UVB, Vitamin D3, & Dietary Supplementation – Ep. 17

hey guys today I want to talk to you about ultraviolet light and dietary supplementation and in making sure that your animals get what they need hi I'm TC Houston former zookeeper and lifelong reptile enthusiast and you're watching reptile Mountain TV a place where I can share my passion keeping and breeding Blue Tongue skink s– and a few others just for fun our animals need vitamin d3 in order to be able to absorb the calcium that they get in their diet and then produce strong healthy bones our animals need vitamin d3 in order to produce strong bones and the way that they get vitamin d3 is where the whole debate comes into play at reptile mountain TV I want to ensure that I am putting out evidence-based facts that means that we have documented knowledge that we're putting out that I'm not just putting out opinion and T C's thoughts if I do put out an opinion I will preface it that caution opinion alert opinion alert okay but right now I am putting out evidence-based fact okay so here's some ideas about evidence-based facts and d3 okay supplementation through diet for Blue Tongue skink has proven over decades generation and generation and generation to be effective for providing healthy physiologically fit psychologically fit well cared for long living baby producing animals okay generation upon generation decades and thousands of samples of captive animals being fed vitamin d3 through dietary supplementation alone they have survived their longevity therefore Kunda T which is how much offspring they have their fertility as in whether or not they can have offspring their physiology as well as far as how healthy they are with proper diet and proper supplementation you can have a healthy animal and never use UVB that is that's not really an argument of arguable fact here's another non arguable fact you can have that same healthy animal or a same healthy animal and you can obtain that by using UVB you can use UVB instead of providing d3 through dietary supplementation now all other supplements are required rather you use UVB or you use dietary you still need to give them other vitamins men and the complete nutrition that's what that goes without saying but how they get d3 is there's two methods you can provide UVB lighting which is a ultraviolet light bulb that provides the right amount of UVB radiation that will then hit their skin and cause a cholesterol synthesis to create pre d3 in their skin and then when they thermal regulate and it hits the right temperature that pre d3 will then become d3 and then they have the d3 so you can either give it through them through lighting or you can feed it to them through food through dietary supplements either way animals on both sides of the fence grow up to be healthy now there are errors to be made on both sides of the fence there can be poor UV bill you you can have poor UVB bulbs that don't provide enough UVB and that doesn't give them enough radiation and they don't get it but there's good ones out there too and then you can under supplemental were supplementing the point where the animal stresses too much or it actually burns the animal and causes issues there because some UV bulbs put out UVB UVA and that kanakamma their animal so you can overdo it and under do it with bulbs and you can overdo it and under do it with dietary but there is thankfully a forgiveness with these animals and there is a margin there where there's a threshold too much and not enough and you you observe your animal you observe your animal and each animal is different there's Australian breeders that keep some animals indoors with no UVB and others outdoors the UVB and full Sun and some indoors with UV and they vary because like I've said before these little critters are snowflakes they all are variable some don't do well in the Sun they just stress some do great so whatever you choose to do the important part is is that you're monitoring your animals health and ensuring that they are physiologically at their peak and you can obtain that through dietary supplementation or through certain supplements and then UVB lighting it's really up to you and it is an argument that people are gonna argue and it's kind of like arguing what side of the road should you drive on in London you should drive on the side of the road that's safest and where should you what side of the road should you drive on in the u.s. you drive on the right the side of the road that's the safest okay so drive on the side of the road whatever you choose drive on the side of the road that you are best capable and best able to provide the best for your animal and that is the bottom line thanks for watching share this video and like it and let me know what you think and I look forward to hearing from you and tech me out at other videos you


  1. … what about expanded clay ?

  2. Watching these just to make sure but my skink is just doin hella fine but still a huffy puffy bitey hella scary skink.Now trying your method on taming it cause I cant get food to make it comfortable with me😂😂😂😂looks like halmahera baby skinks are just that type😂😂😂

  3. If i use 5.0 uvb is it okay? And then when monday i give calsium with D3 so tuesday give calsium with no d3 or with D3?

