Uwell Nunchaku 80W TC Vape Kit & Nunchaku Tank Atomizer / Review / Tutorial

oh let's bring on this review I think they'll be better off as wind chimes at my house here's something a little more safe the Nunchuk ooh from you well here's how they're spelling it nunchuck ooh and I actually did go on YouTube I typed in the word nunchuck ooh and pronunciation and everyone was saying nunchuck ooh so I'm just gonna go with that so here is that you liquid I'm gonna be stuffing into my tank and oh my goodness I might have for my new favorite I love love love love love love this stuff good time cherry vanilla so it's a cherry vanilla tea flavor and it has no added sweetener I I don't like when juices are too sweet then I can't beat them all day long and then gunk up my coils this my friends does not I definitely can vape this stuff all day long I've been vaping it for two days straight I just can't get it off I'll talk about that you liquid more tomorrow if you want to check them out I do have a coupon code down below and the website in the video's description and I really like the Nunchuk kit as well that's so much the nunchuks I'm just playing with but the kit yeah definitely does come in a whole bunch of colors which some of them I'm going to show you guys in up close part of this video but I really like this one I call it black and gold but the gold is more of a like a rose gold so what is a tube or stick mod but it's not one of those really basic ones it's still really easy to use however you can adjust your settings so there's wattage mode from 5 to 80 watts there's temperature controlled nickel stainless steel in both Fahrenheit and Celsius and you can even turn this into an unregulated mod through bypass mode so you all actually sent me a whole bunch of these there's there's more than this but I'm gonna be giving away the rest between my Facebook and Instagram page a little bit later but on YouTube I'm gonna give away three of these kits so next up let's check out this thing up close and then when I get back I'll talk about the giveaway all right so let's check out the nunchuck ooh tink it by you will you do come into colors all the boxes have louf color but then it tells you what's inside of the box so this one here is stainless steel on the back side over here tells you what's included inside and in their specifications for both the mod and the atomizer inside of the box there is a user manual and it's actually a pretty decent one first let me show you guys the specs on this if you want to pause the screen here are the specifications on the mod and the atomizer and I do like how they have pictures it's a color manual she'll see all the different parts which way to put in the battery how to stick on the tank and of course how to use the mod here's the nunchuck ooh kit and stainless steel and they're saying this is a gold color but I think it's closer oh maybe two rose gold or copper the tank is detachable you just unscrew it from the mod so the tank is twenty five point two millimeters in diameter and it holds five milliliters of liquid on the bottom there's one two three air flow slits which are adjustable and on a stopper at the very top is a five ten dollar and drip tip which is removable to fill this tank with alacrity gotta unscrew the top portion like so and then pour your liquid into that hole right there and the coils not screwed and you can just grab it and pull it out the glass on here it is removable but it's kind of tough to get it out I'm not she not gonna try it cuz I'm gonna hurt myself trying to do this but I know it's removable because they do include an extra glass piece and in here this is just a little dust cover you can put it over your drip tip that way you don't get any pocket lint or other schmutz is inside of your tip and here's the extra glass tube and here is the Nunchuk Uman so at the very top is a 5-10 spring-loaded connection there's the fire slash power button plus and minus buttons o LED screen and on the slide over here is the USB port for charging on the bottom there's some holes for battery ventilation and this actually uses 118 650 battery which is not included so inside of the box there's actually another little box and there's a USB cable for charging along with some spare parts for the tank and an additional coil the coil that came inside of the tank it's a point 2 ohm coil that can be vape between 40 and 50 watts and the other one is a point 4 ohm coil that can be made between 45 and 55 watts so here is the one I've been using this is the black and gold to turn the model and click the fire button 5 times 1 2 3 4 5 so it's got this little tiny LED screen you can see I'm in wattage mode there's a battery life indicator it shows resistance of the coil and voltage you can only see when you're firing so I can use the plus and minus buttons to adjust wattage and this will go as low as 5 watts and then you can go up and down and increments of 0.5 if you hold this down it'll do this a lot faster all the way to 80 watts however wattage mode isn't your only option click the fire button three times really quick one two three and brings you into the menu so there's power mode which is just wanted next one over nickel temperature control there's stainless steel temperature control bypass mode this turns it into an unregulated mod this one's really only for advanced users and factory reset pretty self-explanatory if you keep going you can exit the menu and exit by clicking the fire button let's go back in here if I go into nickel temperature control so now you can see it's in Fahrenheit and you can use the plus and minus buttons to adjust that it'll go all the way to 600 and if you keep going it switches to Celsius I have not been able to figure out if you can change the