USA Weekly News : Health Tips By Dr Roy P Thomas | 23rd June 2019 | Full Episode

American government er data gotta party ninja whitish Astra with Actimel another totally comparative effectiveness of medical treatment and a really good opportunity now do one a year akia 1.1 billion dollars a level in the department is analytical they are this time today yet to file a problematic Elsa even up they seek you wanna know EB that some of the order the ornament appearing over 3200 getting about theatrical second anna nicola doctor carnivore a pin and any part alum a noble attempt in the conundrum general position on and to organelle comapre me in every gram of in vertical sigma Poornima definite ID nature of this equal to true buck he our body shaman Yokum while a better pair illogical cellular worried that I'm Ruby dr. Malcolm if I yet to effective or not effective while reducing a guide Attila another doctor the maple apple loop ninja leap all irregularly prior roogie pollution Austrian model yogurt in the stage cannot in iam to Tangier connect a little poem or a yoga mala worried a little pile of the damn chicken so low I'll get along with that cousin just order happy pride Georgia table Karachi Rogan high temperature body show the gel Maria do a MOOC indominus Lacan sudhana my depression or a prime over depression dog ate my dinner on my renew control logic will say are no other cognitive psychotherapy ah no is a random Giordano at Funkadelic problem Madonna the early stage breast cancer knowledge is I am in the early stage breast cancer enola standard treatment cancer la paga Mottram virtually in a lumpectomy total no no Laura Nilo ROH at Akula radiation therapy Emma indeed a miracle the early stage breast cancer row literally polish at Amon Amarth kumara me Ichi Dulce Alberto Metro Lorca guru and restore a movie in the pilot a truly radical surgery chemotherapy radiation housing the Paladin combination diet reduce alarm alghero breast cancer the liberal they are dastan Attila yet – pelipper dupe a pocket angora Niedermayer she will say heaven but they see what is equivalent is a mother your adornment a house in particular at Walden a chronic stable angina moraga wanna show the Chile chemo today a particular leak coronary directed a manual Lulla Lulla director problem TARDIS support Moreland Island ninja the neonatal he the coronary directed hominid and rogue embody trick another way they need a cart in Yemen today Prime and the robic diabetes so other were limited although if al um – a richer single circuit with the Assam on Braga Gilliam violated we have kissed Hawaii to celebrate you know or alpha metros tend to be which a coronary artery for a newcomer metal alkyl bypass or the vegetable evilly irani to file a problem about that and coronary Kimmel anyway that customer the order the bottom do this matru dahana not elect a serial Crayola this vision of a tear or rupture II in bondage and chronic back pain put of GI and I to where you know where the Necronomicon Alhambra joined injection al-quran physical therapy noggin Paulo that I just read to easily caliber avail it – Tom oh boy I didn't tell me I don't know basic – Anna Evie that custom of the or government I said he's a bully I knew that the object it'll settle uppity blood showed in LA he's an allow theorem he's a marine iguana Karachi Sam I ordered another word a little in the year you know McHale pangaean together Karachi an album but Chicago you the University Chicago in Paris airing a little prostate cancer Rosie okay either I'm cheeto sell reliably pick another and Reliford you to park on another thing she'll cephalopod Julie is there a medical specialist later for a year put on another Nia so a chilly give another to the sergeant lyrically canard improperly present Manila surgeries just Prakriti nanak sachae radiation therapist lyrically Gras hurry up regular radiation Eric you okay Elsa Marsha medical oncologist Derek Ileana Draghi are DeMuth will say in American knowledgeable ng voice Renea ro prostate cancer routine PSA test Ubuntu Mara Iowa cancer on the run to became cancer a prostate cancer a metonym yah became jihadi recommend Gila I have lied about Thorson dr. Daley met the England all indigent America banana prostate cancer would marry Kindle in a car I mean I don't know Sarge own doctrines are not been a leader prostate cancer Lachie goose' hookah my yogi Andy Reid cheeky another map from uyama pileup old Sam unable to Khedira McGarry until a gorilla really you and saatvik own amadai why this a certain day Allah make a little Sam I never animal La Rue personal physician in a container here he doctor order drogon Samantha yes chicken analyst rotten dream Nina Coon diary here are order Nelda yoga chicken Sekulow we with her options in the lemon the Julie kin'ell road she will say ki-moon la vie jsr tada yattawan Amanda Jody cannot sukham profit you an apron Ali didn't see you said a complication parts shop Highlander he will wish Adam are in an actual determine a silicon on English rube additional here now what they should think they are this China my scientific evidences doctorate idea might analytical other nitrile medical reports Alam Saudi company computer internet to be OkCupid Arianna revealer our the mayor of the tappety assertion afternoon Korea polynomial air pressure would you the item or Makia indirectly either will take you in the visible then out the internal terminally picky nobody shot in there with schwa Sarah have a dialogue another I didn't know the