Vacation Vlog 1: Honolulu, Leg/Ab workout, healthy food on the go, & more!

so getting ready for Hawaii so it's like Heather packing blocking thing but um stop the laundry done with the help of my sister and this time around we're staying in a hotel for seven days versus a few days so I can't really nail prep and bring anything and I guess I could but I'm not going to I'd rather bring a few things so right half the bar is two things of caramel corn rice cakes I have instant oatmeal this is going to be the original not the sugar-free and I'm bringing stevia in the raw to put in there also bringing some coconut oil some seasoning and I'm bringing a George Foreman because it's really easy this is something that you can use in a hotel room this is a mini so you can only fit like two chicken breasts I'm on it so this if you really can being it nice for the hotel room be so I'm packing all my stuff in here so it has so far so I will see you guys at the airport what are you eating Lego sandwich bagel sandwich bacon egg and cheese daddy good morning ladies and gentlemen and welcome aboard United Mine alone chips got to Honolulu guys it's so nice to be here and the weather is beautiful I already throw my bathing suit date time where so I could go out to the beach and meet one of my girlfriends that I've known since I was a baby so it's been really good to see her we're gonna have a ton of fun these blocks are going to be crazy as you guys right first wine meal is Hawaiian barbecue and it is chicken wine is carved that I will be you excited eat it I got a much out yes Oh watching a sunset on the beach just been just watching the sunset on the beach now he's gonna feed me see let me go back to the hotel freshen up a little bit and meet up with everyone we go that line was it for Cheesecake Factory now there was like a line a mile one did she stick factories and I think Mary would have been in that line we're not waiting so just let our breakfast I ordered in omelets with vegetables and a side of oatmeal and but fatty that was too much food I'm going to show her showed her so here at the ABC store good try to find some help food to bring back to the shelves no strain and I like watching okay so ABC stores had nothing but little snacks so I picked up a turkey croissant sandwich and I will probably take the top let's part of the bread off and eat the rest and I got four boiled egg just to have on hand all the sudden is pretty good just em out like on the go but we will be going to match the first few stores to get to get first chicken vegetables and all that so hopefully we will find that today or smell see I am off to find the gym at the hotel and then sort of going to peek in there see what we got going on we need to get a little workout in and it looks like fun it so nothing too crazy we'll probably get more beach workouts in which is totally cool but I don't wanna lose my gains weight training so you guys what I'm gonna do it's not much in this gym so I had to get really creative which most of you will have to do if you ever seen a hotel there was a couple free weights some cardio machines and one cable contrast which you'll see in this video the cables are really nice though because you are able to do so much on them I started off with doing cable kick box and that is something that works your legs but especially your gluts and you always want to make sure that you squeeze a glute when your leg is fully extended back the reason I did five sets because there's not a whole lot to do in this gym so I did five sets of every exercise a little harness you put on your foot I move the cable to the back of it so I could do some cable quad extensions and that works the the front of your legs your quads and then after that I again move the cable on to a different part of the foot harness and then I did the cable abductors what this does is it works side of your legs as well as your outer glute so that's what I was going for with those and the last exercise to work the entire leg was doing the cable adductors and this will actually work the inner leg the inner thighs so with that I did five sets of eight to ten as well so I could really get the most out of my workout after that exercise I really did work the entire leg I was able to work the quads and hamstrings the adductors and the abductors so I moved on to doing some deadlifts because I was limited to a lot of things in this gym I got a little creative I just put on two harnesses on the cables and I stood on a platform any platform will work and it's a straight leg deadlift but you will bend your knees slightly this really really works the hamstrings and the glutes and when you stand up you really want to make sure that you are squeezing the glutes you kind of see me doing this pulsing motion and that just really make sure that you're getting the most out of every rep after that I moved on to doing some ab work since I am in Hawaii and I'm going to be to bathing-suit put some towels down below for my knees so I wouldn't hurt my knees and I did some robe crunches with the rope I did some rope crunches on the cable I did a lot of reps because I wanted to make sure I was burning the most calories I could in my waist area just because you know on vacation you always end up eating more than you should it's usually more carbs so really trying to keep that waist nice and small um after that exercise I wanted to keep it on the cable machine so I did some oblique twists and these are amazing you guys have to try these out if you haven't that is the end of my workout stay tuned for more workouts I've already got them all recorded and ready to go so I'll be putting them together and I will show you guys as later enjoy the rest of the video guys just finished my workout I'm gonna have to be super creative with that gym he's not much in there and it was like six of us in there and it was super crowded huh but uh feel great go back to the room shower have a protein shake and then head out to barbecue tonight I'm really excited all my friends are over there we'll go meet up with them and yeah loving Hawaii right now all right so we're headed to the barbecue and Josh thinks I look like a homeless you looking at Pigeon lake from Holland to talk occasionally here o homem – rude you is Walsall good morning guys we are about to head out to do a hike and I wanted to make a little breakfast before I went so I'll be eating two boiled eggs and a packet of oatmeal original this instant that you I can make in a hotel room baby yeah I'll be putting some Stevie and the raw in there and a little bit of chocolate protein as well that'll be my breakfast I'll show you guys what looks like in a second ultimately thank you and some extra eggs to them she's gonna edit it I was gonna be no voice but now he's gonna sleep it in there hey boys she said she's gonna edit it and then there would be no talking in it you're talking we've been hiking for five minutes and I'm dying we're hiking the volcano and lava terrifies me are you so fast very good ice cream after this chocolate chug excuse me cotton candy cheesecake vanilla Felix office vanilla bean Oh strawberry banana my stairs all the people she's gonna kill on Game of Thrones I like to name all the ice cream dominate up come again photograph over here more it's you some scene are clean we gonna find the water if we ever find an Amana Moby Hanuman Anna Hanuman abhi turkey calling a Sedona hi swim so we'll see how this works now I think anyway we've been rock climbing hiking and going on tons of stuff see something a little snap about aimless unlock protein shake they got some fish tacos we got some jalapeรฑo chip oopsies we have a couple of those okay chip so little smart okay I'm not sharing you