wattage on here or not in temperature control there's nothing in the manual and I've tried a bunch of different button combinations so I'm not really positive on that and also in temperature control you can lock in resistance so click plus minus at the same time it's gonna ask you new coil so by selecting yes it locks a resistance if you click the plus button and the fire button at the same time it logs your settings in so you can't adjust your wattage or whatever you're in but you can still fire the mod unlock it click both of them now it's unlocked if you want to lock the whole mod so you can't fire anything or change your settings click the minus button and the power button at the same time and now it's locked so I can't fire it and I can't change anything click them again to unlock it and finally to turn the mod off click the fire button five times one two three four five no tips here are some of the other colors that this is going to comment this one they're calling sapphire-blue this one looks like a rainbow but they're calling it iridescent in here's purple the only color I don't think I have is green so they give away three lucky people are gonna win one of these two enter you do have to be 21 years or older and have a shipping address somewhere within the United States if you are one of the lucky winners there's six dollar FDA fee which just cover shipping to actually enter leaving a comment down below in the comment section and somewhere in your comment tell me which color is your favorite you don't even have to put the name just tell me which one of the colors is your favorite and if you want to see more of them check out uol's website and I will have a link down below in the video's description we can also find the full contest rules yeah that's a good one I like the tank the quills for a sub ohm tank they're actually pretty flavorful I haven't had any leaking issues so wish you have had is trying to take the glass off of it which I haven't been able to do I'm sure it's possible but I don't want to try until the time comes I think the knurling on the airflow control ring is not only pretty it's a functional as well your fingers don't slide around on it and it makes it really easy to adjust I definitely like the look of the tank and flavor-wise I think this might be their best one so far the only thing I don't like about the tank is the top airflow I like that as top airflow but in my opinion that hole is too small at least put like one or two more holes in there that one if you're trying to use a glass dropper it will pool on top but luckily my new favorite juice comes in a unicorn bottle and it does chuck a nice cloud I'm really liking this kit it might not be the quietest tank of them all but you got to keep in mind my microphone is like that's far away from this thing and depending on how you have your airflow adjusted you might hear a little bit of a whistle um Chuck ooh or nunchuck whichever whichever one yeah I like the mod I like the tank I like the overall look of the two together and it's kind of neat how is a tube mod but yet you can adjust your settings I just used wattage mode I don't see any need for temperature control but if you do it's there stainless steel and nickel also you can turn this into an unregulated device through bypass mode in fact I'm gonna try that one right now watch what happens you can actually see the waters displayed it's got that 510 spring-loaded connection so you don't have to use this tank with it you can use other Eddie's I personally like that it uses 18 650s I'm not the biggest fan of rechargeable mods because I just I just forget to recharge them but with 18 650s I always have a bunch of them on the charger so I can just grab another one and pop it in however that could also be a con because now you're gonna spend my money to get some batteries for this thing and you're probably not gonna be happy with one 18 650 gonna want to you can switch them out when one dies one other thing I like about the tank you do have to unscrew the base but the coil it's not screwed into the top you just pull it out so that makes it really convenient yeah that's that's pretty much it I have one more con left on the mod and that's in temperature control I could not figure out a way to change the wattage in temperature control mode it's stuck on 60 watts and I've tried all kinds of button combinations there's nothing in the manual about it so I'm not even sure if you can change it it might just be like that so yeah that's that's pretty much it price point on this I'm on my you Elcom that's their website and prices are kind of all over the place depending on what color you get so they range between 83 99 which is the stainless steel one to 95 59 for the metallic green okay but I'm sure as time goes on other places are gonna have them as well element vape will probably vapor DNA and you will be able to get it a little bit cheaper and if you want just a tank they're sold in these little boxes like this which I will be giving away later on my Instagram and Facebook page and I think they're gonna be going for like around 35 bucks so yeah that that's it if you guys want to find me also I'm also on Facebook Twitter Instagram and my other kind of weird channel called just Sophie I don't put up my wind chimes I'll see you guys later


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  8. Just ordered the black/gold version. $55 including shipping off eightvape.com. Don't think I'll be disappointed from everything I've researched and I've been at this for a few days before making my decision. Got real tired of my bulky box mod and from what I understand Uwell has pretty good flavor from their tanks which is what I'm after.

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