hello this is crazy bull spirituality if this is your first time to my channel thank you so much for stopping on by and if not thank you for coming back so I knew I need to get on here and explain what the hell has been going on with me if you can see my eye yeah I got two stitches they're blue I didn't know you could get two blue stitches but anyways I had a seizure three days ago and so I'm taking it easy I can't drive right now and I've just been at home trying to like you know kumbaya remain stress-free and all that ory but yeah when I literally there's been a lot that has been like leading up to this I will be honest and I know they got been very very patient with me and being there for me and I greatly greatly appreciate it my luckily my whole family was there when it happened I I'm just not happy that my young nephews and niece had to see it but happy Ascension Year crazy bull I told y'all some crazy show what's gonna happen y'all didn't believe me now I got a black eye because of it Lord okay so yeah um I went to work yesterday and I lit I had one person um one guy was pressure on me he like pulled me aside like if someone's beating on you you let me know I was like oh my gosh I would like literally he would you would never think a damn wall could do this I don't know what the happened I just woke up and I had to get transported into an ambulance and it was some okay but I'm fine I'm better now I can't drive I'm actually going to go to a neurologist next week to get tests run on me to make sure I don't have like a bleb see or anything like that but that's really what is going on okay and that's the biggest thing that real life doesn't stop for you in fact it actually just gets like crazier and people think oh you go on a spiritual journey and like the real doesn't a car yes it does like at the end of all this I am still a human being having a human experience like one day I'm still gonna die I just have a different life path where I am wrapped up in all of this you know and and that's the thing balancing everything out and because I know a lot of people that come to my channel and that are attracted to me are going through certain things you know when it comes to spirituality and and being gifted and all of those shenanigans but at the end of it like we're still human and it was a very good reminder to me to take care of myself and she'll remember that we're fragile right even though we're Souls having a human experience like we're still fragile like even though I know who my soul is I am a Sun dead all of this I still I'm gonna die one day you know and it's a lot of time to balance everything out and the older you get the more crazier life gets as well but I you know y'all have been with me through this journey and so I really felt the need to just like get on here and I know what happened to me because I know sometimes y'all are just like where the have you gone and trust me if I'm not on here it's usually a good reasoning for it but my eye is getting better thank God I am praying and hoping that I don't have epilepsy I really don't think I do it was just kind of like a freak accident you know sometimes happens but I'm gonna go to neurologist whenever I was at the hospital and everything that they did tests on mean everything came back normal I had a hot ass doctor like he was older but he was hot as I was like damn the way of course my black eye I'm gonna get a hot ass holder doctor he you know like Grey's Anatomy and they all those finance doctors that's how my doctor was I was like of course I'm gonna get a fine-ass doctor when I look like hell but anyways he yeah I know you know the crazy thing was when I was leaving my parents house to come back to my apartment and I was walking to go walk out the door and I could have been driving like and had a seizure so easily like I was literally on my way to my car so that was really scary to think about but thank God it didn't happen um but my doctor was fine as and he was so sweet to I was like damn you got a son or some cuz mmm and he's like you know this could be like a freak accident you might there he's like 70% of people won't ever have one again so yeah I I've actually been thinking about getting with some CBD oil I love you to psyche yeah it's like it's nothing like spiritual rubber that happened I mean it is kind of ironic that like this is pretty much my year of being a Sunday I knew some bad was gonna happen cuz they always do it like real big with me I don't know why Sagittarius North node go big or go home you know like but I just hope I ain't got no scars no how'd it break down Australia it helped ya I'm not I'm not to check check that out I have very stress lately just trying to do this crazy thing called life but that's everyone you know so I am moving soon so I am going to be having a roommate I mentioned that on my channel before my roommate actually wants to get her and this is I'm gonna kind of people for a second my roommate actually wants to get her own YouTube channel and um so I'm actually gonna be helping her at that but she's not gonna be doing like like spirituality she is a Pisces she could do some spirituality I swear to Jesus there's gonna be it hello interesting living with the Pisces I don't know what kind of magical just gonna be happen to me all the time dammit me and Hercules gonna be like what the but she's we're both really girly and you know she wants to do like a really girly channel about makeup and interior decorating and just girly girly as hell but anyways so I'm going to be having her on my channel probably after we move yeah oh yeah so she's um she's a Pisces with a Libra moon and a Scorpio Rising like me and she's a scorpion orc known so she's all sorts of fun all sorts of fun you won't know like but yeah so that's going to be coming up soon I'm not moving into August I'm in August 5th I believe a sound yeah everyone's like you know like if y'all don't feel love just like bang your head up against the wall and have a seizure because day I'm not like my shoes like blow it up to think I was like my moon in the 4,000 squaking but yeah I this is my last day off of work with my um PTO so I didn't want to go back to work like my I does her I went to work one day and I was like this I need to be off I'm gonna start seizing out again Lord Jesus but I go back tomorrow so I'm just trying to take it easy right now I'm not putting any I don't give a at all about how I look okay you get your face thing then you just really don't care you know but I am I might be trying to do something of course today if I feel up to it if I feel up to it I'm not making any promises um but we'll see what happens I just kind of wanted to give like a heads-up oh thank you psych you're so sweet but I just wanted to give it a heads up on what's going on I'm kind of having health problems hopefully this is like all of it because I'm tired okay guys should I got a dude you know like bye could send me good vibes lord knows I mean um right about now you know like Hercules you want to come say hi hold on let me get Hercules to come say hi say hi isn't he the cutest overboard I love this care that's right look at that face guys look at that face I'm sorry I need to get Hercules his own channel because this cat with his name Taurus on Scorpio Moon Uranus and mercury in Aries yes see the wild okay don't anyways but I just wanted to let y'all know what the hell so now I'm alive that's the damn shower and I'm gonna go rest I'm gonna go watch me some 90 day fiancé Jesus me and Hercules are gonna cuddle all right well I love y'all so fam please keep me in your thoughts and prayers and all the good hopefully next time I see you I won't have no black eye okay we'll see you later we love you say goodbye


  1. Ascension is something else, isn't it? LOL, the same eye, passed out, yrs ago and down the rabbit hole I went…seizures are caused by an overflow of neuro-trans-mitters that are constantly firing off more than the average times, like constant fireworks. Get ready for the downloads LOL, Blissing to you~ From a Taurus South Node #GemLife

  2. Feel better soon KB! That looks like a nasty cut 🙁 When you're feeling a little bit less under the weather, do you think you could do a video about the 144,000, or anything you may have been channeled regarding it? Thanks girl–still miss seeing you regularly!

  3. Sending you love and support 💗💗

  4. I'm sending good vibes your way my soul sister. We got something in common epilepsy runs in my family but luckily I don't have it even though I have had seizures before. Also that sounds like something that would happen to me running into a hot doctor and having an injury at the same time with my luck I swear! Can't wait to see you up and running in Tip-Top form again my darling. I also have some questions about my Ascension maybe I'll shoot you an email about it.

  5. Big hugs 😉

  6. Sending you Healing and Love 🍯💖💞🤗 wishing you well

  7. Sending healing vibes and prayers!!!

  8. I hope you get better and that you are healthy, much light and infinite love to you! <3 <3 <3

  9. omg,I hope you get better and that you are healthy. much love and many blessings. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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