Urine Therapy – Alternative Medicine Health Treatment – say no to chemo radiation cancer tumors

well I came across this therapy for the first time in ten years ago and I was working at an Ayurvedic hospital in a very small village in India and every now and again I would take a break so I would take a break and go to Goa and I actually found this practice through hippies in Goa not through the doctors and they didn't tell me a lot about it not a lot of people are willing to talk about this practice so they didn't say too much they just said to me oh it's something that we do any promotes longevity and it promotes youthfulness and it promotes strong energy it helps you build your energies stronger and that's all I knew really and I said okay that's pretty that's pretty good huh I'll try that and I had no idea that my life was gonna just be turned upside down by this therapy this is Natalia who lives impact by gola with her two small children and a husband she works for a yoga studio she's got a background in psychology and also a you medic therapy that's the traditional medicine of India is what we'd call here in the tropics and they share quite similar elements in it now the therapy she was just talking about it you heard correctly it basically involves drinking your own way and Natalia tells us that it completely turned her life upside down she says it's not an alternative to medicine so much as a yoga cleansing technique and it's been one that has been passed down by the Yogi's over centuries to purify the body's toxins the idea of it is that you drink your own way and when you feed your way back into your own system it's like giving your body a map of itself it's telling your body all the information it needs to know it's a shiv andrew technique which translates from Hindi to the water of shavoo which is a God and this makes you Ryan the equal to holy water Natalia swears by it and has been drinking this sacred water of hers for ten years now my first time case ding urine was in Goa when I was staying with a friend in his home and we started together and I remember the first I just peed in a glass literally and went to the bathroom and Swala took one mouthful and almost gagged like I literally thought I was going to vomit it was that bad it took me a long time to get my head around that this taste is actually okay it's not too bad so for a long time I was still at you didn't put me off trying of attempting the therapy any and I was adamant I was going to stick to it at it I have a very I'm a very strong-minded person so I thought okay I can't bear the taste of it but I still want to do it I don't want to compromise the purity of it so for a long time I actually used a syringe I used a syringe without the needle of course and I used to squirt it at the back of my throat so I didn't have to taste it and I stuck to it every day so very good you know a good matter now maybe 18 months I did it like that until it just became normal to me my daily ritual is well out I wake up normally go to the bathroom like everybody else and catch the midstream in a of my urine first thing in the morning in a glass I'll usually just ingest that straight back in brush my teeth have my shower it's pretty simple well two of our youngest contributors brothers Liam Liam and DITA came to our latest programming meeting they were talking about secret recipes and they said well our grandfather once tried this therapy which was urine therapy their grandfather was a tall athletic man he didn't smoke or drink was a total health freak yet when he was 61 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer he tried everything he took special herbal teas from Germany that cost hundreds of dollars he drank a special juice that came from America which khalsa cost a lot of money he tried also the more traditional forms of treatment chemotherapy radiotherapy and finally surgery and then when none of this was working he also heard about this urine therapy and Liam and DITA grew up with this with his knowledge of of that this was therapy that their grandfather had turned to at the very last moment unfortunately it's very sad he he died and Liam and data when they're about six years old but it is the story of their grandfather's quest to find out all these possible treatments that inspired Liam and data to find italia and talk to her about this therapy and Liam and Dida's grandfather story is a pretty similar one of the different people that come to Natalia seeking out not necessarily this treatment but they're often at the end of the road and are really desperate to search for new alternative medicines so as Liam and Dida searched for the story about their grandfather I also find found the story about Natalia and this amazing quite incredible bizarre I get a lot of emails from people all over the world who are very lost for answers and where they've got a situation where really the medical profession cannot help some people come to me they've already learn about it so they're quite open some people see me for years before I feel like they're actually ready to even consider this so by that stage by the time I approached them with the possibility of having this therapy they've already you know they've known me enough to trust me and keep an open mind some people I feel like when they come to see me that's what they're there for but they don't know it and they're the ones the most shocked and I usually ask them okay you know there's a few ways that you we can treat you for this whatever is going on in their life or in their body how unconventional do you want to be and even the ones that say oh yes you know I'm very open and very unconventional when I pull out this card they're usually at least laugh or 49 if not full of it to the most important point in in this let's use the word recipe in inverted commas is the importance of having a really pure diet because what you're doing is you're actually recycling what you're putting into your body so the purity of it is of higher of highest importance but before the correct to be most effective I think we can just pretty much sum it up as vegetarian Louis today's diet high mostly organics of course to describe the taste I cannot think of any other substance that even resembles it tastes like pee a very frank end in there from Italia who was telling us about the ancient yogic technique of urine therapy drinking your own way for for health purposes that story there was produced by Lima and DITA you


  1. literally taking the PISS

  2. beefree1 please tell me more about how your mercury fillings fell out after urine therapy. How long did it take and what was your program? When you stated that the teeth were replaced by white stuff did you mean you grew new teeth or you got implants? I have 2 root canals and a couple crowns plus some fillings. I was afraid to start the therapy because of what I'd heard about detoxing was bad for people with mercury in the dental area. I've been vegan for 7 years and believe any health complaints I have left are due to mercury. I was so excited to see you bring this positive testimony about UT and fillings.! Thank you

  3. I've been practicing this therapy for more than 18 years and I'm sharing my experiences with it in my You Tube channel… for the ones interested in knowing about it. 🙂 You are free to come by and watch the videos I've made so far. I am not interested in selling anything, just sharing my own discoveries, in the hope that they could help others, as much as they helped me and many people in my life. 🙂 ♡

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  5. I bet she would have felt really pissed on if it had not worked.

