what's going on guys it's your boys couch up here and we're inside of a you guessed it a gymnasium from the Shannon we love promoting a healthy lifestyle that's constantly what we do and talk about and as a result I want us to do a little bit of a workout you know what's us boys Alec you're ready look at him dude he's ready to go Bret is this how you normally yeah I work at it I just wander into gyms this is not we do my things you wear to the gym prove it dude I don't actually know how to prove that but here's the thing guys I think we need to change up our workout just a little bit what I mean oh yeah like my way into a gym what I have here is a couple of mini massages you guys ever use these before okay what what kind what kind there are mini massages rabbits Ivy those there are muscle therapy devices I'll use those dude okay I want to see if it's at all possible I want to see if it's at all possible to actually get a workout in while your muscles are slowly turning on themselves so everybody pick your strongest muscle group you know me I like to not work out so whatever it is that you guys want to pick first I'll just write a bike or something and maybe that's gonna be my bit you're gonna ride a bike what do you what do you want to probably so many arms done show over here well we just start you off first then do you want to sit on this I would've died do you want to sit on this incline scalene triangle or do you want something more like a parallel Tetris block do you want do you want on both arms or you can do both arms Johnny both are okay we'll wait actually don't you wanna you load up one is your strongest Carla let's do yeah I make you look good on camera I'm saying it's on the electro curl on her oh yeah get this that stream you're gonna pull a muscle what what's your what's your max curl wait we got to know what we're working with I don't want to go max on the first song give me like 40 excuse me give me like 40 that's not even his max young man you're telling me 40 is your warmup weight more on there you don't want the two more I feel it it's not on are you sure yes it might be the Java gel it's in my mind it's in my mind I feel you uh well the gel conducts electricity so that's I guess I have a lot of electricity and cursing through your body magnesium this morning daddy magnesia was that correct was it so yeah I want us to be a more conductive through why are we doing this screaming they're having a meeting out for all it tickles this is a this is at level one yeah they love wine yeah there's the owners of this place they're outside and we told them that we're just here to work out so they don't yeah how's it going pace yourself money no way to remedy it tired too fast what do you want what are you actually 115 sofa falls that doesn't like open and we lose somebody else for the next I'd realize have to do this over and over again it feels nice right now what it's worth you didn't realize yeah I usually go and I like do blood yeah what is really easy this is easy okay let's let's bring up to level two no that's too yeah bear in mind there is ten levels to this Deval how would you describe it like a tingle yeah it's like somebody's tickling me with little fingers like a thousand of them at the same time there's a different can you raise it without telling me so I don't like fear in my head do you want to try a different mode but in the same level you surprised me bro okay I'm having I'm okay so far what is that what is what it's like duh duh duh oh sorry I'm not trying to yell it's like the impulse we're gonna get kicked out before your face I think I can take I'm gonna go back to the original setting and it's not fucking with all these and just give you the bare bones basic level too and just see how that's like oh dude that's just weird go higher all right god I don't like that going oh my god did you what what happened there what level was that those three those we don't move what does it do when it does it by itself is it pushing your arm up no I'm not it's just alone I like squishing her and play you mean a really weird noise oh just stop this experiment go for you look at which it's twitching oh oh he's doing a shrug he's different ride dude this is cool this shrugs like when you're like oh yeah you go okay i yeah that's wrong dude that's strong yeah was it strong just without the weight up I feel it on my wrist it's down on my wrist is that part I just can I just like I'm not doing that you're not doing that yeah why do you have a ghost oh what the fuck a phantom pain you can't put two only at the same time like two of those devices fuck they work it I just want to feel yeah it's five you oh just keep going up oh my god oh my god oh my god biceps look great when they're stuck in their death spasm they're really popular I like that oh I'm kind of getting used to it well I'll put two keep this one here your hanger Oh what is that that was level eight oh go to ten I just want to do it for like a second this is bad for oh do you know what I can do it I could do it I can do it we'll wait for next one this is five okay and then we'll do double this one contracting okay let me know when you're done contracted going alright I'm gonna lift it up yep oh my god no it's going okay we dropped it alright they're putting two at the same time putting two oh sweet I want to control them you control one I can okay it's do it's doing something it o goes with my foot – can you can you walk across I feel like I'm doing a dance I'm on I'm on 700 excuse me oh Jesus do some lunges go like ah it does looking at weird tic at the end what the fuck is that