hey guys this is Andre with the Andre lifestyle welcome back to my channel this is a self-improvement channel where I document and educate my audience or what have experienced in the military to help and fitness rules that I live by the self-improvement books that I've read and the travel destinations that I recommend subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with new great content every week hey guys again welcome back to my channel it's a boy Andre and today I'm going to be doing the Coast Guard physical fitness test and I have a really close friend of mine from high school name's Luis and he's going to help me make this video and perform the exercises with me so just a disclaimer I am NOT going to do the swimming portion to this test and for those of you that don't know in coastguard boot camp you need to be able to do tread water for four or five minutes and then you need to jump off a 5 foot platform into the water and then swim 100 meters in certain amount of time I can't remember the the time limit and then the portion that we are going to do are the push-ups sit-ups and the mile and a half run so for males the I have it right down here I straight for military comm for male it is 29 push-ups in 60 seconds for females of 15 push-ups and 60 seconds for males at 38 sit-ups in 60 seconds for females 32 sit-ups in 60 seconds for males it's 12 minutes and 51 seconds or less on the mile-and-a-half run for females is 15 seconds 15 minutes and 26 seconds or less on the mile and a half run so again I'm not doing the swim portion to this test stay tuned to try to stay tuned for the rest of this video because the very end I'm going to be announcing something that I'm pretty excited about and yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this video so let's get right into it boom alright guys my boy Louise doing the push-ups high speed I want to bore you guys pretty self-explanatory so back straight elbows need to come to a 90-degree angle to ensure that you're going low enough I would suggest putting having the person counting your push-ups if you have someone a partner to put his fish right underneath your chest so every time you go down you have a good indicator of whether you're going slow enough so in this videos you can see my push-ups my push-up stance with my arms are a little bit more wider do a wider stance than when we study is more narrow both of them count so whichever is easier for you like I said for males 29 push-ups in a minute 38 sit-ups in a minute and guys need to remember and I'm explaining to Lewis what he needs to do the requirement so your fingers are laced behind your head and you're pulling yourself up and your elbows are going to be touching your knees once they touch your knees and go straight down nothing to remember your whole entire back does not have to meet Lee hit the ground just you know their shoulder blade basically and you just come right back up and you shouldn't be but what I mean by that that you shouldn't play completely flat on the ground when you come down Louise is doing a good job now for my turn what I say well what was the requirement for females for the females for the push up portion females are 15 push-ups in a minute 32 sit-ups in a minute yeah I messed up I need to start over I'm glad I did that so another thing guys if you if you your fingers aren't laced together or they they come apart while you're doing the test this is why doing your setup your the test is over so just remember to all keep your fingers laced until you you passed the test okay something to remember which is my experience when I went through boot camp they stopped me at the minimum so once I got so 29 push-ups they stopped me once I got to 38 sit-up they stopped me and so that was interesting and right now we're about to do the running portion of the PFC coastguard BFP and I have a couple of notes things that I experienced when I took when I did the run this time so the first left is a third left was pretty easy the fourth lap it starts to get a little harder so when you start feeling it but for me the fifth lap was the absolute worst when you're running if it's just a mind game honestly it really is like your body's just screaming for you to stop but you know it's really easy to quit but just remember you're joining the military and it's been generally should never quit the six lap is the easiest of all the laps because you know in your mind you're on the last lap so you know peepees people or you know me I tend to go all out but yeah this is a portion of the video for those of you that stay put throughout the whole video you will be rewarded I'm going to answer some questions that people have commented on my videos first question is when doing push-ups at boot camp about how many do you do at one time at first I remember I didn't really understand this question all that well but what this person is talking about basically is like when you're getting beat when you're getting punished how many pushups do the company commanders make you do at a time and it all depends on the company commander some are easier than others some are harder than others so you will be doing push-ups you will be doing sit-ups we will be doing flutter kicks stuff like that and I think they last between five and ten minutes at a time so however many those are yeah next question I have a question about the swimming portion when you swim 100 meters beware wave s and what do you wear slippers and do you wear flippers on your feet also love your videos Thank You Gillian and thanks for the comment for the 100 meter swim do not wear a weighted vest and do not wear slippers on your feet basically during the 100 meter swim you jump off of this platform the 5 foot 5 feet above the ground above the water I mean and you jump off of it feet first you know straight down straight you jump straight off of it and you just go you start swimming the 100 meters and you are time I don't remember what the time is that they give you a dingus around 25 seconds I don't don't quote me on that not 100% sure but you just go as fast as you can it's a recommendation pace yourselves kind of like running this pace yourself guys another thing remember pace yourself yeah it's difficult it's not as easy as it looks next question great video man just curious at the end it sounded like army boot camp was clearly more difficult as you were explaining it so what he's talking about is my video of army boot camps versus Coast Guard boot camp so whoa yeah what the boy he's asking sound like obviously came which means clearly more difficult as you were explaining yes I rewatched the video and I did explain it in a way where I'm a boot camp was harder but honestly guys coached our boot camp for me was ten times harder just from all the memorization and all of you camp it's a lot more physical but I really enjoyed the physical aspect of it I embrace it and Coast Guard boot camp all the memorization just really killed me it was really nerve-wracking you know every day having to study you know required knowledge and stuff next question would you recommend the Coast Guard to anyone switching branches I manager is really quick because I'm close to getting out of the army Coast Guard looks very tempting I definitely do recommend the Coast Guard to anyone switching branches and yep this concludes questions for today boom back to the video now finished opgj tennessee uh the run is there time says 954 because this like 2-3 seconds before that so saying I think you want I think yeah so we just finished please my friend Louise what did you think about the Coast Guard PFT you like to be honest looking good you have to prepare for the mile and a half which in my opinion will support is part yeah it's all for fun I set up studios pretty much its global rule we have how many minutes per minute for therefore the – miles – miles I mean my own ass we have 12 minutes and 51 seconds Jignesh floor tool this is the mind game then like the last three laps your body's like a tiger so don't wanna struggle you have to run more run more American because if you're not prepared because I'm not in shape but I'm not completely out of shake devastating midnight early achieve yet so so like must repair because of the mild Apple protected yes yeah a little limited a modified prevent some minutes 51 seconds for women I think it's like 15 minutes and something else yeah so definitely there thermal and run forces your push up into yourselves like I need to get better if it's BFD the only way to get better is to do it you're consistently three four times a week right and that were used to it's not a surprise sorry do not write not not struggling right better if you do it work report I uh while I'd ask my nose watch this video thank you for watching we're going to do more videos like this in terms of doing other militaries PFDs so this is the Coast Guard PFD pull out we're going to do the Navy Air Force Army and we breathe while the last one a lot of things about the PFD it should be a good time thank you for watching I hope you like this video it's did this video thumbs up support me share this video comment any questions and of course guys subscribe to my channel for great content like this every single thank you for watching alright guys thank you so much for watching this video if you guys enjoyed this video please give this video a thumbs up please comment on this video I love interacting with all the people to watch my videos please subscribe to my channel share this video and yeah guys just I'm going to leave you with this remember to always live the lifestyle that you want to live


