US health insurance vs European insurance

let's let's ask why is it that in Western Europe private health insurance companies are associated with better care to more people for less money but in the United States private health insurance companies are driving the cost of care of European health insurance companies resemble American health insurance companies the way European football resembles American football different goals different games different roles private health insurance companies in Europe can set whatever price they want on their policies but they have to sell it at the same price to everyone regardless of health the next cool is you cannot refuse to sell a policy to anyone who asks patients can change their insurance companies whenever they want but insurance companies can't drop a patient for any reason not even failure to pay because the government will step in and pay the premium the third rule is every policy has to cover every treatable condition so that no patient when they pick an insurance policy can be left with a an insurance coverage that is so inadequate they lose their home a limb or a life because they made the wrong choice and in many Western European countries if the government has discovered that you the insurance company you've still managed to cherry-pick the healthiest patients you will pay a premium that will subsidize the insurance companies that are picking up the slack consequently they're the ways that insurance companies in Europe can compete are only buying lower prices extra benefits or better customer service imagine that in the United States these rules do not apply none of those rules apply so if I'm running an insurance company a health insurance company in the United States the first thing I want to do to make money is not insure anybody who's sick one way to do that is to charge a lot sick people don't have money the next thing I'm going to do is look for the first opportunity to drop any healthy patient who becomes sick considering that the average worker in the United States changes their insurance plan every six years there are many opportunities to do that the next thing I'm going to do is restrict benefits most people in the United States pick their insurance plan because of the price of the premium but they don't examine the benefits as a matter of fact the benefits package is so complex very few people can understand them the next thing I'm going to do is once I've got your premium money I am going to delay or deny payment to providers as long as I possibly can and if I delay payment to providers long enough some of them will give up and I keep that money and that is the story of private health insurance in the United States prices go up only healthy people can afford them healthy people who get sick get dropped and providers have to spend inordinate amounts of money trying to collect their due from insurance companies these rules are not only not applied in the United States they're not acceptable by private health insurance companies


  1. Socialism haha, Americans aren't just very smart..

  2. yanks are so christian but do not behave like jesus.

  3. what the usa needs is a couple of mass shooting at board meetings of companies who keep fucking the people over and over and over again

  4. I`m sorry but how can americans lives, they`r being and be happy and see friends and family dont have security??? How can U sleep, how can U as a nation expand this? Talk about taxes is just talk about how hot is the sun. No taxes more insurance, more taxes equals standard of living and burden. Some day ur family are there and we pay much lower rate, I` promise

  5. Amazing how few people saw this vid… It's inconvenient, right? Always amazes me how Americans vote in such self harmful ways

  6. In germany there are 2 plans one is Gesetzliche the other is called Private the first one is so called non profit version that means your Doctor gets less money and not all doctors are available that means Kassenärztliche zulassung so if a doctor says private patients only you can't even pay the difference because the doctore is not able to get payed bye your plan around 15% of your income are payed for your health insurance 7% bye your employer 8% bye you and the private plan is only available if you earn enough or for other reasons are not bounded to the "puplic " plan the maximum you have to pay under the GKV (public ) is 2018 15% of 4425€ thats 664€ per month so if you earn more than 4425 € you don't pay 15 % you pay less example you earn 8850€ per month than you still pay 664€ for health insurance thats 7.5% split as explained but at the same time you could go to a private insurance because if you earn more than 5000€ per month you are allowed to get private insurance but you can never change back … and premiums rise and they can say no to you under the private plan if you are in your in but the private 4 profit healthcare dosn't have 2 take you …and if you loose your job under a private plan you get less because the goverment pays the private insurance just the so called minimum and that means that they pay the doctor less than under the GKV so it's less likely to see a doctor early …

  7. more evidence americans are being wiped out.

  8. Wow, your condescending tone makes me think you think your viewers are complete idiots.

  9. European has health system, american has health business.

  10. Interesting. I live in Europe and only have the state insurance. When anyone in my family has been in hospital I have been charged 10 dollar a night. Nothing else. Regardless of treatment. And yes at the same time I have been informed that I dont need to pay if my income is below the poverty line. Opps wrong there… there is no charge for sick children.The companies here try to sell insurance against expensive drugs. But why would I buy that? There is a max amount that anyone has to pay for drugs a year.

  11. When will usa learn that 'the free market" isn't the answer ?? And even if you let private players control such a basic right like HC : SETH THE RULES TO PLAY BY !!! take your goddam responsability for the ones who elect you !!!

  12. Very interesting.

    I'd appreciate being more specific about which European country we're talking about. The rules are not uniform across Europe.

  13. I'm Australian, we have universal healthcare here in Australia. Everyone gets looked after, no matter your social status. A small percentage of our wage gets taken out each pay. You do't even miss it. You can take out private health insurance if you want to as well. But that's usually a bit of a rip off.

  14. insurance in usa are the biggest scammers on the planet and the state is guilty to accept on the back on citizen.they are the sheeps and ll stay brainwashed until they america and the freedom of capitalism for scammers

  15. Americans should learn the difference between socialism and solidarity. Europe is built on solidarity. It's not socialism.

  16. I lived in Germany for six years. The private insurance companies advertised heavily and would promise "superior service" at a lower premium than for the public insurance. They were notorious for appealing to younger Germans who in general were healthier than older Germans. These younger Germans gradually became older Germans and would get dismayed to see their premiums creep up and up. Many a webpage was dedicated to helping Germans somehow get off their private insurance and back into the public health insurance system. That was not easy.

  17. Living in a plutocracy is lovely and fun innit?

  18. His measured, articulate statement should give Americans something to think about

  19. the concept of caring for a community is prime in European countries. Profit is not the prime motive. You would call that socialism, I call that being a good citizen. And your politicos call it socialism, and they've brainwashed generations of Americans to believe that healthcare has to be $$$. There are a lot of countries in the world who deliver as good or better healthcare than the US for a lot less.

  20. Why wasn't any of this a crisis in the US before the 1980s? It wasn't because the US had single-payer health care.
    You probably know women who had children in the 1950s who can still tell you that their hospital bill was less than $200.

  21. That is bleak man.

  22. American doctors plan …..

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