UPDATE!!! The Renegades are Hiring and Health Problems

hey what's up everybody nate here from the renegades with a little bit of an announcement video you you all probably can see down below right right below the video yes we are going to be hiring an editor and well this has a huh this is something i that i've been thinking about and the reason why i am going for it right now is let me let me be abundantly clear with this over the last month or so actually it's been more than a month now i had been battling a various array of sicknesses the most prominent and probably the biggest pain probably is paying for me has been a sinus infection that for the most part has knocked me out for the better part of a part of a month i remember when i when it first happened when it first started and I'm still dealing with some of the residual effects but it's nowhere near as debilitating as it was and it hit me in a very bad time and I'm sorry about that and now I'm dealing with a with a back problem it's a there's a place on my back of lower on my back that's gotten infected and now it's it it causes me pain to walk to do anything really and I've gone don't worry I have gone to the doctor and they've given me the medicine for it and they've you know they've assured me that it's nothing bad or anything like that it's just it's just a place that got infected and as for what it is as for where it came from I'm not sure I'm thinking it potentially as a spider bite I I don't know I have seen spiders around the house but I can't imagine how it would have gotten me there I don't know but anyway yeah enough explanation about that all renegades are hiring yes we are hiring a video editor this video editor will be R it will be required to well not required but will be asked to complete the the edits for us for our anime reactions and various other show reactions that we choose to do that's one reason why we haven't been doing them is because I have a lot of them but I haven't gotten around to editing them we have a course Nick's run of my hero academia which which we want to finish and we want to catch up to where we were in the series now that micah is coming back more i'd like to actually continue it with micah but that all depends on if we get there some of you out there right now are going to be asking how do I apply okay we actually have a we actually on our discord if you want to go on there mmm then we will be then I'll be personally looking over applicants serious inquires only guys I mean if you want to chat with me and all this and all that and you're gonna use it and you're going to use this job listing as a way to talk to me I'm not looking for that I'm actually looking for a serious inquiry on this if you want to chat I mean I'm more than happy to if I'm available but it's just I barely have enough time to do anything nowadays hmm but on top of a on top of what's going on with that I wanted to say I'm sorry guys really because to all of our patreon supporters out there who've who've left because of lack of content and the lack of the lack of stuff on there I'm sorry guys I thought I thought I can handle it myself and I am way too proud ask for help Thalia recently it's only here recently I've actually started asking Nick for a little bit of help with editing and you know Nick is picking up the slack and he's helping me out a lot he's actually one of the reasons why we were able to have videos ready for these last few weeks because of me being sick and I want to I want to catch up on all the stuff that we're behind on and I want em see I'm still battling the residual effects of this of this sinus infection and it sucks and I'm sorry guys I really am but if you all are interested in this editing position you know we'll go over the full details of the whole thing and I want serious inquiries guys I really do and I you will be paid for this this will be a paid gig this isn't something I expect you to do for free because you know rendering can sometimes be a very time-consuming time-consuming thing and yeah if you all are interested you know there's various ways to get a hold of us there's a there's of course our listing on patreon that I've just put out there's discord and there's also our private email which is on the main channels About section and you can find it there and I am more than willing to to deal this out to anyone who is willing to take up the job I hope to hear from I hope to hear from some of you here soon but for right now I'm going to in this video and I guess until next time guys signing off I'm Nate and we'll see you then peace


  1. I Nominate Alucard for Editor.

  2. I'm currently in college as a Multimedia and Film Major.

  3. You should exercise and start eating healthy when you start feeling better. It will make a huge difference on your mood also.

  4. Get well bro

  5. As a Fellow Fat Guy, Nate I know what it's like. Our bodies turn on us in our 30's. I need to drop another 80 pounds myself, but keep resting and feel better and I'm so happy Micah is back : > Yall are Awesome.

  6. Peace and Love brotha

  7. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Give hope, and hope you get better Nate. Fight through the illness. Don't give up

  9. Get well soon brother

  10. Where ………is……….ben

  11. There is a few vitamins that might help. One is called Echinacea and another is called Reishi Mushrooms. They are great for building up the immune system and for circulation. They Have helped me a lot.