me ask for a TV there nothing there all the property earning her career and of englette American Heart Association of American College of Cardiology or audible Allah the ID under Ronald website a somewhat secure why here I regular Mayo Clinic here University of Chicago Hollywood LA we should be Cardinal aya star burning website is poised and a little salty a manila doctoral fees are subscribing professional websites on Oh Ellen neurology will see a Petula yet to him up to date Allah Arabic Allah can double it you are the print is another couple want another doctor the Sadiq Ariel US government in a comparative study of the most effective medical treatment in the body Nativity is a really prime rule of entire alum or or or got the most effectively and then doctor professionals and Carolyn theorem initial porous other I know she can be or amended they never know who check in the political never adopted when you connect up the idea even much cinnamon bouquet my you made another my didn't little room doctor my company medical devices about making my company doesn't know what they eat I risen me a part in another temperature and a llama in a little crow tangle the products ago that isn't me in a pileup brother my lover and I'll a wider mine enough that protect me enough I Amarna he were a it in a very picking up a vibe Lily Daniel the curvature of reversion up till other people but their chopper to the LD Ricky no fortunately many many a tackle of harsh II trial took upper to rubber glove I can do other wonder JB jiggle here / Devon Nebuchadnezzar yeah Jelena patty jana chuda jiggly would hear the seagulls saved a guy via Tilden Korolev economy single Sarita girlís niche ami charity Goliath prana Adana evidence-based modern medicine the Chicago dr. Roy P Tom's wherein they are cheap it is some him with the gun I forgot the care lumps of mercy to the digit even the decedent in no to Verano Errol Italian go to the ring an Okie atom molecule which is received a para single mark Romaic on an aluminum Carol um mula guru and a low-velocity Romano a not only key no not a homebody mu I was just a regular piles in the English tomorrow's annual American a hero of the Tibetan I'll pump gin Vidya en da no mula guru Cheri Oteri I should direct of T Ritchey Rho Delta Lima wrecked Ottoman eagle on number of lanes erect a manila as I read it in the evening Gilliam Bhagat we come some poet would the wider diagnose any ana varicose veins and Knoblauch you know my last hitting the people of madinah varicose veins are piles Ottawa Bullock could wonder did when they were a medical college watcher generally an active a party Patrol upon a reserve or another kuhmo sanity visually managed in the under gorillas not a current or anything either I should direct them move early so they open a Ferrari rule of Ames so they ability qivana gravity to the right property given a proper panel sherry the Triangulum way in cinah watch am some public in Verona files of particular varicose veins am what I said here at the ludus manushya novena celestial tower she letters an immune attack to me we do kuleana piles on the doctor ponte lobotomizing the under the rim piles of a hemorrhoid it's under my last year they know leela dhyána the veins in a internal hemorrhoids a new leak in my let do i retentive are talking idea loomed as animal a cuticle a external hemorrhoids and irony ll platinum constipation on my lash or tanikawa total GI constipation on dolly Cathy I am i lumpur up to Vogue one strange activity in temperate my last here then de loyola my doctor said I'm sample wiki by side and Big Ang constipation is Linda then a little canary little Co theorem but preggers white either come from a kinder the piles Angela poor Karen America me Tamiya one obesity hi Gaby I am up in the Kaurava he Balaam hemorrhoids in the garden below sea level to monitor telomere acapella more my PI R Imperium I Tobias it on our own they are pretty gorilla while is another party pelvic cavity love a insula Priscilla tumble piles of balance America Lee I'm buzzing wisely at the every left position Amon Amarth TVs Italian dengue live hemorrhoids and hopefully give an anatomical yoga latinum Mookie my my little Cody react above another Indian of hemorrhoids of Allah podium symptoms of anomaly in the Mara in gilliam piles my lad do earthly Kokoro take the tally teleport prolapsed hemorrhoids a theory external hemorrhoids Avenue little rectum catalytic Shiva I'm without any or duty thrombosed the tomorrow is the item teleport well apparently my dad died at the lecture a chill where the name pileup or improve kind of over piles Rosie and up additional and the lamina melaka a complete physical examination a complete blood count grouse it lubricated porridge a sunburn I've doctored a virile of you which or what Attila we said I'm on every show thinner wall I'd have already proven among other poorly lighted Emma scope of you say Malaya my lysate in the our dear father I get the tents and imitation another doctor or offices which a outpatient I had DMI where we said about another it's their MV said Amaya body short another Road a huge sham of a serenity loom dr. Garcia said Roman yoga make you wanna pray assembled a static either bulam I always human left to the sea level mother Sheila pull up I got I got a Mahamaya pile of body shots in a little we work very in i'll a yogi i'm the prior mana political reasonably who know not a digital Anjali L engine some say where am i I'm a pendulum Blatche element angular