Using Ghee for Internal & External Hydration

so one of the things that’s great about
ghee is it lubricates the body from the inside out so even people who are
towards dry skin by eating ghee internally it actually helps nourish the
skin externally it helps bring about healthy glow to the skin to the vitality
of your entire body and one of the things I love about ghee is just its
multi-purpose use in the kitchen so it’s safe for high heat temperatures so i
saute my veggies in it i dress my kitcharis and dals and soups with it i
put it in my tea tonics and it’s also really rare in that it’s an oil that
doesn’t bog down the digestive fire so in Ayurveda it actually has this special
effect of kindling the agni when it’s not in too high amounts so your agni is your digestive fire so it actually helps Kindle the flame of your digestive
fire while also lubricating and nourishing the tissues so sometimes I’ll
before I go to bed at night dab it under my eyes like an eye cream or put it on
little dry areas I don’t usually put it all over my entire face because it is
kind of heavy on the skin but for little dry areas or for areas that you feel
like need a little bit extra youthfulness you can put II apply ghee
topically for that

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  1. Surprisingly half of the Indian population which uses Ghee on a daily basis doesn't know about all the qualities/benefits it provides. I take ghee twice a week during my lunch and it helps me pacifies Vata and Pitta doshas.

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