USFK declares Public Health Emergency

USFK declared a public health emergency
for all its commands and military installations here in the nation
commander Robert Abrams made the declaration in accordance with WHL
raising its global warning to very high and the US State Department imposing a
global level for travel advisory this does not indicate there will be change
to current cope in nineteen preventive measures or an increased risk on USFK
installations rather it’s to ensured troops remain disciplined and vigilant
the public health emergency will be in effect through April 23rd unless
extended or terminated earlier by the commander


  1. God through Jesus Christ is our healer. Lord please help all the people from the silent killer coronavirus

  2. Perfect. This will stop Koreans from Getting on Base and Spreading the Virus.
    Should have been done Sooner.
    Can't Wait for the United States to leave Korea.
    Send all Troops to Japan. Our Stronger Ally

  3. I expect this means that US military in Korea will not be returning to the US if their tour is complete and replacements will be delayed from CONUS until the emergency is over.

  4. Agenda 21 full effect

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