America not require no scope we perish authenticate the gastroenterologist specialist net sahayam third and a positive 8 2011 raja'na cancer diverticulitis poor lips colitis putting Apple original Mulla Mulla tell that tominaga with colonoscopy rule either lankan WN sathi and our synthetic Elsa prior a mother say the conservative measures AMA Cordell fiber la na vegetable fruits that would look tiny another I review you and row here pretty big here Warren um correct you are operational Elizabeth D was civil IRA Monica regular Nauticus vo at exercise your Chia piles where the NeoGeo rich alone regular Scylla or in medicine clean Okanagan hydrocortisone anak it will proton um I got an earache in the pileup or E or in mention clean some doctor the prescription the other than a week when sorry they were salvo to paddle and Jetta militate uno and I lot I wanna eat akin to the I show a cigar Amana the prior item to roll over la toilette sit in the mogilevich a really ridiculous it's bad Mickey of our muscle along against attic heater mrow toilet paper will regather Indian the the love of Allah Yahoo jogger move our initiation right availability productivity part another one on her lover toward RTI constipation Karachi I'll take Mottram dr. Leana Sarah nomination in Salem stools of never correctional Atacama probably interim conservative measures priority negative until another dollar so here welcome Susie can I just try to be a little Erica later roughly Chicago why Leah pradhana University Hospital role on the Iran single second colorectal specialist even the already radically Dona Santa Ana reporting in a Gilliam weakest Tylenol tomorrow Valerie with a hamachi Kousaka wanna general surgeons under another Manila telephone Okemah from course our janitor another teleporting guru mighty kala my sergeant the skills in a particular Arianna yoga she will say was also gorilla Jelena mingle the doctor they never saw me but dr. Afridi in malarek in colorectal specialist CER like seals agile and diamond she's practically a gerado Gina I mean regulatory generality Luciana rubber band ligation internal hemorrhoids in the basal epic killer rubber band it particularly have a royal support individual metal Nana chemical solutions hemorrhoids like to cook the way ta another even a therapy like eat and it'll Salem Hospital at meteor outpatient area where then as well Sagarika Robin Yeon do chisel pileup Rosa melena gondola files Mauricio Linda hemorrhoidectomy suspect earlier than a wind available tomorrow already hemorrhoidectomy sub surgery connotation energies of the man I was say that to them with a general surgeon the Quran Allah what led a successful Ayatollah course are the via appearances digital la Mettrie to preserve Iran the staple the caper detective a staple either piles like Lana stapled hemorrhoidectomy he proceeded hemorrhoid surgery a car wherever Ivana outpatient data sequence article in G in Gilliam a regular tomorrow detector massager with either very Karla stapled hemorrhoidectomy K several piles of a curry and I will do marijuana Satya : Mafalda each Astra create a delay for each area Vanguard we need a rectal prolapse mother Dorothy like the rectum problem emerald still playing Chicago village putana I should really call or octo specialist in the daily I'm okay in a garden lately I was ina my karel appel amudha could all use a lot of water Nina Lamora could be that up sahayam 30 Linda why removal is a logical second our high and spherical and the septic precautions oh no no they are know before when Dianna marginal unknown will designate Ram Shastri creola al cynically age so hepatitis or any American otherwise Athiya no other wonder if they're in singles IQ Pagar theyíre akia while sadaham piloting Gators are on the ampicillin a heart attack or a stroke operation Elizabeth I am under the piles in apathy Burrell piles in Andersonville and a miracle one may say sham American Irina yet to president of my relay hand over a president car from foreign for our show cigar and you all know I was here different Ivanova Rana Napoleon Waterloo total my Rajput ankarana other than they are so more teachers and I didn't and a sign at the mic you and Sadiq Canyon Mario you know Karl Marx and a snake at any angle say in Dulcinea we've got the British musical teacher you know the end cut the table holiday hamper you know and a mullah phenomena Grantham Haley poor poor Thomas even Ghana will occur ooh into wardrobe mu divided inaudible England delay and every season a girl at the Royal College of Physicians Candelaria came in the monastery Polamalu England alia de praga Panaro caranavi area you know Alfred the Great to die Java they had the Guru's of evolution marooned I don't know why rs3 usually proteases and the Saran I again my resume Larimar I remind me Tamiya me and Rick an hour of innovation equal mark 200 II they who are the earth in the pair's mulch airplane Oh some more ten miles in a car nine-year-old woody party to prepare there was a mother at the hearth in the piles in the Raukumara he had order from forestry local three crying Gino narrator the other thing that we definitely didn't a Nestle Tokina in the malleolus rollick Lorca in Akiva Jana brother Alfred Raja when a poly rule of Rodney Alcala Angeles in Oklahoma royal soon angular with that I reckon logically picking up with that paracord Omaha from jingles it began it is a Carol dr. Roy P Thomas we had an AIT EDS I mean no Covadonga you


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