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Upa Yoga is a simple yet powerful system of exercise
that activates the joints, muscles and energy system. Sadhguru: The science of yoga, not only has
powerful tools for one’s ultimate well-being. It also offers useful tools for one’s immediate
well-being, healing and relief. These tools can be termed as Upa Yoga. Upa Yoga is to understand the body’s needs and operate according to that. See your joints function the way they function,
most people don’t know what this means, they are just using it, one day when it becomes
stiff and painful, you know what a joint is. It’s a tremendous thing, you know. It’s, it’s such a complex system of arrangement. It is finest mechanics that you can think of. So all the joints, the complex functions they
are able to perform and allow you to do so many things on a daily basis, they are made in a certain way and one important part of that is that they are well – lubricated. If you run an engine of any kind without lubrication,
within minutes it will wear out. So it is well-lubricated. How well-lubricated it is, will determine how
long these joints will last. There are enormous amount of energy nodes
in the body. You just do something like this (Gestures),
just, just get that joint and with a little bit of pressure just do this two times or
three times like this (Gestures) you will see, suddenly you are much more awake. Have you noticed this? You are naturally doing it, but not consciously
doing it, unconsciously doing these things. If you move without lubricating your joints,
how long your joints last will come down. Over a period of time, you will have these
issues. So the first part of Upa Yoga is towards this, that we want to activate the lubricants in the joints and we want to activate the energy nodes in the joints so that the rest of the system begins to function. Experiences & Expressions Participant 1: It is an amazing practice,
it only takes twenty-five minutes and it does a lot. I do it, I feel more… more calm, more light. It’s like the body is not the problem
anymore. Participant 2: I feel throughout the day that
I am more decisive, I am more, you know, less hesitant to take action. Participant 3: Definitely I feel much stronger
in my body, much more capable and resilient. Participant 2: My shoulders and neck tend
to get sore. I think a lot of IT professionals have this
similar thing. So Upa Yoga has helped me a lot with that, the shoulder and neck stiffness drastically has gone down. Relieves physical stress and tiredness. Exercises the joints and muscles. Rejuvenates the body after periods of inactivity.

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