  6. This works. Don't doubt it. You are your best medicine!

  7. Natalia has such beautiful skin!

  8. Impressive!

  9. yes many have healed cancer with distilled water… and distilled water ozonated with an ozone generator… can see videos on youtube about it… and also urine therapy helps heal cancer

  10. most of my life I have never heard of this therapy I was forced to search for new therapies to heal my CRPS and Chronic Lymes disease ….it took me a year myself … of saying I dont believe this… and it took me like 30 youtube testimonies and reading a few UT books…until I believed and had the courage to do Urine Therapy I will be doing this rest of my life..and feel I won the lotto !!! and no fear of starvation !! the best therapy for healing chronic lymes is urine therapy and ozone water

  11. well, since I've been drinking distilled water for a year and a half now, and NO sodas, or booze, or coffe or packed or powdered juices, and became a vegetarian 5 years ago, and no junk food AT ALLmy urine , which I started taking foronly 3 months, tastes very nice to me. and no bad smell too…

  12. Thank you so sweet trust me I think about stopping those pills every day I really do not like them and am not so sure if they even help so far the best results I've seen are piss.I am an all or nothing human too I suppose you have 2 be in order to go 4 the golden drink hard core but then again true my illness is too.And ya I have a bunch of? ile take your guidence really though need some sleep and youtube only allows a certain amount of talk ile befriend u on FB thank u so much.

  13. I have been doing this for a few weeks now and I can attest that my Rosacea is just about completely gone other people are saying I look about 10 years younger stronger I have have lost a grip of weight feel ok most of the time I wish I had a little more guidance being that this is such a secret and really cannot talk to anyone about this however I really do appreciate the suggestions actually I could attest to more but u tube only allows so much INFO.So I will just say thank you

  14. Tell me this is a joke. Tell me you don't believe this is going to help you? Please.

    To suggest it could cure HIV/AIDS is downright DANGEROUS.

    The only time there will be any sort of nutritional content to your urine is if you're diabetic and it might taste a bit sweet.

    This is utterly ridiculous.

  15. Hi DR.I just wanted to say thanks 4 selfless post.I have been using it for Rosacea Lupus and The black eyes and dark spots are going away !! Hey hope yes.And people Have even noticed and commented that I look stronger and alive.The drinking part is a bit challenging still doing it my concern is mixing west meds with u know!! and it is my youtube secrete since it is so not cool in the west I even drank the last two days.And have been ok Please still need the prayers.GBY thank U thank U .

  16. Hi matt, I have with this urine therapy for 10 years. I was so desperate, so tired and almost losing my hope & faith. Thinking nothing to loose, I started this urine therapy…and it heals me (I believe God heals me through this therapy). I drink my first urine in the morning. Collect your urine in a cup, let the first and the last drops go, and drink your urine right away. Start from this, and you can increase up to 3x a day. I hope you get well soon. I don't know you but I'll pray for you. GBU

  17. I've done urine therapy since 2003..it's been ten years. I'm 41 now. I started to undergo this therapy since I had so much problem with my stomach..I got typhus so many times and a long list of 'not allowed' food. Now, all of those misery has gone. I always drink my first urine in the morning. I strongly recommend to give your loving husband this therapy. Good luck. GBU.

  18. I have been diagnosed with Lupus I must admit it creeps me out as a result I have developed Rosacea . I am taking Diazepam for the shakes and antiBiotics for my face looks like black eyes I am willing to try anything my concern is the meds Ive heard that the pee is not clean can I still use it with the meds ? and how do I start ? someone help here I really do not care what others may say at this point Help!! Where do I start ?

  19. Yochved Bat_imedt ,thank you so much for the information.

  20. If your husband is still on chemo, radiation and other meds, he should not drink urine at this time. Should medications and treatments end, he should avoid drinking urine for 3 months to allow all residuals to be excreted. During this time should also do a cleanse to properly rid body of chemo and radiation, i.e. colloidal silver should be part of the cleanse. Best under care of holistic practitioner. Check out urine therapy articles online. Read book "Uropathy" by Martin Lara- also google him.

  21. Read "Urine Therapy Book" by Martin Lara– He and many others have done the research.

  22. I can only speak for myself…. I believe the kidneys are the most powerful distillers on the planet…more powerful then any distiller machine…plus drinking urine will get the 2500 plus documented enzymes, hormones, nutrients etc… I have a chronic pain condition and take pain meds… and I do not have a problem… may want to start small dosage of urine and work up to higher doses… a year an a half…I drink most of my urine… start with drops under tongue..3x day….. and work up….