  1. I just started practicing and all I can force myself to do is 1 and 1/3 of a lap lol :,)

  2. Hey Andre,
    Just had a quick question regarding the sit ups, during the physical fitness exam, are you assigned a partner to hold your legs down? I get a little tightness in my lower pack and its somewhat painful when performing sit ups, but with someone holding me down, it doesnt hurt as much. Thanks!

  3. At cape May will they care how wide your hands are when you do push ups for the pft?

  4. I leave for CGBC on Nov 27th and I’m also former Army. How much time do you have between the run and the swim?

  5. Do you get a break between events in the PFT? Or do you go straight from one item to the next?

  6. Is the mile and a half run on a track or course

  7. Josie G then you'll be a terrible coast Guard

  8. The Navy pft is basically the same. The only difference is we have to do double the amount of sit-ups and pushups in two minutes. So if you can do the Coast Guard pft, you can do the Navy one. In boot camp our swim test is sort of the same, except our platform we jump off is a bit higher than five feet (I think 10 feet…they actually push us off because people would get scared and not jump), we don’t tread water for five minutes we have to float and we have the swim 50 yard to end of the pool. Cool video! Maybe I’ll finally start doing Navy ones.


  10. I was a swimmer for 9 years. Swimming 100 meters in 25 seconds is impossible

  11. What if you don’t know how to swim??

  12. How are they with the pullups and also in the 100m swim do you have to reach from point to point or go right back to where you started?

  13. How did you get so lucky to be stationed at Miami as a location any tips?

  14. Is the coast guard a lot of physical, or is it more mental? How often do you do physical training?

  15. Does someone hold you down when doing sit-ups on test day?

  16. Hey man do you know what the max pft scores are?

  17. Any chances that you could produce any content describing your personal USCG experience post bootcamp. Life in fleet, districts you've been stationed and maybe a little into detail of rates particular (ME)? Great vid brotha keep postin!

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