  4. What brand of calcium with D3 should I use if I am not providing UVB? How often and much should I give it to them?

  5. Hey, i'm getting a blue tongued skink on sunday and i'm going with supplimentation. I have asked questions awhile back and i just want to say thaks for the help. Anyways, i'm getting repticalcium with d3 (10,390 IU of d3) with reptivite without d3 and exo terra multivitamins. Would giving repticalcium and reptivite every week and multivitamins monthly work? And how much would i need of each? Thank you again. Hope to see a response from you soon! 😀

  6. I supply my bluey through uv lighting. Would you know what uv index a blue tongue should be getting?

  7. What do u use?

  8. cool video I'm glad someone actually explianed this through science and evidence than just what they do and yelling at people who dont do it the same way really awesone vid man

  9. Hey i am new to blue tongue skinks and was wondering how much D3 do i need to give them? I don't want to undersupplement because i dont want it to get bone problems but i am also nervous that if i over supplement that it can be toxic to the skink. I can't find this information anywhere on the internet.

  10. Awesome video… i preach UVB, but for humans. Lol.

  11. So say if on a Monday I provided uvb and did not give the d3 supplement, then on Tuesday I didn’t provide uvb but I gave d3… and I just kept repeating the pattern will that work ( I have a baby skink by the way) also does calcium need to be supplemented everyday? Or just with the d3?

  12. Hello, i use uvb with my rhacodactylus and also feed them repashy which contains d3, is there a risk this can overdose d3?

  13. If i have a 36"x 18"x 12" screen top exo terra enclosure and get a 36" hood with the 10.0 HO T5 UVB lamp and feed cat food (i plan on getting a baby this year) how often, if at all, should i supplement D3?

  14. So could I use a heat mat and just apply D3 calcium on the food???? Plz reply I’ve been watching a lot of vids and not finding an answer.

  15. I was thinking about doing half and half. Giving them calcium but then letting them go outside in the sunshine. Has anyone else here tried that? Has it worked out?

  16. Could you please list all the dietary supplements a BTS needs, as a reply? Thanks 🙃

  17. I feed my skinks wet dog food and I'm planning on getting 5.0 tropical UVB for my 1yr old female eastern how often should I supplement calcium with D3?

  18. Having watched numerous video's regarding the correct care of BTS, I can honestly say that your videos make the most sense!😁

  19. Would a UVB bulb and monthly dusting of d3 would be a good plan

  20. how often do you supplement MULTIVITAMIN (reptivite) along with calcium WITHOUT uvb lighing? I know you supplement calcium and D3 every other day but what do you do with multivitamin??

  21. What lighting do you use? what is the best bulb and dome you recommend? I wanted to use a mercury vapor bulb but i can't find a good dome for it anywhere! I just need a good bulb and dome pretty fast. Also how often would you supplement D3 and calcium for a baby bluey sisnce you feed them daily with or without UVB lighting. Thanks!

  22. i have a year and half green iguana with a 5.0 zoo med uvb light (about 10 inches from basking spot) and do a calcium powder about 2-3 times a week on her food … do u think i should be using a calcium powder with or with out D3

  23. So I'm getting a blue tounge skink. Do I have to supliment D3 if I have a UVB light? And should I get it calcium every feeding if I feed homemade mix of vegetal and meat?

  24. hey! i think your videos are really amazing, but i have one question. I am going on vacation to the beach for 1 WEEK near the end of july and i was wondering what i should do with my bts. a friend of mine is taking care of my cat, i would ask them to take care of my bluey, but im worried something could go wrong. Could i bring him with me?

  25. Are all your skinks completely used to human interaction and handling by now or do they still get hissy when you go to pick them out out of their enclosure

  26. is a 13 watt 10 UVB bulb good with calcium filled meals for a blue?

  27. If supplementing D3 through diet, what brands of supplement would you recommend?

  28. thank. you. i don't give my indoor blueys uvb but they all usually end up outside anyway. with correct diet and care i have never seen any issues it really makes these guys such awesome pets

  29. What kind of lights do you use in the terrariums in the back?

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