  12. I love you my friend. I hope you get to feeling better.

  13. Hey! I'm an editor! I can do stuff rather decently.

  14. Hope you feel better, Nate. You are great and it's always fun to watch you guys. Whatever happens, we'll be here to support you.

  15. Damn. Here's hoping things work out, man

  16. I hope you get better Nate ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. I clicked the video genuinely worried about you saying you had cancer or were dying in general, your fans care about you, doesn't need to have millions of subs.

  18. Get well soon Nate. Weโ€™re here for you.

  19. Get well soon Nate.

  20. Iโ€™m so sorry to hear that your sick and I hope you feel a 100% soon get well and stay awesome Nate

  21. hope you feel better soon!

  22. Hey, so sorry to hear that, Nate!
    Also, I may not be the best editor, but I'm fairly comfortable with SVP so I could possibly edit for you? Of course there's definitely others probably more suited for this but I just thought that I'd offer myself if you don't find anyone. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. You'll get through this man hang tight

  24. Stress doesnโ€™t do health any good.
    As much as it might set you back to get and editor, it may be more beneficial to your health to elevate some of that stress.

  25. Eventually you'll get a system that works for you all, I personally would like to see some better production value so maybe hiring people would help. Glad you're accepting help now

  26. There are definitely some skeletons in his closet. lol hang in there buddy

  27. Hope you feel better soon, personal health first.

  28. Hope you get well soon. I and many more will support you whit everything we can do.

  29. All of us, from your subs to even your own friends and family, are here to support you Nate. Get well soon and take your time, don't rush things because that might make your condition worse than it is. Take care buddy, Renegades for lifeโœŒ

  30. Wish I could edit good so I could be hired lol

  31. I love this channel I've been watching this since late 2014

  32. Damn. I hope you're able to recover soon, Nate.

  33. feel better Nate, hope your sinus infection will be completely over soon and not have the continued aftermaths. I also hope that infection on your back is also a spider bite, which will clear up quickly. also not an ingrown hair, or a scis(not sure how you spell it) had one on my tailbone, hurt like hell, could barely walk and couldnt stand straight. Please don't apologies, The Renegade Group always has lots of reactions and stuff, but I am glad to hear that your not going to be overloaded with too much work. Lots of huggs to you Nate. Stay out of trouble young man.. or don't get caught.

  34. Nate you don't need to say sorry all we need to say is get well soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Hey man, from one guy with back problems to another, we'll both get through these problems.

  36. Hope you feel better Nate! I hope that sinus infection doesnt get to you too hard. Or else the Sinus infection and I will have a beat down. 1v1 me Sinus.

  37. Nate, you have nothing to apologize about

  38. By Primus Nate… hugs you can get through this and come out on top! Plus, your immune system will be able to fight it off better. NOW GO TO BED AND REST! HEALTH BEFORE CONTENT!
    Now get together with the others and hash out a plan.

    Is that a skeleton in your closet?

  39. Hope you feel better Nate! ๐Ÿค—
    I can definitely say the offers are piling up in the Discord now

  40. Feel better soon man. Take good care of yourself.

  41. if its editing reaction videos im your guy! if u need my email or facebook im so down to edit man!
    i can edit reactions like in 3 mins time !
    im in college so not many can hire me lol but i love editing !
    id love to help ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Get Well Nate
    Stay Epic

  43. Hope you feel better soon.

  44. Dude you have problems and we all do. Take care of yourself get better as a childhood cancer survivor I know how important it is to stay healthy so take all the time u need and get better. Good luck to you and seriously never apologize for being sick because everyone gets sick and some more than others so get healthy and I canโ€™t wait to see you when you can post videos.

  45. Yo nate i would love to apply but canโ€™t seem to find the form plz help

  46. I'd love to do some work for ya. Used to do reactions in my youth and I've been editing videos for several years now.

    I can send you an email if you'd like with example of my work.

  47. Well, it was bound to happen at some point. Hope you get well soon, Nate.

  48. Any chance of doing Game of thrones reactions in the future Nate ? Dont burn yourself out Nate please take same time for yourself to recharge.

  49. Ask Mini's editor Ty. ๐Ÿ˜‚
    Hope you feel better soon Nate
    ๐Ÿ™ 4 u

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