***URGENT!!*** 3 things you MUST know BEFORE buying health insurance in 2020

Hello, this is AJ Diliberto your friendly neighborhood insurance agent and it is that time again open enrollment has begun for health insurance and Just wanted to get a video out here explain some of the changes There are three big changes that I did want to go over today two of them only in, California California’s broken new law passed a Law here recently specifically regarding health insurance in the state of California. They’re the only state to do these things They’re the first of course Maybe it’s going to be a trend. Maybe it’ll be a failed experiment Who knows but they did it. They that’s it’s a law as I make no doubt about that So the first part of the law, this is something that’s gonna be beneficial. Now, you know that there’s Ying’s and Yang’s with insurance I talked about that all the time where sometimes things are given and they’re taken away So has always got to look at both sides of that so In this case, the the yin if you will is that they have expanded the poverty level line So if you remember with the Obamacare you can make up the 400% of the poverty level You know and get a tax credit tax subsidy be eligible for that And so that’s been the law for whatever however long it’s been eight nine years, whatever So what California has done is they’ve said you can make up to six hundred percent of the poverty level so, you know that’s gonna affect a lot of people that’s a lot more of the poverty level so You know So text me back or email me and I can get you a copy of those types of things or just you know call me and let me know and we can we can talk those things out and Discuss what your income was last year what you expect it to be how many people in your household? It factors in all of those things But nevertheless it’s gonna have a pretty huge impact on a pretty huge amount of people So now that’s gonna be only on your California return. So, you know, there’s the administration’s gonna be done with covered, California and I think that they’re gonna be slated with organizing the federal versus the state and all of those things so you Know who knows I mean cover California was obviously, you know a bit of a nightmare when it first got started But now several years into it. They’re obviously more put together and things like this So hopefully they can handle all that but it doesn’t matter. That’s that so that’s what they’ve been slated to do So that’s the change number one larger poverty income level line so additional subsidies and tax credits and tax and an Insurance premium relief for more people now, what’s the other side of that? Well the other side of that is they also reinstated? He really instituted the tax penalty for not getting Insurance. This is called the individual mandate. And when Donald Trump took office, he scrapped it He said no more individual mandate and so for the last year or so There’s not been like this year if you didn’t have insurance, there’s no penalty So now of course, there’s a penalty if you ended up needing health care and now you’ve got costs that you have to deal with but and and of course if you have you know lower income you can get help or medical or whatever the case may be but There’s now a penalty if you do not have health insurance at all. It’s gonna be a $695 penalty or Two and a half percent of your income So when you think about that? so two and a half percent that’s like Over twenty eight thousand dollars as an individual if you make more than twenty eight thousand two and a half percent Actually more than six hundred ninety five dollars so it can get significant you make forty fifty thousand sixty thousand you’re talking about a Significant penalty to not have insurance. So this is just what’s on the table? So they’ve expanded the amount of people who can get assistance to say hey, we’re not gonna we’re gonna have this penalty But we’re gonna try to help more people who can you know can’t afford it and That’s what they’ve done. So we’re gonna run those numbers for you We got to check that out and see how all that stuff plays out. Now the third change is in the premium So this is the first year So the yang the good news is this is the first year that there’s not really significant price increases. So that’s good Right. There’s there’s the the price increases have been Somewhat stabilized not really a whole to 3% maybe 4% but you know, not 8 10 12 percent I think Blue Shield says there’s was like 1% so but don’t be fooled But don’t be fooled the cost The cost for insurance is less but they the the benefits have been have been changed The benefits have been changed. So almost across the board. It’s pretty significant Across the board that everything has gone up not that it’s every change was significant But what’s significant is that everything changed that was a $30 copay. It’s now 35 or 40 if it was a 30% copay it’s 35% If it was a you know, a 2500 dollar deductible. It’s 3,500 or 4500 in some cases Again, sometimes it was a little less like Blue Shield’s got a an 18. They called it the PPO 1850’s probably our most popular Blue Shield plan that we sell so a lot of people have that it was priced right and it was called the PPO 18:51 outs the PPO nineteen fifty and so again just a hundred dollars not a big deal But then the max out-of-pocket has also been increased. So if it was 6500 or 7000 it’s now 8000 so again, everything has just changed a little bit shifted around but the goal was To have not not there be a lot of additional Premium do so instead of because every year the premiums are going up and benefits were being affected a little bit So