a lot of you wanted to see this so if you enjoyed this video or got anything good out of it any good tips give it a big thumbs up for me subscribe to my channel if you're not already ringing a notification spell if you want to be notified when I upload and until the next upload which will probably be very soon as I'm going to have a lot of uploads this week yeah until then stay smiling bye guys yep a serious guy gonna kiss me real hard on it I think star signs me back there no fear


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