Update on #COVID19Long Beach with LBFD and Health Department representatives.

Today we learned of a fifth case of COVID-19 in Long Beach. This is a newly identified case that may indicate community transmission which is when an illness spreads from an unknown source. When illnesses like COVID-19 are spread from person to person there are helpful actions we can take to limit exposure to others. One of those strategies is something called social distancing. Social distancing is a practice that we use to slow the transmission of outbreaks in the community by reducing close contact with others. Social distancing is staying at least six feet away from others which is about as long as a mattress. Again, this is only one of a number of strategies to take to help prevent illnesses like COVID-19. We all should continue washing our hands for at least 20 seconds avoid touching our faces and covering our noses and mouth after we cough or sneeze with a tissue then throw the tissue in the trash. Thanks, Jen. The City of Long Beach recognizes that we are experiencing unprecedented challenges while dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak and we’re asking everyone to please remain calm. We’re aware of the long lines and empty shelves at our local grocery stores and we’ve spoken with area stores and they have assured us that more supplies are on their way and they are doing their best to keep up with the demand. Rest assured that goods and supplies continue to flow via established networks and stores will be restocking as additional supplies are delivered. Simply put, people are buying faster than the stores can stock the shelves. Your overbuying can prevent other families’ ability to prepare. Our Long Beach community is known for our willingness to support each other especially during challenging times. As we are dealing with the impacts of COVID-19 in our community, we need to work together. Please, help look out for one another by buying only what you and your family needs. More supplies are on their way and be a good neighbor. We’ve been through tough times in the past let’s keep looking out for one another and be responsible in your purchasing. As a reminder, Long Beach tap water remains safe, available and plentiful. This health outbreak should not disrupt water or sewer service to our Long Beach water customers. Please, work together to support your neighbors and help us maintain a safe and calm community. Keep up with the latest information, share with your family and friends on our website www.LongBeach.gov/COVID19 and on social media @LongBeachCity.

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