here I think they wanted a bigger Benefit change and so they were able to change it significantly and not really change the premiums all that much So there’s your yin. And your yang So those are the three things that I wanted to talk to you about here Right the new changes in the legislature. We have the expanded poverty level we have the penalty the individual mandate now back in force alive and well and then we’ve have got the Premiums not really going up, but we do need to pay Significant attention to the plan you have and what those benefit changes are on your plan so that we know Whether or not you should keep that plan or is some sort of another shift To be meaningful. So there’s other plans as well You know Oscar has made some changes in A lot of people have gone with Oscar people been very happy by the way with Oscar my clients myself included But they’ve made a change that if you’re on the exchange, so if you’re getting a tax credit through covered, California Then those plans actually do have a smaller Doctor and Hospital options, so they’ve changed their networks So there now is an on exchange network and an off exchange network Blue Shield has the same network on and off exchange I know there’s some confusion in the marketplace that while I don’t want to go on exchange with Blue Shield because you know My doctor didn’t take it, but same the same same with Blue Shield, but now Oscar it is different So now we’ve added some Complexity and confusion in the sense that different plans are changing and becoming different things So we want to take a look at that but those costs are gonna be again What’s the yin and the yang well smaller network lower price? So all of these things are going to create that whole, you know The options and the ings and the Yang’s that we have to look at as it pertains to all of these things So anyway, so that’s it. Oh, yeah, one other thing so there is another you know, a lot of people ask me I’ll just cover this briefly. A lot of people ask me about is there a hospital only plan or whatever? Well, I got just two things to run over there. Number one is not really you know Blue Shield, I mean the insurance department of California Approves almost nothing. Okay, there’s so many so few things are actually approved. There is one policy That’s that’s awesome actually, and actually I was gonna move myself to this new policy. It’s like hospital plan it’s got all kinds of indemnity situations for Everything from from doctor visits to MRIs. I mean, it’s it’s tremendous. I’m very very happy with it. The cost was lower Looked like that was gonna be something that I that was gonna be perfect for me for this year was just approved last year thumbs up ready to go and then the mandate came in and all of a sudden the math of The mandate and and this whole thing it’s really kind of, you know messed up my plans for myself Messed up my plans really cuz I thought that it was gonna be a good fit for a lot of other people And now it appears that It’s it’s not gonna be a good fit for me or for a lot of people but it’s still gonna have some applicability there I guess the point is I’m always looking I’m always out there, but but California has done a You know a tremendous job of limiting options limiting options is what they’ve done a tremendous job of doing and You know, so they think it’s for our benefit obviously, they believe if they don’t give you the option then you can’t hurt yourself So that’s their philosophy on it, right? They want to make as few options as possible. So that your only Option is to buy one of these plans and if you buy one of these plans the theory goes that There’s a lot of people insured and because there’s a lot of people insured our prices go down And so the the narrative is that that’s what’s happened and your prices have gone down but I but they it’s not true if they’re gonna if they’re gonna affect the benefits if They’re gonna make the benefits go get worse and worse every year then there’s not a you know It’s not a it’s not really we our prices didn’t go up because they’ve reduced the benefits So that’s the reality of it, but we all have to live with it. I’m in California. You’re in, California So this is something everyone of us as Californians we have to deal with this we have to tackle this issue So, you know, if you like, you know this video you think it’s good for someone that you know forward it Please all my info I get very little we do very little outreach Marketing, it’s all really word-of-mouth You know, if you’re gonna see this, maybe you see it on Facebook or whatever the case is So just you know forward along pass it along Anyway that I did, you know, the, you know referrals to help people because again, I’m going to take the time to be customized It’s the only way to do this, there’s no Blanket answer, okay What’s there’s no blanket answer at all? What your income level is what you know health situation your kids you married What’s your you know, how many how many deductions do you have? How many people in the household what your tax return look like? All of these things are all part Of the mix that we’ve got to factor in and then if you want to throw in what doctors you use what? hospital you’re close to there’s a lot that needs to be worked through and so anyway, appreciate all your guys, you know support and love and you know the referrals that you’ve provided to me and your loyalty has been tremendous and Again, we’re here for another another year. So let’s roll our sleeves up So let’s get busy. Anyway Thank You AJ Diliberto friendly neighborhood insurance agent sign down

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