  23. Hi my husband has stage four porstate cancer and he has done radiation and also doing chemo. He is on a lot of medication can he drink his own urine? and also how much of it and how many times? please let me know. Thank you.

  24. Come on get open to get to knowledge, Natalia is has learned this practice in the university of world, trust me it works, just go about the proper way. I tell for I do not want a single cent from you. Urine theraphy is a very good treatment for people living a balance life, eating simple food, avoiding food out of violence.

  25. there are many testimony's of urine therapy healing HIV-AIDS …can read online or buy online "YOUR OWN PERFECT MEDICINE," by Martha Christy … explains how Urine Therapy helps heal all dis-ease in ones body on all levels

  26. Can it cure HIV?

  27. It was really easy for me, the taste was not a problem, piece of cake, no problem at all. Vanderbuilt University has a 13 page document talking about this. If you have questions, look for documents about it, not that the medical community has all that much credibility with me and I work in a hospital

  28. Great sharing of experience, good insights, the "psychological" issue (false programming) is THE only issue. Anti-thesis: learn everything you can find, study it over and over. Reprogram yourself, there ARE scientific studies and research that go back to late 1800s (in the West!) They have just been SUPPRESSED. Big Pharma knows, break free from the MSM misinformation. Ancient wisdom is clear on the subject. The only question is how serious are YOU? How important are your self delusions to you?

  29. Is it good for you if you are on medication?

  30. "if I didn't see the miracles in my life I would still be a disbeliever"

    It's fucking piss. It doesn't have any miracle properties. It's excess salt, water and some minerals. Unless you're dying of thirst, there's no reason at all. Drink water instead you clown. Do you kiss people with piss smelling breath?

  31. I pour my moring fresh urine on my face it increased my face complexion its miracle urine really works I do it everyday

  32. ever since I have been practicing urine therapy… I have never had a cough, cold, flu … though I have one of the worst chronic pain conditions Complex Regional Pain Syndrome stage 3 … my symptoms I think are defusing…. and reversing … I can not say this about any other medical therapy I have been on…. I have probably spent over 1 million dollars on this dis-ease…. so those that make odd remarks…first have an incurable dis-ease and fight for your life every day in 10/10 pain

  33. I would try it too

  34. maybe the naysayers should provide some proof that it doesn't work before they shoot their mouths off…i see more information on the benefits of UT and it seems every one of the people that are against it are (aside from the nastiness) have not shown any proof to support their claims

  35. listen natalia. you're not a doctor and majored in psychology which is equivalent to majoring in stupidity in my opinion. you shouldn't be telling people to drink their own piss. it may be other things in your life that helped you. if this were true then people would be licking up toilet bowls. 2.5% of your piss is toxic.

  36. now i know this is BS. you believe that some secret society is preventing us from drinking our own piss? ok i will believe you if you do this. in nyc's subway there is a stop near my apartment where hobos piss. it smells rancid. there is usually a nice puddle of hot piss. if you drink it for a week i will try it.

  37. well testimonies alone isn't enough for me, and I don't trust everything I read on the Internet because the Internet is full of lies. I'm no medical expert, but the last time I checked, mainstream medicine has the better track record for curing disease and illness. If you really have been doing urine therapy for 1 1/2 years, then I feel sorry for you.

  38. this is exactly how I thought before I researched this. I thought..this is the craziest thing ever heard. I was so shocked by this, and all the claims, I started to do some research…even though it made me physically sick…even to think this could possible be true. After months of reading testimonies I let go of my indoctrinated belief system and have been doing urine therapy for about 1 1/2 years …. if I didn't see the miracles in my life I would still be a disbeliever…

  39. I simply cannot believe that the vast majority of people in the comments say this shit works. IT'S FREAKING PISS! That stuff makes you sick when you drink it. Urine is waste. Urine therapy simply cannot, and does not cure disease and illness. I can't believe people are dumb enough to buy into this.

  40. its what you eat before you do it. but it does keep getting cleaner. this stuff does wor, but it does take commitment to do a fast

  41. hey beefree1…I can't believe I just subed to your channel. You have been doing some amazing work..!! I'm going to attach some of my clips, and remix this video. How did you get that remix button? I can't seem to figure it out. you can message me if can. thanks in advance 🙂

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  43. terrific…also check out Andrew Nortons Website and updates on Dr.s support distilled water ie Urine Therapy – ht tp://tin yurl.co m/ 9oxa5qv

  44. I have been a urine therapy practitioner on/off for many years. It is a very effective treatment against any diseases no doubt about that. Its an ancient secret practiced widely in India and other countries. I have heard and read many urine therapy testimonials but unsure to why medical community ignores this concept. They agree that it is harmless but also rejects to support this by saying that there is no scientific proof behind this therapy.

  45. righT oN

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