yeah let's see some good form lunges oh oh it's it's not this it's not it doesn't a weird shock at the end of it yeah that's what this shock is what I didn't like earlier like kneeling before the quick nigga oh that is weird that is a weird feeling I don't know how to describe it what level are you seven there you got powerful legs dude yeah that's what they tell me can you can you go – against that wall and alright try to do it one of the try to run – here let's turn it up to like 8 to 8 I can handle 7 I just can't handle like it's 7 and there's a and then like fucking falling here try to alright alright well point up to 8 okay so just one walk walk through here I'm trying to control it play it cool you're walking into a Russian crime gym you gotta play it cool or else we'll beat you up you okay yeah everything was fine with me I just feel like it stepped on something that was viewed Oh weird yes buddy we had this concrete pathway is catching and catching on the floor a baby giraffe try no fucker walk that's tough hi I'm at level 9 dude I'm going up to ten baby six-foot nowhere near ten dude is this just me normally at the gym honestly this isn't even like a video here give me the balancing board okay canister in a second here stop that was a different movie I was a different mode don't leave that more dude she felt like I was being karate chop I like that that's weird dude that's that's something man there's a lot of button oh that was max max did it yeah that was pretty good thanks you'll get your turn soon don't worry Betty this is what it feels like to be a teenager you think you're gonna like that till one day I don't I'm distracted by the arms what else oh you did you put on this mug did you tell me what it's switch modes on me oh I did at the end yeah that's pretty crazy here cuz that's what this is felt like Oh motherfucker oh dude what a foot okay wait wait wait hold on all right okay I'm ready YouTube this is an educational video I'm gonna stay completely still don't take a stand America would you boot we're just leaking funds dude like every time you do monetize us like we're just losing like we can barely stay in business this is 7 you can do 7 this is 7 I will not move I am pickles a little bit yeah dude yeah I usually do this much weight back in my home some of those like p90x dumbbells so okay so you really want to put electricity on my arm so I'm doing this you're gonna have to catch the weight if I drop it well I'm just gonna turn on this is this is just that one okay my arm spasms can I drop it on the ground so yeah just to the side this is Audrey eighty pounds it's alright it's so strong yeah it's on what you mean that's the basement and you feel anything I feel like triceps they're more immune to it right like you don't feel it yeah this is all the way to there's more I feel a tingle just whit okay in my try trice okay level three and that's like a buzz it's like it's like the ring doorbells I'm actually crushing my legs much more level five you're handling it you're handling okay alright so I just go and just go over you just drop it when I know this video yeah yeah they're they're like they're like jazzed yeah like I had too much red bull oh yeah yeah I'm feeling a dude oh I'm feeling it Jesus Christ it oh no it fell off after fell off I got one out here put it back on me it's gonna feel weird oh yeah there's not another that's a resting can go back to resting your do you wide hold on cuz I don't want him tinkering with it under the dumbbell on your hair this is fun what a fun video you think did it again what ooh this one's still on yeah okay we'll just test the left I guess what the fuck dude this is crazy what is it on three we're a four keep going we're pushing it we're pushing it to four and a half five five dude holy sure come and like me just holding these is worse than with a five and a half six we're on six around six and a half this is just where I dropped this in my life right it's heavy one seven what do you want for me I gotta stop this we're gonna stop this right now it's still at seven come on go we're at eight got we're eight and a half nine and a half we're at ten we're at ten we're pushing it we're pushing it we're pushing it oh my god it's okay okay okay all right I can't watch sloppy but I'm tired of holding these look out watch your feet okay Jesus Cristo read Jesus yeah well one of those wouldn't stand my slippery little tricep dude that was scary all right Alec all right Alex I've been putting up with your shit for just way too long dude I've been putting up with your shit since you gave me a job in a livelihood it's time to see who is the bigger man in this a good shock therapy in this massage therapy arm off are you ready dude yeah tell us what level run as we're you're under three okay okay no good snacking fair fights yeah ready three two one go oh dude it's off from here right now oh no oh my god oh six I can't beat it seven I can I can beat him when he's nine who wanna miss it [Applause] hey guys thanks for watching this educational a YouTube video make sure to leave a comment in the comment section below of saying wow this was very helpful for my fitness goals also check out some of the links in the description one of them is a link to our chart shop where you can get cool things like this when they're available which they're not right now sorry Lu gym enthusiast but we'll be bringing back at some point also keep going also things to our patreon members for providing us with this level of therapy at which we did install mine already this


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