  1. Omg heidi, please come back to hawaii, id love to meet you. And hawaii is special with your significant other. Christian has to see it๐Ÿ˜

  2. It is my DREAM to go to Hawaii!! ๐ŸŒด

  3. I have to say I love you and Christian together more!! Josh seems so drab…..i still love you!

  4. You are my motivation

  5. This body ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™

  6. This popped up after I watched your latest vlog.. amazing how much you've grown in such a short time!! You are the perfect example of how hard work, persistence, and dedication can help you reach your dreams!! ๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—

  7. Who the hell packs a George Foreman grill ?!?!?!

  8. I love your old videos!

  9. ุฎุณุฎุณุทู…ุณ

  10. you look a lot like xo gisele. which is good because I love her.Also you have a reAl firecracker personality – like Lucille Ball which is also great because I love her too.

  11. Jesus, how many times are you gonna open your dumb mouth like that….so annoying

  12. Hey

  13. does anyone know where Heidi's hat is from? I love it!

  14. #notacardiobunny

  15. Hawaii is so beautiful I want to visit someday!!

  16. I love all these cable workout ideas!! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ’•

  17. This makes me want to go on vacation sooooo badly! Looks so fun

  18. lol game of thrones I love it

  19. This burns Heidi! Thx ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ˜˜

  20. Heidi, good workout at the hotel gym. It's nice to switch it up and do more basic variations of workouts. I love the footage from Hawaii. That bbq food looked amazing!!!

  21. I want to go on vacation soon! I like how you keep your diet clean , when I go out to places I forget I'm on a diet lmao !

  22. Heidi, you are such a motivation!

  23. The work out looked awesome!! I love your laugh!! So contagious!! Keep up the good work girl!!

  24. This makes me wanna go to Hawaii so bad!

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  29. One day i will take a trip to Honolulu, hopefully!

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